Cystoscopy: reviews of men and women

Cystoscopy allows the examination of the inner side of the bladder. This study is conducted to identify various kinds of anomalies in his condition, as well as infectious foci and inflammation. In this article, we briefly describe the procedure.

Reviews of cystoscopy will be presented at the end of the article. cystoscopy reviews

Indications for

This procedure is used when, with the help of alternative diagnostics, it is impossible to detect neoplasms of small size, their distribution and characteristics. For example, performing an ultrasound scan of the bladder may not show the presence of small ulcers or polyps if they are at an early stage of development. This method allows you to get more detailed and accurate information. Cystoscopy is indispensable in detecting neoplasms of any size and shape, and allows to determine their character( benign or malignant).In addition, it monitors the formation of stones in the bladder, the localization of inflammation or damaged areas of the mucosa.

Often prescribe cystoscopy to a child. There are a lot of reviews in this regard.

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It is carried out with such diseases as: interstitial cystitis, chronic cystitis, enuresis, suspicions of tumor processes and infections, prostatitis, adenoma, etc. If a blood test is found in the urine test, the doctor will definitely prescribe this study. This procedure is also necessary in case of difficulty urinating and with pain sensations localized in the pelvic region. In addition, indications for the study are the presence of prostatic hyperplasia, obstruction or narrowing of the ureters. Many people are interested in cystoscopy.

cystoscopy reviews of women


Conducting this procedure is contraindicated for such diseases as: acute inflammation of the bladder, infectious diseases of the urinary tract, orchitis, prostatitis in the acute stage. Also, cystoscopy is not prescribed for poor blood clotting rates. Many patients complain of complications after cystoscopy has been exacerbated. Therefore, if in the acute period you are assigned to carry out this procedure, consult a few specialists to avoid further problems.

Reviews of urinary cystoscopy in women are also presented in the article.

Treatment with this method

In most cases, diagnostic methods are used only to detect pathologies, treatment with them is impossible. Cystoscopic research in this regard is more functional, and can help in getting rid of some ailments. For example, in this way you can remove tumors and stones, get rid of obstruction and narrowing of the ways, cauterize small sores. Reviews of the cystoscopy of the bladder in women is confirmed.

cystoscopy of urinary in women reviews

Preparing for the

procedure This procedure should be prepared in advance. If the study is to be conducted using anesthesia, the patient should not eat or drink for a while( the doctor will determine this time individually for the patient).The duration of the hunger strike depends on the composition of the examinee, his metabolism, and most importantly on the type of anesthesia. In advance it is necessary to think over clothes without a lot of buttons and ties. And also conduct hygienic procedures immediately before the test and empty the bladder. Reviews about cystoscopy are mostly positive.


The study is performed using a cystoscope that resembles a tube, with an attached lighting device at one end. The instrument is gradually introduced into the urethra. Cystoscopy can be of two types: rigid and flexible( depends on the instruments used).In the case of a hard type, a standard cystoscope is used, which allows a detailed and accurate study of the urinary tract and the bladder itself. This is a rather painful procedure, which is why anesthesia can be anesthetized before injection( anesthesia can be spinal, local or general).cystoscopy in men reviews

Study using a flexible tube

This type of research involves the use of a flexible tube. Feelings of its use are not so painful. However, the data obtained as a result of the research are not so accurate. The choice of the type of research is always left for the doctor. Only he can decide what procedure is necessary in this case. During the examination the patient is on a urological chair. Cystoscopy of the bladder in men is very effective.


The urinary canal is filled with warm fluid, a cystoscope is inserted, and the doctor can examine the inner surface of the bladder. The examination itself lasts no more than ten minutes, and for the entire procedure in difficult cases it can take up to forty minutes.

Carrying out the procedure under anesthesia facilitates it for both the patient and the doctor - he has the opportunity to examine the patient calmly. But the decision on the use of anesthesia is also taken by the doctor, based on laboratory and instrumental studies. The introduction of the instrument through the urethra makes it possible to assess the structure of all mucous membranes and to conduct an examination for blockage, injury and other injuries. The introduction of a solution into the cavity of the bubble provides a better visualization of its internal surfaces. Often, using this method, a biopsy is also performed. cystoscopy for child reviews

Reviews of cystoscopy

Because the procedure is rather painful, most of the reviews relate to pain. I must say that all patients agree that a survey conducted without anesthesia leaves a very unpleasant impression. Although, very much depends on the experience and accuracy of the doctor conducting the study. Many patients note that if the doctor enters the instrument carefully, it helps to avoid severe pain. In addition, patients note the quality of the equipment, paying attention to the moment that cystoscopy made in a large city, in a good clinic and on new equipment is less painful and more informative.

It should also be noted that pain in cystoscopy can be enhanced if you conduct a study during an exacerbation. There are cases when other methods of diagnosis simply do not work, and to diagnose the disease( for example, cystitis) is possible only with the help of cystoscopy. Women's comments about this are available.

Patients who were anesthetized with the Gel Cagegel procedure note that the effect of anesthesia in this case is, but insignificant. According to the patients, one of the most unpleasant moments of the procedure is the management of the instrument in the urethra. Further, when the doctor is already beginning the examination, the pain can be reduced if the muscles are relaxed as much as possible and do not strain. cystoscopy in sechenovo moscow reviews

The slightest stress will provoke the onset of severe pain. Extraction of the device of unpleasant sensations does not deliver. Another discomforting nuance is that the fluid pumped into the bladder before the procedure is a drug formulation. With this fluid you need to go about two hours, you can more. Women who underwent this procedure, say that this is perhaps the most painful part of the study( here everything is very individual).After the manipulations, all patients notice significant discomfort during urination immediately after cystoscopy. But within 24 hours everything should come to normal.

According to the testimony of patients, a very large percentage of success is due to a positive attitude. During the procedure, you need to try to tune in for the best and relax. It is not uncommon for patients, after a study, for a long time to keep sharp cutting pain in the urethra, which does not even allow you to walk normally. In this case, you should seek advice from a urologist.

Cystoscopy in men. Reviews

Patients emphasize the qualifications of a doctor: if the procedure is performed incorrectly and by an inexperienced doctor, then the risk of serious complications is increased many times. Men's reviews are more restrained, but they also contain information about the painfulness of the procedure at the time of insertion of the instrument. Painful sensations are aggravated by the fact that the urethra in men exceeds the length of the female several times, which is the cause of the pain. Representatives of the strong half of humanity most often perform cystoscopy with the use of anesthesia. According to men this is one of the most informative studies in the development of prostatitis, adenoma of the prostate and adenocarcinoma. cystoscopy of the urinary bladder in men reviews

In general, the results of the study are only positive, that is, the informativeness and accuracy of the results of this technique exceed the effectiveness of other diagnostic techniques. On the advice of patients, after this study should drink as much fluid as possible to increase the yield of urine, this will reduce the unpleasant symptoms that have arisen after the examination. Most patients note that the resulting itching and burning with urination persists for no more than 48 hours. In addition, there may be traces of blood in the urine and pain symptoms in the lower abdomen. This is also a variant of the norm in the first two days.

According to reviews, cystoscopy in Sechenovo in Moscow is very professional.


It should be said that those patients who immediately underwent an operation procedure( stones or polyp removed) are also generally grateful to the doctors for the therapeutic procedure being carried out simultaneously with the diagnostic procedure. This eliminates the need to re-run it. The doctors' comments about cystoscopy are all positive, they note that the high effectiveness of this method in the diagnosis of diseases of the bladder is superior to all other methods, and in certain cases it is impossible to do without it.