Major Depressive Disorder: Symptoms and Treatment

If a person is in a depressed state, in which there is a decrease in motor and mental activity, then it is a depressive state. About 5% of the population suffers from this scourge. Women are more vulnerable to it. The most common major depressive disorder.

major depressive disorder

Depression and its types

Depression can occur at any age, and the reasons for this are many. A person may suffer from one of the following types of disorder:

  • from simple depression;
  • from melancholic depression;
  • anxiety in combination with a depressed state, which is accompanied by psychomotor agitation;
  • from asthenic disorder, when there is a painful sense of loss of feelings;
  • from adynamic depression, in which there is a retardation or stupor;
  • from a dysphoric disorder, when anger or aggression comes from a person towards the surrounding people;
  • from complex depression.

major depressive disorder of microbes 10

If a person has a major depressive disorder, the difference from the depression of which is symptomatology, then it is necessary to pay attention to his behavior. There is a profound change in mental activity, mood swings, and anxiety. In this state, a person requires more attention, concern and empathy from others.

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How to identify a major depressive disorder?

How do you know if a person has a major depressive disorder? Symptoms of this condition differ from signs of standard depression. There is a slow progression of symptoms, but its form becomes pronounced with time. The main signs are depressed mood, irritability, aggression and insomnia. As the disease develops, you can also see obvious forms of another depression. A person does not cause interest before his favorite pursuits.

major depressive disorder symptoms

The patient constantly complains about life and his problems, he does not have hobbies and hobbies. A major depressive disorder is a condition in which a person quickly becomes tired, loses sleep and appetite. He constantly worries something, he feels guilty under any circumstances. The patient speaks about his worthlessness, uselessness, he can even think about suicide.

Causes of this disorder

A major depressive disorder( BDR) occurs due to an imbalance in the nervous system, psychologists say. There is this imbalance due to psychological trauma, especially if a person is unstable in terms of stress. In addition, the disease is a side effect of certain drugs - antibiotics, analgesics, hormones.

Also as a result of some diseases, a major depressive disorder can occur. Symptoms and treatment of this condition are individual.

We should not exclude the age factor. The probability of occurrence of BDR increases with each lived year. All because the nervous system of a person in a more mature age is unstable, an imbalance can lead to a major depressive disorder.

the major depressive disorder is the difference from depression

Sometimes BDR has pronounced symptoms, especially if the patient thinks about suicide. Such people can not understand that some things are very pleasant. They all see from a bad side. The ill can not feel the joy, loses interest in any occupation and news. Who is at the risk of

? Frequent, but not the only problem of depressive conditions are difficult life situations. Sometimes frustration occurs because of minor problems. But there is a certain risk zone, which includes some categories of citizens.

In large cities, a significant number of people visit psychiatrists or psychologists for the purpose of psychological relief. Perhaps this is due to the fact that high-quality medical assistance is provided in megacities, and in general your personal problems are not important to surrounding people. But in the countryside, not everyone will dare to seek such help from a doctor, because it is simply hampered by the shyness and thought of condemnation. But stressful situations, numerous problems, a large population - the causes of increased risk of developing depression.

Sigmund Freud always said that adult problems have children's roots. That is, if a child is deprived of attention, solves his own problems, does not seek help from relatives and others, then the probability of developing a major depressive disorder in adulthood increases. And all because of the pessimistic attitude to the world and people vaccinated in childhood. This is a kind of life scenario.

major depressive disorder,

Also at risk are citizens who have problems with finances and work, housing and family. That is, virtually no one feels sorry for a large depressive disorder. ICD 10 or the international classification of diseases shows that this disease is a type of affective disorder. Treatment is selected only individually.

Who diagnoses the disease

In the presence of the above signs of this disease in an adult and child, it is necessary to seek the help of a specialist. The following specialists can help and advise on this topic:

  • psychiatrist or psychoneurologist( neurologist);
  • therapist.

Diagnosis and essence of treatment

The doctor can and should be treated if there is a large depressive disorder. Treatment does not require the patient to stay in the hospital. In the modern pharmacological field, there is a huge variety of drugs designed to fight a neurological or mental illness. The success of the treatment depends on the patient's desire. Also important is the moral support of close people, parents, children.

major depressive disorder, symptoms and treatment

Timely diagnosis will help to ease the healing process. The earlier the root of the problem is identified, the easier it is to solve it. First of all, a specialist collects anamnestic information about a person. The doctor pays direct attention to the peculiarity of life, the list of diseases, hereditary predisposition, and much more. Therefore, it is important to talk with a doctor frankly, do not withhold anything, because it depends on him, the effectiveness of the selected treatment largely depends.

Treatment measures

Treatment of a depressive disorder is carried out in several stages. First you need to get rid of the burden, which is the result of depression. Cure for anxiety is helped by tranquilizers. The attending physician prescribes such preparations for several days, they should not take longer, they will not be of use. From sleeping insomnia help sleeping pills. In addition, an additional positive effect is possible from herbal decoctions, which have antidepressant properties.

The main assistants in the fight against depressive disorders are antidepressants. They are accepted according to the scheme prescribed by the doctor. It is the doctor who will tell you what will help you better, what dose is acceptable and what the duration of the intake is. Antidepressants are usually taken much longer than other medications. Do not expect an immediate effect. Treatment can take from 4 months to 1 year. If a major depressive disorder resumes, the course duration increases.

major depressive disorder, treatment

In the treatment of such a disease it is necessary to apply a versatile psychotherapeutic approach. With the help of psychotherapy, it is possible to reduce the manifestations of depression, to find its primary cause.

Psychological approach

Depression can be called a borderline state, and if a person crosses the border, it is no longer possible to return to normal. Therefore, it is desirable to observe a patient with a large depressive disorder in a hospital setting. Of course, he will be under the supervision of a psychotherapist who prescribes a course of sedatives that relieve nervous excitement, a sense of anxiety or apathy. Then the patient needs to undergo an adaptive period.

Working with a psychologist is an integral part of the entire treatment process. He conducts trainings for unloading the nervous system, uses body relaxation techniques, conducts individual consultations, trains memory, mind, attention. With a clear improvement in the patient's condition, weekends outside the hospital are allowed. After the patient returns, the psychologist analyzes the adaptive possibilities. Thus, a person gradually returns to normal life.

It is important not to drink alcohol during treatment, even a small glass of wine can provoke the disease and return it with a triple force, which will only complicate the treatment.

Patient Setting

It is difficult for anyone to judge human desires, but what can be more important than the desire to live, it is normal to feel every day, enjoy life. It is from these desires that the effectiveness of treatment depends. It is important for a sick person to hear the approving comments of others. He must feel important, important and necessary. If you are a sick person, do not be shy about your desires, ask for help from people. Early diagnosis and treatment guarantees rapid healing.

major depressive disorder is

After all, life is beautiful in all its manifestations, and for it it is necessary, as is known, to fight.

Several secrets of

  • You are in a state of depression, want to get rid of it, but there is no positive result?
  • Everything around is not happy, but you want to feel happy every day?
  • Do not you remember when you last slept like a baby and got enough sleep?

Maybe you will not believe it, but you can get rid of all these problems on your own. It is enough to overcome one problem every day and achieve the set goal. Do not be afraid of communication, because it is difficult to overcome the depressed state alone, it is important to help and support close people.