Brand Davidoff. Cigarettes. How to get rid of nicotine addiction

This well-known brand of tobacco products is of Russian origin. And Henri Davidoff - its founder - was a member of the Davydov family, which in 1911 moved to a permanent residence in European countries.

The history of becoming Davidoff, cigarettes

The first store was opened in Geneva( Switzerland), and in 1924 almost all members of the family participated in the process of production of tobacco products, studied the properties of raw materials. They successfully managed to master the secrets of growing, storing, preparing raw materials, and soon they established their successful business. Davidoff - cigarettes, firmly won their market share in Europe.

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The "Davidoff" brand in 1946 became famous for the elite line of cigars - "Chateau", which was named as the very famous at that time brand of expensive wine products.

1970 is considered the beginning of the existence of the "Davidoff" brand, when Oettinger became the owner of the trademark, and they were able to glorify it all over the world. Buy wholesale tobacco products in almost any country became possible in 1985, when mass production was established thanks to the use of new technologies. After 1991, various types began to appear: cigarettes Davidoff gold, Classic, etc. In the 1990s, tobacco was used to make products from Cuba, and true connoisseurs were able to appreciate its unrivaled taste. If we talk about products Davidoff( cigarettes), reviews among consumers about it the most positive.

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Davidoff( cigarettes), description of goods

Original tobacco products have the appropriate certificates and expertise in quality. Wholesale and retail are available at any store, and can also be ordered online using the Internet. The packaging of tobacco products always indicates their composition. For example, consider cigarettes Davidoff slim:
- 7 mg / cig., Resin;
- 6 mg / cig., CO;
- 0.6 mg / cig, nicotine.
In a pack - 20 cigarettes with a filter. The same composition has Davidoff gold cigarettes and other types of tobacco products. Sellers are required to have quality certificates and provide them to their customers.

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But it's no secret to anyone that the Davidoff brand( cigarettes) is a sign of luxury and unsurpassed quality.

Dependence on nicotine and its effect on the human body

Although many countries prohibit smoking in public places( at stops, in parks, near theaters, airports and trains, government offices, etc.), tobacco products are usedpopularity among the population. Statistics show an increase in the number of smokers among women and adolescents. Everyone understands that smoking is very harmful, but it stops few people. Advertising and mass opinion do their job - the number of addicts from tobacco only increases. The habit requires for the body a certain dose of nicotine, each of which is different: who smokes two or three cigarettes a day, and who and for several packs. How to quit smoking is one of the main problems for many people in the civilized world in the 21st century.

Ways to combat smoking

This habit is very difficult to overcome by yourself.

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Therefore, we will get acquainted with some medical advices:
1. Use the advice of doctors in combination with the use of medicines that contribute to maintaining the level of nicotine in the blood of a person with a slow decrease( chewing gums, special patches, etc.)
2. You canseek help from psychologists. They help to determine the possible cause of the dependence, adjust the person to a positive way when giving up tobacco products and at the same time not to burden his relatives and relatives with his problems. It is also advised to choose the exact date for giving up cigarettes, you can just put a certain frame for yourself. Psychologists are good enough to help determine other priorities in daily life, rather than smoking.
3. Using electronic cigarettes. Due to the fact that fingers are accustomed to cigarettes, doctors recommend using modern electronic cigarettes in the fight against this unpleasant dependence.

Smoking and common diseases associated with it

In order to consciously come to the fact that you still need to quit, you need to know well how nicotine is harmful to health.

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List of the most common effects of smoking:

- a negative effect on the lungs and respiratory tract( air bags and pulmonary alveoli are damaged, chronic bronchitis and a persistent cough with discharge of unpleasant mucus occur);
- cancer of the larynx, lungs, mouth, throat or pharynx( cause tobacco products containing carcinogens in the smoke);
- diseases of the cardiovascular system( smoking badly affects the blood vessels, namely arteries and veins);
- a negative impact on the reproductive system( increased risk of infertility in both men and women);
- skin condition worsens( pallor, wrinkles, flabbiness, vessels become more noticeable), blood pressure may rise, etc.

This is far from all diseases and consequences that can cause people's dependence on nicotine. Everyone has a choice - to be healthy or to depend on bad habits.