Treatment of kidneys at home

Kidney diseases among diseases of other organs occupy a separate place, since most of them take a long time, persistently, with complications that cover other body systems. The most important in restoring their functions is treatment of kidneys at home in combination with drug treatment. To apply for this purpose, the best medicinal herbs, vegetables, berries.

Treatment of kidneys in the home, above all, is to remove stones and sand from them.

The most effective way is to sit for a week on a watermelon diet, but it is only possible in the summer, in the ripening season of this berry.

No less effective in the diet of vegetable, fruit juices:

- drink through a tube( to protect the enamel of the teeth from destruction) from 100 to 400 ml in one day, dividing them into several receptions, natural juices from black radish, lemon and orange;

- drink one glass of birch juice three times a day;

- half a glass of a mixture of juice of carrots, beets and cucumber to combine with half a glass of lemon juice, in one day you can drink these juices three or four times;

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- on a glass three times a day to take onion juice. Attention! This juice is contraindicated in gastritis, which is accompanied by high acidity, and with exacerbation of peptic ulcer.

Treatment of kidneys at home with onions can be done for this recipe. Grind 200 g of onion, pour it with two glasses of white wine, 10-14 days insist at a temperature no higher than room temperature. Then filter and drink after each of the three daily meals one spoon for 20 days. After a week or two weeks break again to conduct a course of treatment. It is enough to pass 3-4 courses in a row.

Kidney treatment at home is often done using seeds. First of all, these are the seeds of melon, carrots and dill.

Melon seeds( 100 g) must be crushed very thoroughly in a mortar, stirred, gradually pouring a liter of water to the state of emulsion. The water should be boiled and warm. The mixture insist hours 6-8, and then through gauze, folded several times, strain and drink for half an hour before each of the three meals for 1/2 cup.

Carrot seeds are ground into powder and eaten by 1 g for 30 minutes before each of the three meals.

From the dry seeds of dill prepare the infusion in the following way: three tablespoons of seeds are poured with 750 ml of boiling water, wrapped and left for 12 hours to brew. After that, filter and drink half the glass for 6 meals before eating.

To prevent the formation of kidney stones or sand, you should periodically clean them.

Cleaning the kidneys at home can be done by taking herbal medicines. It is necessary to combine flowers and herbs of melissa, sporichia, sage, oregano, and St. John's wort for 50 g. Two spoons of the mixture boil with boiling water( glass), briefly insist( minutes 6-10) and drink instead of tea in between meals by half or third of the glasswith honey. The whole collection should be divided into seven parts, that is, it should last for a week. On the last day of the infusion of the infusion for half an hour before breakfast in 100 g of cooled tea add fir oil( 5 drops), stir and through a tube( to prevent the destruction of tooth enamel) to drink. Before lunch and evening meals repeat the procedure. Do this for five days. Fir oil will glue stones and sand into dark clots that will gradually come out with urine. Therefore, do not be afraid if urine becomes turbid at this time. This is evidence that cleaning has occurred.

If the kidneys are completely healthy, seasonal cleansing of the kidneys at home is useful for preventive purposes. It is in the diet only watermelon all week and the drink is infused with black breadcrumbs. You can satisfy your hunger by eating twice a day a vegetable salad with grated biscuits.