"Arbivir": instruction for children

The health of a child is especially valuable for every parent. If, for your cold, not everyone turns to a doctor, then with a child's illness, all sensible moms and dads try to go to the pediatrician. Often in viral infections, doctors prescribe immunomodulatory and antiviral drugs. One such is Arbivir. Instructions for use for children will be described in the article.

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Description of the medicament

What does the user's instruction on the composition of the Arbivir medication mean? The annotation states that the drug is available in the form of tablets or capsules. The drug actively fights against viruses of various origins and increases its own immunity of the body. The medication is dispensed from the pharmacy network without a prescription from the doctor. This means that anyone can acquire it.

The active substance of the drug is a chemical compound 1 methyl-2 phenylthio-3 carbethoxy-4-dimethylamino-5 hydroxy-6-bromo-hydrolide hydrochloride. One tablet contains up to 50 milligrams of this component. As additional ingredients, the manufacturer uses calcium stearate, potato starch, sodium lauryl sulfate, cellulose, titanium dioxide and so on. The cost of the medicine in the amount of 20 tablets is about 300 rubles.

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Indications for prescription of tablets

About the preparation "Arbivir" the instruction for use says that it is used for prevention and treatment. In children, the medication should only be used after consultation with a doctor. The main indications for which the remedy should be taken are:

  • influenza A and B;
  • viral diseases affecting the upper and lower divisions of the respiratory tract( laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, and so on);
  • bacterial complications( as an immunomodulating drug in the presence of additional treatment);
  • herpes, lichen, chickenpox;
  • Intestinal infections of various types.

The medicine is prescribed for the prevention of all the diseases described above. In children, it is often used for adaptation in children's preschool institutions or in the season of epidemics and colds.

Restrictions on the use of

What can tell us about the contraindications to the use of the drug "Arbivir" instruction for use? The annotation states that the medication should not be used with increased sensitivity to its components. Also, the use of drugs in children under the age of two is contraindicated. The only exceptions are cases when such appointment was made by a doctor. In this case, individual dosage of tablets should be selected.

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"Arbivir" 50 mg: instruction for use

For children, the drug is prescribed for both prevention and treatment. In both cases the reception scheme will be different. Tablets are taken orally for half an hour before meals. Drink the medicine with clean water.

For the treatment of viral diseases, the medication is prescribed 4 times a day for 5 days. Dosage is selected according to age. Up to 6 years - 50 mg, up to 12 - 100;after 13 - 200. For preventive purposes, the drug is prescribed in the same doses, but it should be taken only twice a week. If there has already been contact with an infected person, then the drug "Arbivir" instruction for use advises to use 1 time per day for two weeks.

Action of the medicine: positive and negative

About the tablets "Arbivir-Health Forte" the instruction for use says that the drug has no adverse reactions. In fact, such clinical studies have simply not been conducted. The medicine does not have a toxic effect on the human body. However, it can cause an allergic reaction. Most often it is manifested by urticaria and itching. Less often, the drug provokes abdominal pain and indigestion.

The action of the drug is due to its composition. The drug actively blocks the binding of viruses to the membranes of cells of the human body. This action begins within a few hours after ingestion. From this it can be concluded that the earlier you use the drug, the higher its effectiveness will be. The advantage of the drug is that it not only has an antiviral effect, but also contributes to the activation of its own immunity by producing interferons.

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Opinions on the antiviral immunomodulator

There are different opinions about the antiviral drug Arbivir. Some consumers actively use medicines for viral infections. The medicine allows to avoid the development of complications in the form of bronchitis and pneumonia, while in the absence of treatment they are still observed. The drug provokes the work of congenital and acquired immunity.

There are also reviews on which it can be said that the described agent has a harmful effect on immunity. This is the opinion of some consumers. They believe that with frequent use of the described means, one's own immunity ceases to work at all. The doctors refute this information.

Customer's opinions are always of interest to the patient to whom the described medication is prescribed. However, do not rely solely on reviews. Be sure to listen to the doctors and follow the prescribed treatment scheme. This will guarantee a quick recovery and no complications. In some cases, the treatment is complex. Simultaneously with the drug described, other medicines are prescribed.

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Let's sum up a little. ..

You learned about an effective and affordable antiviral agent with the trade name "Arbivir"( for children).Instructions for use and its main characteristics are presented to your attention. Before using any medication for a child, read the instructions for use carefully. This way you can prevent the development of adverse reactions. Observe all prescribed doses unless otherwise recommended by your doctor. Are treated on time, health to your child!