Phenibut Reviews of parents about the treatment of children

About the drug fenibut review of parents I was looking for about a year ago. Necessity arose due to the fact that the son's headaches became frequent due to intracranial pressure, and also muscle tics periodically appeared. The children's neurologist has appointed or nominated to accept Phenibutum within a month.

What is the drug? This drug affects the functions of the brain, the receptors of the nervous system. The instruction informs that the drug has a beneficial effect on the cerebral blood supply, normalizes sleep, mental performance, relieves fears and anxiety, and has other good properties for treating neuroses, neurotic states, stuttering and tics in children.

To contraindications, only the individual intolerance of the drug was prescribed. Side effects - allergic reactions, drowsiness, liver problems. Moreover, the instructions indicated what to apply to children with caution.

However, before giving the child in the age of ten the drug phenibut responses of the parents still wanted to know.

To my surprise there was no limit when I learned that this nootropic drug is prescribed to children in infancy. The reason is basically one - a very bad night's sleep. Cries of children, the need to often get up at night to a child, makes mom go to the doctor. Of course, the doctor must react. Therefore, prescribes the appointment - Phenibut Reviews of mothers are mixed. Positive and negative about fifty to fifty.

Moms who risked milking their children with such a strong medicine, mark the improvement of sleep at first or during the period of admission.

After the end of treatment, many children had symptoms resumed because of which the phenibut was prescribed. Parents' reviews practically coincide in that there is a withdrawal syndrome. But some moms gradually reduced the dosage by the end of the course, which reduced the likelihood of addiction.

Sometimes parents complain about the appearance of hysterics in children after taking Phenibutum.

Of course, I was more interested in the feedback of parents who had headaches and received these pills. But there were practically no such examples. Therefore, I concluded that the use of phenibut is necessary for antistress treatment, for calming the child and normalizing sleep.

However, after weighing all the pros and cons, I nevertheless decided to fulfill the appointment of a neurologist. Phenibut was in the company with some other two medicines. After a week of admission, the first "twos" in behavior appeared in his diary. Excitability went off scale. Disinhibition uttermost.

On the one hand, I realized that this happens under the influence of drugs. I wanted to give up all this treatment. On the other hand, the tics had to be fought. After reading on the Internet about the side effects of this medicinal "trinity", I learned that the fenibut of them is the safest. In addition, when used simultaneously with other similar drugs, their mutual action is enhanced.

I decided to leave only the Phenibut. The course of treatment was completed until the end - one month. What is the result? Nervous muscle tics decreased slightly. And, which is surprising, but the drug, which should soothe, excitability is not reduced.

A search on the Internet for "phenibut reviews" gave me and other information about the treatment of tics in children.

Parents, whose children are at an early age, write on forums that Phenibut helps get rid of tics. But the mothers of boys 7-13 years old say that after taking Phenibutum, the result was either minimal, or the types of tics changed( for example, muscular to vocal).That is, to draw a conclusion about the advisability of taking a nootropic drug "Fenibut" for the treatment of tics at school age failed.

Probably, that consultation of the competent and skilled neurologist, and also treatment under constant supervision of the doctor is necessary.