Sharp weight gain in women: the reasons for how to treat?

Psychologists all over the world claim that the happiness of a person does not depend on weight, growth, or other physical parameters. But we continue to strive for the standards of beauty, and when this process for some reason slips, we panic. In most cases, the addition of body weight is triggered by overeating and lack of physical activity. But sharp unmotivated fluctuations in weight, which, of course, upset any woman, indicate a variety of problems in the body.

severe weight gain causes in women

The reasons can be different: a change in eating behavior, the onset of a disease, the intake of medications, various abnormalities in the functioning of body systems. In such cases, the problem can be avoided only by eliminating the cause. Consider the reasons for the rapid weight gain in women and how to eliminate it.

Hormonal disorders

According to experts, the greatest number of cases of sudden weight gain occurs as a result of a hormonal malfunction provoked by a disease. Such a picture can, for example, be observed with polycystic ovaries. A sharp jump in the level of male hormone testosterone, provoked by the disease, is the reason for the sudden weight gain in women. To what doctor to address? This question is of interest to many, because you can not do self-medication. First, make an appointment with a gynecologist. With the elimination of polycystosis weight can be returned to normal, but not immediately.

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The reasons for the rapid weight gain in women in 25 years will be discussed below.
A sharp set of weight in women causes how to treat

It is also necessary to remember the early diagnosis of diseases of such a plan. Noticing some symptoms( hair loss and fragility, the appearance of vegetation in atypical places, acne, irregular menstrual cycle, inability to become pregnant), it is necessary to consult a doctor. In this case, there is a chance to avoid the development of the disease and cure it at an early stage, before the occurrence of weight problems. With strict adherence to the regimen prescribed by the doctor, the normal structure of the ovary is restored approximately in a year. To weight loss this, of course, will not, but will suspend its further increase. Getting rid of excess kilograms, as in all other cases, is possible only with diet and daily exercise. Losing weight also favorably affects the restoration of the hormonal background with a sharp weight gain in women. The causes are always interrelated.


This disease, like hypothyroidism, can also provoke weight gain. This disease occurs as a result of disorders in the thyroid gland, or rather because of its low activity and insufficient synthesis of thyroid hormones, which are the main regulators of metabolic processes in the body. Deficiency of these hormones leads to a slowing of metabolism, and this, in turn, provokes an increase in body weight. severe weight gain in women causes in 25

The root cause in this case is usually the lack of iodine. It is necessary for the synthesis of thyroid hormones. A characteristic symptom of the disease is not only weight gain, but also other symptoms. They can be expressed in a constant sensation of cold, brittle hair and nails, excessive dryness of the skin. If you notice something similar, you need to see a doctor-endocrinologist for advice. After proper treatment, thyroid hormones come back to normal, and excess weight gradually begins to go away. However, we must take into account the fact that if the body weight has increased by more than 10 kg, then it is unlikely that only the thyroid gland is to blame. The problem must be sought in something else.

What else can cause a sudden weight gain in women?

Excess fluid in the body

An excess of the body's fluid may cause an extra weight gain. Water accumulates in the cells and between them, which provokes the appearance of edema, cellulite, the accumulation of excess weight. Determine the presence of edema can be, resorting to the simplest procedure: press the skin with your finger and release. If there is a dimple after the pressure, it means that there is edema. Any woman is familiar with this problem. Before the onset of menstruation, all representatives of the fair sex appear swelling, which go untreated with the onset of menstruation.

However, if the puffiness disturbs you constantly, then this indicates quite serious pathologies. The cause may be cardiovascular disease or impaired renal function. Untimely treatment of these pathologies can lead to disability, and sometimes to death. Accordingly, if you undergo a course of treatment and eliminate swelling, then the weight will quickly return to normal. The reasons for the rapid weight gain in women at 25 years of age may differ from those in women over 40-50 years of age. People under 25 have very good metabolism, but with age, against the background of hormonal changes in the body, all processes, including metabolic processes, slow down. Therefore, losing weight to a woman aged 35-40 can be more difficult.

a sharp set of weight in women causes to which doctor


Sometimes an increase in body weight occurs due to the appearance of tumors in the abdominal cavity. There are such diseases not so often, but you should not overlook this variant of the development of events. The development of the tumor in this case is provoked by so-called dermoids, consisting of different types of tissues. They grow very fast and actively multiply in the abdominal cavity. In some cases, neoplasms gave a weight gain of more than 30 kg. The slightest disproportionate increase in tissues in the abdominal area should alert you and serve as a reason to call your doctor.

Action of antidepressants

a sharp set of weight in women causes to which doctor to apply

Weight fluctuations can also occur as a result of exposure to some medications, such as antidepressants. The most typical drug with this effect is Paroxetine. Its use in most cases leads to a sharp increase in weight. Another preparation of this group is Prozac. It causes obesity only with prolonged use. The same can be said about "Setralin".Experts say that taking antidepressants provokes obesity only in the case of long( more than 12 months) use.

Diabetic drugs

Drugs used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, which usually develops as a result of a strong increase in body weight, can also provoke an even greater weight gain. A kind of vicious circle is formed, from which it is not so easy to get out. Modern means from a diabetes, under the last medical data, allow to prevent this reason of a sharp set of weight at women. To what doctor to address? We'll figure it out.

If there was a hormonal failure in the body, then you need to contact a doctor-endocrinologist, but it will not be superfluous to visit a gynecologist and other narrow-profile specialists. You will also need a dietician consultation.

The means of the new generation include the drug "Siofor", which has a dual effect. It helps reduce blood sugar levels and normalize metabolic processes in the body, which prevents the accumulation of excess kilograms. But do not ignore the classic ways to help lose weight: diet and exercise. In this regard, it should be recalled that dietitians categorically object to taking medications that help to reduce weight by preventing fat absorption. Such medications are taken only in case of emergency and only on the recommendation of a doctor.


a sharp set of weight in women causes in 25 years

Steroid hormones can also cause sudden weight gain in women. How to treat in this case without them bronchial asthma, skin tuberculosis, inflammation of some internal organs? After all, taking steroid hormones is often due to a vital need. Experts say that short-term use of steroids increases weight not much, but even in the case of a strong increase in weight, with the withdrawal of the drug, it quickly returns to normal. Long-term use of drugs of this group is not recommended, one should think about alternative means.

What to do

severe weight gain in women causes after 35

Whatever the reason for the sudden weight gain in women after 35 years of age, it should be actively combated, as its presence leads to the development of serious pathologies. In obese people, in most cases, increased cholesterol, which provokes the development of cardiovascular diseases. Obesity has a beneficial effect on the development of diabetes. In addition, the load on the liver increases, because it is responsible for the process of processing and utilization of fat. The risk of developing various pathologies also occurs for the kidneys, pancreas, digestive organs. In particular, the risk of fat located on the internal organs is very difficult to remove. This state provokes the accumulation of toxins, slags and the appearance of stagnant foci. At full people the risk of development of malignant tumors of some kinds, including a cancer of a colon, an endometriosis, pathologies of mammary glands is considerably higher. The increased load on the skeleton and joints entails the defeat of the musculoskeletal system( arthritis, arthrosis).


In the article, we examined the main causes of severe weight gain in women. In order to avoid all these negative consequences, you need to monitor your weight, and with a stable change in body weight, you need to consult a doctor and follow his recommendations clearly.