Bull titty. Identify, dispose of, perform the necessary prevention.

It's enough just not to wash your hands after visiting the toilet, streets or eat foods contaminated by its larvae, and here you already have a bull-calf in your body. Of all the parasites that can live in us, he is one of the most unpleasant. Whether a joke, this helminth can reach din from four to ten meters, and even more.

Specialists refer to it as unarmed, as there are suckers without hooks on the head of the chain. All of it consists of a huge number of segments in the form of a square. Their number can reach two thousand pieces. Located in the back, they have a separate reproductive system and multiply perfectly. Infection is very simple, it is enough to only visit the breeding grounds of animals, which are used as an intermediate station by a bovine tapeworm. A person has his final stop, where he begins his development, reproduction and can live a rather long life. Dried, poorly roasted or raw meat, for example, undercooked minced meat in pies, this is the first cause of infection with cysticerci, parasites that cause shadowarhynchosis. If bovine tapeworm enters the human body, the following symptoms will soon manifest themselves. This is a rapid decrease in body weight, insomnia, irritability, loss of appetite, poor stools, dizziness, nausea and severe weakness.

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About this unexpected lodger first time you can not suspect. Initially, the larva enters the stomach, then moves along the intestine and gets rid of its protective shell, divides and grows. Within two, maximum three months, the bovine tapeworm is completely ready for reproduction, it separates the larvae, and they exit into the external environment together with the feces. Patients, as a rule, complain of unpleasant pain in the right ileal abdominal area and general malaise. This is due to the fact that the bauginievia damper, rich in receptors, causes a lot of unpleasant sensations when a bull's throat passes through it.

At the person such white "slices" can appear both during a chair, and in any other period, especially sensations at night are especially unpleasant. Begins periodically to disturb too much frequent chair, unpleasant feelings in an intestine, rumbling and a nausea. Glossitis may develop or neuralgic symptoms may appear. This is not surprising, since this parasite delivers just a lot of inconvenience, and at its first detection with it it is necessary to fight.

For therapy, there are a lot of widespread antihelminthic drugs that can be bought at every pharmacy. But it is best to treat such a serious and large parasite under the supervision of a doctor. Traditional medicine recommends taking infusion of wormwood, tansy and yarrow. Take the herbs in equal parts, brew with a water bath and drink at least three times a day in the amount of one hundred grams per reception. The daily intake of onion, garlic and spicy food contributes to the elimination of helminths.

Very important measures to prevent bull tattle. It is necessary to identify and eliminate helminths from infected people as soon as possible. Doctors very strictly treat such patients and remove them from the register only after careful checks, most often not earlier than in half a year. At least three times the prianal scraping is taken and the feces are thoroughly examined for the presence of these parasites. Owners of livestock and other livestock producers are subjected to an even more scrupulous annual survey.

Measures to prevent bovine tapeworms are also in the overall improvement of quality of life. If we take into account the fact that these parasites perish only with a two-hour brewing or freezing to one hundred and twenty degrees, the methods of processing meat should be very effective. But again, the best prevention is a warning. In order not to appear a bull-calf, prohibit a domestic cattle slaughter, appoint obligatory veterinary and sanitary examination of the meat received. The population should know that meat should not be consumed before obtaining the results of the examination. It is also important to monitor the cleanliness of feed consumed by livestock, and build the necessary toilets on farms and manors.