Children's polyclinic at Kamyshovaya( St. Petersburg): description, services, reviews

Today a children's polyclinic on Kamyshova( Peter) will be presented. What kind of an institution is this? What services does it offer? Are customers satisfied with the service here? What are the pros and cons? To understand all this will help many reviews. They help parents understand how much this or that children's hospital is good.


The children's polyclinic on Kamyshovaya is a state budget medical institution that offers all residents of St. Petersburg free observation of the child until the age of majority. The most common children's clinic, which is already full. children

Children's polyclinic №70 offers a variety of different services. As already mentioned, on a free basis. But there are also paid services. Their spectrum is similar to paid.

In the clinic there is also an advisory center, and many specialists, and a laboratory for research, and procedural offices. Even a pool for babies is available. But how polyclinic №70 is beautiful? What do parents think about it?


First you need to understand where the organization is located. Where should children and their parents come in case of any health problems? This is an important moment!

As already mentioned, the children's polyclinic № 70 is located in Russia, in St. Petersburg. More precisely, in the Primorsky district of the city. This is a district children's institution. What is the specific address it has?

There is a children's polyclinic at Kamyshovaya, 48, near the Gluharka River. Almost the outskirts of the city, but many are happy with the location of the children's clinic. In any case, residents of St. Petersburg know where they can seek medical help. children


What phones can I use to communicate with the organization? This question is of interest to almost every parent. After all, often before contacting a particular clinic, it is necessary to call and clarify all the questions of interest. For example, the schedule of doctors.

The children's polyclinic on the Reed telephone for contacting the registry offers the following: 8,812,342 19,556. This contact, as already mentioned, helps to contact the clinic.

There is also a separate phone to call the doctor at home. To do this, it is recommended to use the number: 8 812 342 35 66. This is how it will be possible to call the district doctor at home for any problems. Such contacts are offered by a polyclinic on Kamyshova( nursery).The registry does not record the calls of specialists at home. It is necessary to call only on a separate number in order for the pediatrician to come to you. polyclinic for cane nursery


What services are available from the specified organization? They, as already said, are diverse. And they do not differ much from the standard services of an ordinary children's polyclinic. To date, the children's polyclinic at Kamyshovaya, 48 provides services in the following areas:

  • neurology;
  • nephrology;
  • pediatrics;
  • gynecology;
  • Urology;
  • allergology;
  • endocrinology;
  • surgery;
  • traumatology;
  • gastroenterology;
  • cardiology;
  • immunology;
  • ultrasound;
  • exercise therapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • otolaryngology;
  • ophthalmology;
  • laboratory research;
  • massage;
  • vascular surgery;
  • orthopedics.

Accordingly, with any illness, trauma or disease, you can contact the children's polyclinic № 70.If there are no narrow specialists in the hospital, the doctor will give a referral to another medical institution. This must be remembered.

In addition to these services, you can use the children's pool, as well as other treatment rooms. Both on a paid basis and on a free basis. All this pleases the parents. But what do they think about the clinic in general? children


The children's polyclinic on Kamyshova receives very mixed reviews. Why? The thing is that the state clinics by default, few people have to taste. And this fact should be taken into account by newly-made parents.

Many people pay attention to the situation in the institution. There is a good cosmetic repair done here, everything is clean and quite light. Furniture in most places is new, medical supplies and equipment are updated whenever possible. But in general, the situation leaves much to be desired.

The constant fuss, screams, searches, doctors and nurses flashing back and forth, huge queues and parents displeased with medical treatment - all this is the norm for a state budget institution. And the children's polyclinic( Primorsky District of St. Petersburg, Kamyshovaya) No. 70 has exactly this situation. This is not the most peaceful place. This fact should be taken into account by all parents.

About doctors

Specialists in the children's polyclinic №70 of St. Petersburg work different. Therefore, in general, the medical institution receives mixed reviews. Some experts are pleased, someone, on the contrary, leaves much to be desired.

Many parents complain about the friendliness and speed of patient care. Someone complains that doctors are incompetent, unfriendly, rude and inattentive to children. And besides they work slowly. To get to the local pediatrician is extremely difficult! However, there is nothing to be surprised at. Claims received by the children's polyclinic on Kamyshova are no different from the standard discontent of the parents: they quickly examined the child - they do not look at it for a long time, they look bad too, smiled - they get licked and hypocritical, the doctor sits with a stern look - an unfriendly boor. To be frightened or be afraid of such a negative is not worth it. From the human factor, no one is immune. Yes, doctors are placed in such conditions, where there may be unfriendliness, as well as fatigue. And it's problematic to get to specialists in children's polyclinic №70.

However, some individual doctors receive only positive feedback. For example, allergists, neurologists, orthopedists, surgeons and oculists. Among the specialists who arrange the most parents, quite often there are some district pediatricians. They are talked about as attentive, knowledgeable specialists. children

Parents recommend simply choosing carefully the observant physician. Then there will be no problems. In general, the treatment in the polyclinic № 70 is based on the principle of "how lucky."If parents and children were able to meet with a good doctor, there will be no complaints. Otherwise, each parent will remember any negative, even the most insignificant, moment and emphasize it in the recall.

Personnel of

The children's polyclinic of Primorsky district on Kamyshova receives various opinions of parents. Special attention is paid to the personnel. Nurses usually do not have any complaints. There are nice women here who are looking for an individual approach to children, and not the most friendly people. But with their work they still manage to 100%.

But the non-medical staff leaves much to be desired. It is emphasized that it is almost impossible to get through to the registry. It is extremely difficult to do this. Employees of the registry are not distinguished by their affability, many are rude to parents. The cards are lost in the archive. All these are common complaints for the state clinic, but they are still emphasized by the parents.

In the registry there are permanent queues that seem to be endless. Workers are not too quick to serve visitors. Separately, parents emphasize the problematic recording to specialists. children

Results of

The children's polyclinic at Kamyshovaya is an ordinary state medical institution that serves children of St. Petersburg. There are positive and negative sides to it.

Should I go here? If you want to receive very high-quality assistance when staying in the Primorsky region of St. Petersburg, yes. But it should be remembered that the children's polyclinic № 70 - this is not the best institution. Here, the situation is exactly the same as in any other children's state clinic. A careful choice of a doctor will help to avoid a large number of complaints.