"Aurora", Belokurikha( sanatorium): photos and reviews

Soon there will be a hundred years, as there is a unique resort of Altai Belokurikha. Russia is famous for hundreds of beautiful places with valuable natural and climatic conditions, where you can perfectly relax and improve your health. Belokurikha among them, perhaps, the most remarkable. Once there was a small village here. Now in its place grew a balneological and ski resort of national importance. They come here from distant Russian cities, such as St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, and relatively close( Kemerovo, Barnaul, Novosibirsk).Belokurikha provides its guests with a rest for absolutely all tastes, calculated for any age of tourists. There are more than 20 sanatoria here. We offer you to get acquainted with the "Aurora" - one of the youngest and home-cozy ones. It should be noted that medical institutions with this name in Russia are few. In this article, we will mainly talk about the health resort "Aurora"( Belokurikha).The sanatorium is designed for rest with or without treatment couples, parents with children, anyone who is looking for a reasonable combination of price and quality. The idea of ​​a sanatorium will be incomplete if you do not talk about the resort itself, its curative natural factors, climate, infrastructure, because all this will certainly influence the rest of the guests of the Aurora, create their mood and give birth to a lot of impressions.

Aurora Belokurikha health resort

Features of

Many will ask: "What is so remarkable about Belokurikha located among the Altai ranges?"Russia is a huge country, it is famous for the Black Sea coast, Transbaikal, and the Urals. But such, as in Belokurikha air, it is difficult to find somewhere. It is saturated with aeroions, which are formed here due to the exclusive combination of the effects of cosmic and solar rays, as well as the special radiation of soils inherent in this particular place. In Belokurikha you can just relax without taking any medical procedures. Health will take care of the air here. It reflexively acts on the body, in particular by charging the blood and through it improving the performance of all systems and organs. By the way, the content of aeroions here is twice as high as at the world famous resorts of Switzerland.

In addition to curative air, it is famous for its thermal springs Belokurikha. Tours to this resort not only in summer but also in winter include balneological treatment, since the water temperature on the surface is always about + 35-40 degrees. Their chemical composition includes radon, nitrogen, fluorine, silicic acid, many minerals and allows them to be used to treat dozens of ailments.


Despite the fact that the resort is located in Siberia, the climate here is quite mild. The temperature of the summer months is around + 18 + 20 ° C.At the same time, there are almost no winds, and rains rarely occur. In winter in Belokurikhe, frosts reach -12-15 ° C, snow cover - 40-50 cm. It is important that atmospheric pressure here changes without sharp changes, which is especially valuable for hypertensors and cores. If you add to this the clear blue sky and the sun shining 260 days a year, it becomes clear why this place attracts tourists all year round. Novosibirsk Belokurikha

Getting there

Transport connection with Belokurikha is established perfectly. You can get here by private car, and by public transport. Barnaul, Biysk, Novokuznetsk, Gorno-Altaisk, Novokuznetsk, Novosibirsk are connected by bus with the resort. Belokurikha has no railway communication. The nearest station is in Biysk, and the nearest terminal is in Barnaul. From this city to Belokurikha you can get by bus( time on the road about 4 hours), or by train to Biysk, where to get to the resort more conveniently.

The same scheme of travel from other major cities( Gorno-Altaisk, Novosibirsk).You can get there by train or plane, and then either by bus to the resort( from Novosibirsk it takes 8-9 hours, from Gorno-Altaisk about 2.5 hours), or by train to Biysk. This is the nearest city from the resort. Buses Belokurikha-Biysk and back here "run" every 50 minutes, and the journey time is not more than one and a half hours. For visitors, it is undoubtedly convenient that the bus station is a few minutes from the railway station.station. In addition to buses, from Biysk to Belokurikha in about 1 hour can drive marshrutkas, and even faster - a taxi. Its cost is 1200-1500 rubles.

Resort Infrastructure

Belokurikha is situated in the valley of the same name river, at the foot of Tserkovka - a picturesque mountain about 800 meters high. There is a ski lift operating all year round. In winter, around the end of November, three ski slopes are opening in Belokurikha - Katun, Severnaya and Tserkovka, the longest. Its length is almost 2600 meters. In the center of the city there is a wide entertainment network - bars, restaurants, discos, nightclubs, bowling, casinos, solariums, beauty salons, cinemas, fitness clubs, open and closed swimming pools and, of course, the best Altai sanatoria. Among them there are large medical centers with an extensive medical and diagnostic base, for example, Rodina, Belokurikha, and there are more quiet and family ones, such as the sanatorium Aurora, which received its first visitors in 2009.It is located practically in the center of the resort, which allows its guests to diversify their vacation as much as possible and not have any difficulties with transport, because the bus stop is two steps away. An important distinctive feature of this sanatorium is its novelty and modernity. Here, the whole furnishings and interior of the rooms are impressed by the design flavors, they are pleased with the functionality( everything works like a clock), attracts with beauty and coziness. Belokurikha Russia

Description of the sanatorium

In a very convenient place built health resort "Aurora"( Belokurikha).The sanatorium, which is a high-rise( 6 floors) stylish building, is located in the central part of the city, but at an altitude of 248 meters above sea level, and this is the only sanatorium in the resort with an increased degree of seismic resistance. From the windows of all its rooms has a spectacular view of the green massifs, where the tops of centuries-old trees prop up the blue tent of the sky. The highlight of the health resort is the solarium, located on the roof. Guests can take procedures and admire the surroundings. Near the sanatorium there is a road along which dozens of shops have settled down. They can buy all kinds of products of local craftsmen, Altai honey, berries, nuts, venison, mountain grass.

Infrastructure sanatorium

Quite a small area is occupied by the Aurora( Belokurikha).The sanatorium is very compact, but everything in it is executed with love and great taste. Outside there is free parking for the guests, a stylish summer cafe decorated with interesting lamps. Especially attractive is the interior with stuffed animals and Altai attributes. On the ground floor there is a reception, two lifts, a medical base, showers. At the reception, you can order a wake-up call( by phone), hand over things to the laundry, buy excursions. In the lobby there is a terminal for paying for various services, there is a rental point for children's and adult sports equipment. Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel. There are 3 saunas in the building for guests' rest, two of which are with a font. There is no swimming pool in the Aurora, but guests can purchase a subscription to the sanatorium "Rodina", located 100 meters away. For business meetings in the "Aurora" equipped with a small conference room, designed for 25 people. Belokurikha tours

Medical profile

From many ailments will help get rid of employees of the health resort "Aurora"( Belokurikha).The sanatorium specializes in the treatment of the following organs and body systems:

- heart;

- blood vessels;

- musculoskeletal system, ligaments, joints;

- the nervous system;

- gynecology;

- some causes of infertility in women;

- diseases of the genitourinary system in men.

There is no diagnostic base here, all analyzes and research can be done in the neighboring "Motherland".The treatment base includes:

- balneological procedures;

- hardware physiotherapy;

- massages;

- exercise therapy;

- herbal medicine;

- inhalations;

- speleotherapy;

- Climatotherapy.

Balneotherapy includes:

- several types of showers;

- mud treatment( mud from the Altai lakes);

- gynecological irrigation;

- bathtubs;

- reception of mineral water.


About the numbers provided in the sanatorium "Aurora"( Belokurikha) reviews are very good.

Their categories are as follows:

- Standard with an area of ​​21 square. The interior of the room is in a minimalist style, but all the furniture, appliances and plumbing are new and modern. Equipment - a wide range of furniture, including beds, wardrobe, coffee table, chair-bed. There is a TV in the room, a telephone and an electric kettle. In the hygiene room there is a toilet, a shower and a washbasin.

- Improved with an area of ​​28 squares. Unlike the "standard", there are refrigerators.

- Studio with an area of ​​34 squares. Additionally, this room has a sofa bed and a safe, while the hygiene room includes a hairdryer, slippers and a bathrobe.

- Suite with an area of ​​85 squares. Layout - bedroom, living room, hallway, kitchen area. In the room, soft furniture, air conditioning, two TVs, microwave, in the hygiene room there is a bath with a jacuzzi and bidet.

- The family suite with an area of ​​85 squares. Layout: living room, two bedrooms, two hygiene rooms, entrance hall, kitchen area with furniture, dishes and electrical appliances. Katun Belokurikha


In the sanatorium "Aurora" in Belokurikha, meals are served in a beautifully decorated restaurant. Breakfasts are organized according to the type of self-service, and lunches and dinners according to the type of a custom-made menu with waiter service. In the menu - dishes from meat, fish, vegetables, baked goods are offered, exclusive salads, delicious side dishes, there are also dairy dishes and a variety of drinks.

Additional information

And for a pleasant stay, and for effective treatment go to the resort Belokurikha. It is desirable to book trips to the sanatorium "Aurora" in advance by calling +7( 804) 33-30-414, or 8( 800) 700-42-85, or 8( 800) 200-07-50.On the same phones it is recommended to specify the prices, which can vary. To enter the sanatorium with you you need to have a passport, a voucher, a sanatorium card, and a birth certificate for children, certificates of vaccination.

Children are accepted from any age, but treatment is available only from 4 years.

It is important to note that people with any prosperity are available resort Belokurikha. The sanatorium "Aurora" offers moderate prices. On average, they are for 1 day per person from 2300 rubles.(number "standard") to 7700 rubles.(suite").This includes accommodation, meals and almost all medical procedures. In addition, upon request, procedures for myostimulation, cosmetology, leech treatments and some types of massage are purchased. health resort Aurora Krasnodar region


The sanatorium "Aurora", located in the resort of Belokurikha, leaves the most pleasant impressions. Many who have been here once, certainly want to return. The advantages noted by tourists:

- a good location;

- everything new, modern, in excellent condition;

- good food;

- responsive staff;

- an acceptable combination of price and quality.

Notable shortcomings:

- no own territory;

- poor organization of leisure activities within the walls of the sanatorium;

- poor soundproofing of rooms;

- there are no doctors of narrow specialties. buses Belokurikha

Sanatorium "Katun"( Belokurikha)

For comparison, we offer you to get acquainted with the conditions of treatment and rest in another sanatorium of this Altai resort. It is called "Katun", as well as the river flowing into the Ob. The sanatorium is located 20 minutes from the central part of the resort, next to the ski resort with the same name. A distinctive feature of this health resort is the treatment of the digestive tract. Also, a wide range of therapeutic procedures for diseases of the heart, vessels, musculoskeletal system, nervous system is carried out here. Simultaneously, the sanatorium "Katun"( Belokurikha) can accommodate up to 400 tourists. You can choose numbers of categories standard, junior suite, suite, studio, family. Each is equipped with all amenities. The food in the sanatorium is organized according to the principle of a buffet. The highlight of this wonderful health resort is considered to be several swimming pools( children's, adults, open-air, indoor, with water slides), as well as a beautiful children's room where the teacher is engaged with the kids. Prices for tours to "Katun" are different, depending on the season and category of the room. On average, they are from 3400 rubles per day.per person.

Sanatorium "Aurora" Krasnodar Territory

In conclusion, I want to briefly talk about another wonderful health resort, called "Aurora", just located at the other end of Russia, namely in the legendary Sochi, in the tourist area of ​​Lazarevsky. Here the natural healing factors are the sea, the mountains, with incomparable aromas of junipers and grasses. In the Black Sea Aurora, respiratory organs, heart, vessels, skin, joints, occupational diseases are treated, and both the underlying ailment and those accompanying. The sanatorium is famous for its modern diagnostic and medical facilities equipped with modern medical equipment. Accommodation here is organized for every taste - from comfortable buildings, where rooms are located with all amenities, to cottages and summer houses of economy class. Prices, respectively, are different, but such that more people could use the rest and treatment in the Aurora. So, a place in a summer house per day in July costs only 1600 rubles.per person( with food and treatment), and the place in the room of increased comfort during the same period is only 3500 rubles.per person.

We talked about several resorts. Where to go to rest and be cured - choose you.