Slimming remedy "Porciola": reviews, instructions for use, composition and effectiveness

Almost every woman who is overweight wants to lose weight without too much effort. On grueling training and a strict diet can be forgotten, if you enter into the diet means "Porciola".Reviews of women argue that the drug slowly but efficiently allows you to lose up to five kilograms per month.

Composition and form of release

What is the "Porciola" dietary supplement? Reviews say that with daily use of funds for weight loss in the first week of noticeably "melt" fat deposits. One portion of the drug contains 500 mg of the active ingredient. Additional elements are food L-leucine 5% and gelatin.

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The formula for the preparation is capsules. The package contains 10 and 60 tablets. The drug should be stored in a dry and well ventilated room at a temperature of +25 ° C.It should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Pharmacological effects on the body

How does the drug "Porciola" work? Women's comments point out that after consumption of the drug, the amount of food eaten decreases. This bioadditive is designed specifically to reduce body weight. It gives a feeling of satiety for up to four hours, as a result of which the volume of consumed food is reduced by several times, which contributes to the loss of excess kilograms. The use of the drug does not require changes in the already established system of nutrition. Here there is a gradual decrease in body weight, which does not lead to health problems, as happens with a sharp weight loss.

How effective is Porciola for losing weight? Reviews posroynevshih ladies argue that the drug is safe and when it was used there was no health problems. It can be used in conjunction with other medicines and dietary supplements, which also lead to the loss of excess weight. It is good to combine the product with diet and exercise.

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Two capsules of the drug are consumed inside at night, washed down with plenty of still water at room temperature. The dragee shell completely dissolves in the stomach. In the first ten minutes, the release of Swell carbomer particles occurs, which, when interconnected with water, swell and retain fluid a thousand times more than the carbomer in dry form. As a result of this process, a hydrogel is formed, which fills a part of the stomach. Of the two capsules and 350 ml of water, an amount of soft structural hydrogel is obtained, which is equal to the volume of the average apple.

Swell technology is an inert safe gel that swells in the stomach. This component is in the stomach for 2-4 hours, where it serves as a temporary filler. At this point, a person feels a sense of saturation, which is achieved by starting two mechanisms.

Primary, or sensory, saturation increases the stomach in volume, there is a rapid suppression of hunger, and there is a feeling of satiety. The second stage of saturation is more prolonged and is realized through the hormonal excitation of the center responsible for appetite, the initial portion of nutrients that are absorbed into the blood after 20-30 minutes after eating. Tablets suppress the primary feeling of hunger, and due to this there is a decrease in appetite. As a result, weight loss goes without stress, feelings of hunger and sad consequences for the body.

"Porciola" reduces the consumption of calories, which usually come in food, and consumes them on your own adipose tissue, which contributes to a natural decrease in body weight. From the first day, a biologically active additive reduces the amount of food eaten, and regular use of a dragee carries a gradual loss of kilograms. Taking the drug for several months forms a habit of eating less, which persists after the withdrawal of the drug for two months. The best results will be if you add physical activity and proper nutrition to taking the tablets.


Hydrogel for the stomach is an absolutely safe substance and does not cause any discomfort. It carries out its activity directly in the walls of the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract. The drug is not absorbed into the walls of the digestive organs and does not affect them systemically. Within 2-4 hours, it is sent from the stomach to the duodenum in a natural way, then goes along the intestine and is excreted unchanged without leaving any negative consequences. During movement on the gastrointestinal tract, the component does not enter into a relationship with the mucosa of the stomach and intestines.

Polyacrylic acid hydrogel contains no calories and is biologically inert. It is an ultrapure substance. It is not toxic, not mutagenic and not carcinogenic.

Indications for use

Is "Porciola" harmless? Reviews of some women note that this is quite an expensive drug and is not available to everyone. It is indicated for use with excessive body weight and to maintain weight in the norm. It is recommended to prevent excess pounds and to reduce the amount of food consumed in the presence of unnecessary weight and obesity.


Despite its safety, there are certain contraindications to such a drug as "Porciola"( capsules).Reviews say that the product is expensive, but if you can not lose weight in another way, then you can use this product. Do not take it, if there is an individual intolerance of substances contained in the composition. You can not take a diet for people under 18 years of age. The ban is a stomach ulcer and gastroesophageal reflux. porciola tablets reviews

Before use, consult a specialist if:

  • is obesity III-IV stage;
  • there is severe gastroesophageal reflux;
  • has operations on the stomach and intestines;
  • in a patient with diabetes mellitus or somatic illness in a severe stage.

There have been no clinical trials regarding the use of the drug during pregnancy and during lactation, so a woman should consult a doctor before using the drug during these periods.

Instruction How to take Porciola tablets? Reviews say that capsules are easily used whole. They do not need to be chewed and opened. They are washed down with 350 ml of pure water, based on a calculation of 180 ml per one pellet. This volume must be maintained to form a hydrogel. Capsules are taken 20 minutes before meals. If the drug is drunk once a day, then it should be consumed in advance( 20 minutes) before the main meal.

There are the following standard schemes for taking capsules:

  • BMI * 25-30 kg / m².Admission of the drug is aimed at reducing weight to an IMT≤ 24.99 kg / m².In this case, "Porciolu" take 2 tablets once a day( at dinner), drinking 350 ml of water. The course of admission is three months.
  • BMI * 31-50 kg / m².Use of pills to reduce weight to IMT≤ 25-30 kg / m².Here, the drug takes two tablets twice a day, at lunch and dinner. Each time the capsules should be washed with 350 ml of clean water. The minimum duration of admission is five months.
  • BMI * up to 24.99 kg / m².The drug for weight loss is used to maintain weight in the norm. The daily dose is one dragee. The agent is washed down with 180 ml of water.

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To ensure that the weight never departs from the norm, "Porciolu" experts recommend drinking constantly.

Side effects of

A pharmaceutical company that produces weight loss products - Obolenskoe."Porciola" was clinically tested, which resulted in a low incidence of minor self-limiting side effects, among which:

  • belching;
  • moderate to severe headache;
  • bloating;
  • diarrhea;
  • chills;
  • constipation.

In all these cases, the incidence of side effects was not more than 1%.In the presence of an individual intolerance hydrogel polyacrylic acid is the possibility of allergies.

Drug Interaction

"Porciola"( capsules, 10 pieces) can be used in combination with other medicines and dietary supplements to reduce body weight. Reception of similar means for struggle against excess weight should be spent for half an hour before or after lapse of 30 minutes after the use of other means for growing thin.

Special instructions

Specialists advise to fill the vitamin and mineral deficiency, which can be formed against a background of weight loss with a reduced volume of consumed food, include in the diet special complexes containing all the necessary elements.

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The drug "Porciola" does not affect the management of transport, various mechanisms and work activities, where increased concentration of attention and a special reaction speed is required.

Advantages of

"Porciola" is an innovative tool, which today has no analogues in Russia. Bioadditive on a natural physiological level limits the consumption of food. The main active component is the carbomer of polyacrylic acid, which has an ultrahigh purity of 99.99%.The gel is absolutely inert and does not interact with the cells of the human body. Contains 0 calories and is excreted from the body without a remainder unchanged. The drug promotes slow, but sure weight loss.

"Porciola": the price of

Reviews say that with this remedy you can lose weight gradually and absolutely safely. The disadvantages of users include the high cost of the drug. So, the agent for losing weight can be purchased at pharmacies or online stores for about 500 rubles for 10 capsules. The price of 60 pills comes to 2600-3000 rubles.

Porciola: feedback

Opinions on this product have been positive. Women say that it helps to lose extra pounds without much effort. They say that dragees cause a feeling of satiety, reduce appetite, because of what the amount of food consumed decreases. Helps to lose weight without any effort and diets. Absolutely harmless and does not cause negative consequences. It gives an opportunity to lose 3-5 kg ​​a month without damage to health. In a few months you can achieve a truly amazing result - up to minus 15 kg and more.

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"Porciola" reviews doctors received also positive. Experts confirm simply amazing results. The one who tried this remedy remains content and continues to lose weight with him for several months. In addition, people who took "Porciolu", say that after its abolition, the result is preserved for a long time, and from the extra pounds are only memories.