How quickly to recover with a cold and do without complications

Cold, as everyone knows, occurs when hypothermia occurs. Whence it is taken in the cold months, it is very clear. In the summer? It's hot outside. Whence then supercooling? It turns out that in the summer you can catch a cold as easily as in the winter. Therefore, before answering the question of how quickly to recover, we will try to figure out how not to get sick.

The human body temperature is 36.6 ° C.Our body without tension is able to support it, if it is in an environment with a temperature of 27 ° C.At lower values, it strengthens the metabolism, begins to reduce the smooth muscles of our blood vessels and skin, so as to warm up somehow. But he can not work for a long time in a strengthened mode, he gets tired and stops struggling. Then the hypothermia comes. In the summer you can get sick from drafts, with prolonged water procedures, for example, in the pool, and also with strong sweating. The sweater must necessarily change into dry clothes, because sweat promotes the cooling of the body.

It often happens that a person gets hypothermia during the day, but coughing, a runny nose, weakness does not appear until the next morning. Therefore, it is important to know how to get rid of colds, before the appearance of its first signs. If it happened that you got wet under the rain, your feet got soaked through the slush, you just froze in the street, if you had to sit in a draft or in a heavily conditioned room, you need to take measures at home to avoid getting sick. Then you do not have to look for a way to get well quickly.

Frozen feet immediately on arrival home to grind any alcohol-containing liquid or turpentine ointment and put on woolen socks. You should also drink hot tea. Its composition can be anything - herbs of sage, mint, leaves, twigs and / or berries of raspberries, natural black currants, sea buckthorn, most importantly - in the drink was honey. Instead of tea, some prefer vodka or hot red wine. They also have a good effect. Tea is preferable to the fact that you can drink an unlimited amount, and the fact that it can be given to pregnant women and children. In the evening, you need to take a hot bath, preferably with sea salt or fir oil, pine, eucalyptus. After that, dry your feet, you can again grind or draw on the soles of a mesh of iodine and put on socks. You can also grind the breast. Then again, drink hot tea and go to bed. It will be better if the bedroom is not too hot. So the body will be easier to bounce back.

If despite all the measures taken in the morning there was a runny nose, a sore throat, some weakness in the body and the appetite was gone, it means that the cold all the same caught in the body. More often it happens with weakened people who have low immunity and there is no hardening. So both the sick and the healthy need to eat more vitamins and strengthen your body.

How quickly to recover from a cold that has just begun? If there is no temperature, you need to continue taking hot baths with sea salt or oils. After that, wipe dry, rub your legs, chest, back and go to bed. The bath can be replaced by steaming the legs with mustard. At the end of the procedure, they should be red. They are wiped dry, put on socks and immediately go to bed. This procedure helps with a strong cough and runny nose. Drink a lot of hot liquids( tea, milk, decoctions of herbs, dog rose) with honey necessarily.

How quickly to recover when coughing? Of course, this phenomenon is very unpleasant and irritating to both the patient and others. But the cough also has a positive side - it removes mucus and sputum from the bronchi. It is necessary to know that cough appears not only in problems with the lungs, but also with pharyngitis, laryngitis, beginning tonsillitis - with problems with the throat. Therefore, the same way of treating someone will do, but someone does not.

If the sick person is painful to swallow, it is difficult to talk, the cough is dry and very painful, most likely, it is in the sore throat. How quickly to recover in this case? An excellent way here is rinsing with a soda solution, in which a few drops of iodine are added. Well assisted inhalation with soda and compresses. Put them better at night, but you can and throughout the day. If the temperature in the throat rises sharply, you need to consult a doctor who is likely to prescribe antibiotics. If the cough is associated only with the bronchi, it can be quickly cured, using compresses on the chest, inhalation, drinking hot tea with honey and expectorant.

There are many ways to treat a cold. You can do inhalation with oil of eucalyptus, fir, mint, or apply a few drops on a napkin and inhale during the day. You can bury your nose with onion juice with honey( 1: 2) or beets. You can wash your nose with salt water. You can anoint with a "Vietnamese star" near the nose, which is also an aromatherapy.

To prevent colds, use garlic and onions. But there are also more delicious medicines. So, aloe has a good effect. With a plant, you need to cut a leaf not younger than 3 years, let it lie in a refrigerator for a couple of days. Then grind in a mixer and mix with honey. Is every morning on a teaspoon.

Another effective and delicious way is to grind 2 lemons with a peel in the mixer, but without pits. Add half a glass of raisins and a glass of honey. You can also add chopped walnuts here. Eat on an empty stomach every morning.

And one more tasty and useful recipe - banana puree. It is necessary to wipe a couple of bananas, stir the gruel with a glass of hot milk and add honey.