Tolperizon: analogues, price, instructions for use

Diseases affecting the musculoskeletal system may manifest as muscle spasm and increased tone. Patients who are in this condition need adequate treatment based on the use of muscle relaxants. Doctors often designate Tolperizon. Analogues, price, instructions on the use of this drug will be discussed in the article. tolperisone analogues

A drug with an active substance of tolperisone hydrochloride is available in tablets. Stearic acid and citric acid as well as lactose and crospovidone are added to the drug.

Pharmacological action of

"Tolperisone", analogues of the drug are related to muscle relaxants, which have a central effect. The mechanism of the effect of the drug on the body is not fully understood.

Tolperisone provides local anesthesia. It is known that the drug due to the active substance present in the composition, eliminates the hypertonic muscles, resulting in the disappearance of pain. The drug improves peripheral blood flow, the achievement of spasmolytic and adrenoblocking effects, it inhibits the work of the caudal part of the reticular formation of the brain.

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"Tolperisone", analogues, synonyms allow to eliminate the hypertension of the striated musculature and to eliminate its spasm in those cases when the arisen problems developed due to obliterating vascular disease or encephalopathy. Tolperisone price analogues

To whom do they prescribe Tolperisone?

Doctors prescribe the drug "Tolperisone" in the presence of the following problems:

  • diseases accompanied by muscular spasm, such as stroke, scattered sclerosis;among these diseases - encephalomyelitis, myelopathy;
  • disease, the manifestation of which is muscular dystonia;These include cerebral palsy, other types of encephalopathy;
  • processes, the development of which affects the musculoskeletal system, there are pronounced muscle spasms;to them belong arthrosis, affecting large joints, and lumbago;this symptom manifests spondylarthrosis, spondylosis.

When used in the Tolperisone complex, the analogs are used to treat acrocyanosis, arteriosclerosis, Raynaud's disease, angiopathy.

Contraindications to the admission of "Tolperisone"

The drug is not prescribed to persons under 18 years of age, patients with myasthenia, women bearing a baby and carrying on breastfeeding, to patients who do not tolerate lactose and other components of the drug. Tolperisone analogues are synonyms

The instruction contains some restrictions. In the treatment of patients who have impaired the functional state of the liver and kidneys, the medicine is used with extreme caution.

Sometimes "Tolperisone", analogs are prescribed during pregnancy. But since the effect of these drugs on the body of pregnant women has not been studied, their use is only possible if the benefits to the woman's body far exceed the risk to the fetus. Treatment with a drug in the first trimester requires special attention to the state of the patient's body. When therapy with Tolperisone, breastfeeding is temporarily stopped.

Use of Tolperisone: dosage

The medication is intended for internal use after eating food( a tablet taken on an empty stomach has a low bioavailability).The recommended dose at the initial stage of treatment is 50 mg of the drug 3 times every 24 hours. Over time, it is increased to 150 mg, but not abruptly, but gradually. The frequency of taking the medicine remains the same. The duration of therapy for each patient is determined individually. tolperisone hydrochloride analogs

Drug with an active substance called tolperisone hydrochloride, analogs in the treatment of patients who have found violations in the liver or kidneys( medium, light), use very carefully and in carefully selected doses. There is a need for constant monitoring of their health. Severe disorders are a contraindication to the use of Tolperisone.

Side Effects of

A large number of reviews indicate a good tolerability of the body components present in the drug. The development of unwanted reactions after taking tablets is not a very frequent phenomenon. Very rarely there is weakness in the muscles, sometimes there is a headache and the presence of hypertension. There may be abnormalities in the work of the intestines, in which nausea and vomiting occur. Of allergic reactions may be present angioedema, itching, urticaria after using the drug "Tolperisone".Side effects of analogues also have.


No cases of overdose have been reported. As a result of taking a dose that exceeds the recommended dose, hypotension may develop, breathing and heart problems may occur. To eliminate such manifestations, gastric lavage and treatment( supportive, symptomatic) are necessary. tolperisone side effects

Drug Interactions of Tolperisone

If the drug is used with niflumic acid, it enhances its effect. Tolperizon also increases the activity of Clonidine, psychotropic drugs, anesthetic drugs and peripheral muscle relaxants.

"Tolperisone", analogues can be combined with other drugs - drugs that include ethanol, sedatives, hypnotics.

When combined with other muscle relaxants of the same effect as the Tolperisone tablets, a dose reduction is required.

Medication can affect the drugs in the metabolism of which the isoenzyme CYP2D6 is involved, increasing their concentration.

Analogues, the cost of the drug

How can I replace "Tolperisone"?A good and popular enough medicine is "Miodocal", if necessary it can be used as a substitute with a similar active ingredient.

Other drug variants are known, for example, "Tizanidine" and "Sirdalud".In addition to these funds, you can use "Tizalud", "Tizanil", "Liorasal" or "Baklosanom."There is another substitute - Tolperisone-OBL.This drug is cheaper than the often used "Midokalm", which is one of the most popular counterparts of the drug "Tolperizon".Price, analogues - the basis for choosing the most beneficial and effective substitutes. tolperisone analogues price instructions for use

Patients who were treated with the muscle relaxant "Tolperisone" are mostly satisfied with the result. The highest effectiveness is noted if necessary to eliminate spondylosis and spondyloarthrosis, cure encephalomyelitis, multiple sclerosis. The average cost of tablets with a dosage of 50 mg is 140 rubles, with a dose of 150 mg - 190 rubles.