Cream-wax "Healthy" from hemorrhoids: reviews of doctors

Each city is full of offices, where thousands of people spend whole days. Such a way of life can lead to a problem that is not customary to talk about. Will the cream-wax "Healthy" from hemorrhoids help to get rid of the disease?

What is hemorrhoids

cream wax is healthy from hemorrhoids

First you need to understand the disease itself: how it manifests, why it happens, etc.

Hemorrhoids are an increase in blood flow in the veins of the hemorrhoid plexus with the subsequent formation of hemorrhoids. It is these knots that cause unpleasant, painful sensations. They can be located inside the rectum or outside the anal passage.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

The first signs of hemorrhoids are:

  • soreness in defecation;
  • stool with blood;
  • sensation of a foreign body in the rectum;
  • itching of the anal opening.

cream wax is healthy from hemorrhoids reviews of patients

Treatment should begin immediately, as the cream-wax "Healthy" against hemorrhoids can help, until the disease has become chronic and has no acute course. In neglected cases, there is no other way than an operation.

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People who spend their days sitting around - office workers, drivers, etc., are most susceptible to the disease. Pregnant and athletes lifting weights are at risk due to increased intra-abdominal pressure.

Causes of

The main causes of hemorrhoids are:

  1. Frequent constipation. Hard feces press on venous walls, as a result of which their food is disturbed by oxygen. The walls are stretched, thinned and torn apart during defecation.

  2. Dystrophic processes in connective tissues of the rectum. This occurs when strong straining during defecation, lifting weights or in childbirth. Because of straining, the hemorrhoidal nodes fall out.

  3. Abuse of spicy food, alcohol.

Methods for treating hemorrhoids

At the initial stage of the disease, you can resort to such tools as candles, ointments, creams. So, the cream-wax "Healthy" from hemorrhoids is effective, it easily copes with the problem. But when the process has gone far, more effective methods are needed. Earlier, the only possible surgical removal. And no one was insured against relapse.

Now more gentle methods of treatment are being developed:

  • moxibustion of hemorrhoids;
  • doping of hemorrhoids;
  • sclerotherapy;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • ligation of arteries feeding the hemorrhoidal nodes.

Cauterization of hemorrhoidal nodes

The procedure is carried out using a photocoagulator that passes an infrared ray and cauterizes the blood vessels of the hemorrhoids. Thus, the flow of blood into the node is reduced, and it in itself decreases in size.

The procedure is completely painless and does not injure the walls of the rectum. Accordingly, does not require a rehabilitation period, as an operation. This treatment has been used since 1989 and gradually replaces the serious surgical intervention.

Doping of the hemorrhoidal nodes

cream wax is healthy from hemorrhoids instruction

The method is to impose special rings on the hemorrhoids. Rings block the flow of blood to the node, and the latter is rejected in a week.

Doping is used at a late stage, when the hemorrhoidal nodes no longer fit into the rectum. The patient feels discomfort( sometimes painful) during treatment.


Absolutely painless procedure is possible due to the sclerosant preparation. It is injected by the syringe into the node and activates the process of proliferation of connective tissue, which replaces the vascular cavity. As a result, the blood supply is eliminated, the nodes are reduced and retracted.

Treatment with the cream "Healthy"

cream wax is healthy from hemorrhoids contraindications

Wax cream "Healthy" from hemorrhoids is considered one of the most effective ways to fight the disease, when there is still the possibility not to resort to the help of doctors. This effect is possible due to the large volume of pharmacological actions. It affects not only the problem itself, but all its sources.

The composition of the drug is only natural substances, which excludes the occurrence of allergic reactions and allows you to start using it yourself. The term of recovery depends on the neglect of the disease, but relief is felt after the first application. In the package, in addition to the cream-wax "Healthy" from hemorrhoids, the instruction and nothing more. No auxiliary tools and procedures are needed.

Pharmacological action of the drug

Acting in all directions, the cream contributes to a number of positive actions.

  1. Inflammation is removed. The cream-wax contains substances that can immediately cope with the inflammatory process, which causes a number of bacteria. Soreness, discomfort are caused precisely by this factor, so relief comes immediately.

  2. Healing occurs very quickly. Hemorrhoids are often accompanied by cracks in the anus, as well as constant itching. The drug forms a protective film that not only cures, but also prevents the emergence of new microcracks due to the constant preservation of moisture.

  3. The walls of the vessels are strengthened. This helps to avoid bleeding.

  4. The pressure in the vessels decreases. With the development of hemorrhoids, the pressure in the vessels increases, which causes an increase in the nodes.

  5. Improves the regeneration of the vascular walls. When they are healing, irritation of the mucosa in the rectum passes.

Cream-wax "Healthy" from hemorrhoids is a simultaneous elimination of all problems. This solution is most convenient and safe. The patient does not have to use a lot of drugs that act on different problems, only one will be enough. This saves both finances, time, and even health, because the action of pain medications on the liver is known, etc.

Wax cream "Healthy" from hemorrhoids: Instruction

The drug does not require any special measures( according to the type of enema).Very easy to apply cream wax "Healthy" from hemorrhoids. The instruction is attached and contains a detailed description.

cream wax is healthy from a hemorrhoids way of application

The algorithm of action is extremely simple:

  • wash the site of inflammation;
  • gently remove excess moisture;
  • with clean hands apply a small amount of cream;
  • rub means;
  • remove residues with a tissue;
  • put on your underwear.

An important condition for recovery and prevention is the use of linen only from natural fabrics. It is most convenient to do this procedure lying on its side. It is necessary to wash off with cool water, otherwise the blood flow will increase, which is absolutely out of place. Repeat the procedure should be three times a day.

Ingredients of the preparation

cream wax is healthy from hemorrhoids composition

It has already been indicated how natural the cream wax is "Healthy" from hemorrhoids. Its composition includes:

  • extract of propolis( relieves of edema, resorbs thromboses, anesthetizes);
  • olive oil( improves blood flow);
  • extract of bee fire( strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves metabolism);
  • bee venom( stimulates the movement of blood through the vessels, eliminates muscle spasm);
  • cedar gum( improves blood flow, eliminates blood clots, removes inflammation);
  • beeswax( stops bleeding, enhances regeneration);
  • extract of beeswax( eliminates itching, pain);
  • extract of horse chestnut( removes the viscosity of blood, eliminates inflammation, has a high antithrombotic effect).

Separately, these drugs are not only used in folk medicine. Doctors often resort to them for problems with the back, during massages.


The safest remedy for treatment is the cream-wax "Healthy" from hemorrhoids. Contraindications can be only if there is an allergy to one of the components. But thanks to 100% naturalness of the composition, the probability of this is reduced to zero. Use the drug is allowed even by pregnant and breastfeeding, which is a huge advantage over other drugs.

Customer Reviews

cream wax healthy from hemorrhoids reviews of doctors

The cream is sold without a prescription, and accordingly, anyone can use a cream-wax "Healthy" from hemorrhoids. The patients' comments perfectly speak about the effectiveness of the drug. The overwhelming majority of patients note:

  • a decrease in soreness after the first application;
  • gradual reduction of bleeding;
  • no itching;
  • the disappearance of the sensation of the "foreign body" in the rectum;
  • complete cure for hemorrhoids of the first and second degree.

Already at the very beginning the cream wax "Healthy" from hemorrhoids gives relief. The way of use allows you to take medicine even at work.

With regard to more advanced forms of hemorrhoids, they are cured in about half of patients, the second half notes a sharp improvement, a decrease in hemorrhoids. This allows them to avoid surgical intervention and use modern methods of treatment.

Of the undeniable advantages over other drugs, patients note that the cream is not addictive and quickly removes inflammation. After the end of treatment, the disease does not exacerbate with new strength and you can continue to live at the usual pace.

Reviews of professionals

Hospitals are also prescribed cream-wax "Healthy" from hemorrhoids. The doctors' comments speak about the positive results of the fight against the disease. Professionals prefer this drug because of the complete absence of allergic reactions.

Hemorrhoids refers to those diseases that are constantly subjected to relapses. Even after surgical removal, the disease can return, and after ointments this occurs in most cases. But when using the cream "Healthy" the disease recurred in a very small number of patients. This became possible due to the multidirectional action of the drug. Cream-wax works not only to reduce the site, but also to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improve blood flow, etc. Thus, after reducing the hemorrhoidal site, the reasons for its re-inflammation are no longer there.

In addition, this cream is prescribed even in the most neglected cases, so that the inflammation of the hemorrhoidal nodes becomes slightly smaller and it was possible to expand the list of ways to solve the problem. For example, resorting to sclerotherapy.

Completely natural composition of cream wax allows you to refer the drug to traditional medicine. But this does not prevent him from giving preference to traditional doctors. After all, the main thing is that all patients are satisfied and forget about the unpleasant problem that knocks them out of the normal pace of life.

cream wax healthy against hemorrhoids


So, if you are concerned about pain and itching in the anus, you should get a cream-wax "Healthy" from hemorrhoids. The manufacturer guarantees that the first, second and third stages of the disease are cured. With a more neglected disease, it is also recommended to use the cream, since it significantly reduces the nodes.

Remember that hemorrhoids do not pass by itself. It can develop slowly and even pass asymptomatically. The patient can only sometimes notice the blood after defecation, without experiencing pain. But the hemorrhoidal nodes will become more and more inflamed. And one day they will fall out of the anus. The earlier to start treatment, the easier and faster the illness will pass. Treating hemorrhoids with a cream is much more pleasant than going through a long rehabilitation after the operation.