"Admiralty Shipyards", medical center. Address and feedback

Any health problems require solution, for this purpose the Admiralty Shipyards complex is working. The medical center, which has existed for more than 15 years, enjoys well-deserved attention of residents and visitors of the city. Here, the most basic principle is traditionally observed: a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Very important and the staff of the clinic. Here all doctors have a high academic degree and colossal work experience. About 70% of the medical staff that works with patients are doctors and candidates of science. It is very simple to undergo a full examination, get professional advice and treatment scheme by visiting the Admiralty Shipyards. The medical center has reached the highest level of service, which is why it is very popular.

Polyclinic and outpatient center

Today, there were additional services, which made it even more convenient to visit the "Admiralty Shipyards".The medical center on the basis of the clinic opened an additional surgical and therapeutic hospital with VIP-chambers. The spectrum of diseases, which are successfully treated here, is very wide. These are various surgical interventions that are performed using modern technologies. Treatment of hernias, diseases of veins, joints and soft tissues are all problems that can be solved on the basis of a full-time or full-time hospital."Admiralteyskie Verfi" is a medical center that has all the necessary conditions for each patient to feel comfortable and comfortable.

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A little about the clinic

In 2015 the city is waiting for a small anniversary. JSC "Admiralteyskie Verfi" celebrates its 20th anniversary since its opening. From the very first day to this day, the main principle here is to create comfortable conditions for treating the patient and achieve high positive results. Each client has access to a full range of traditional outpatient and inpatient care. High-tech and most sparing methods of intensive treatment are used.

In addition to the surgical hospital, JSC "Admiralteyskie Verfi" also offers a 24-hour therapeutic hospital, which can be contacted with any question. At the same time for the patients developed a variety of health programs. Most of them are aimed at rehabilitation of patients after surgical interventions.

Special features of

The Admiralteyskiye Verfi clinic is equipped with the most high-tech equipment. This is a magnetic resonance tomograph, a computer spiral tomograph, an ultrasound endoscope and much more. Separate attention deserves the ophthalmologic equipment. Here, unique operations are performed to correct vision. One of the most famous procedures that the Admiralty Shipyards conducts is an excimer laser correction based on the LASIK method. The modern laser performs the operation at the highest level.

Achievements of the

Center First of all, the highest achievement of the clinic can be considered the fact that it was possible to assemble an amazing medical staff. In the center is a well-coordinated team, which constantly works on raising the level of qualification. Already today, the results are striking: 70% of doctors have the highest or first category, have repeatedly participated in scientific conferences held on the basis of leading European clinics. Recently, the center has introduced the most modern minimally invasive techniques in general surgery, otorhinolaryngology, gynecology, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, endocrine surgery, urology and gastroenterology. It is thanks to the movement in step with the times in St. Petersburg that Admiralty Shipyards are very famous. The center has all the conditions to accept and place the patient, and also to help him at the highest level.

The rendered services of

MC "Admiralteyskie Verfi" regularly increases the list of rendered services. We list only the most popular. Among them - outpatient treatment of ENT organs in children and adults. These are problems that are among the most common among the world's population. In second place on the popularity are auditory-improving operations, endoscopic operations in the nasal cavity, plastic surgery, phoniatrics, surdology and vestibulology. Separate it is necessary to allocate surgical services, therefore as their spectrum is very great. We will examine them in detail so that you have a full idea of ​​the Admiralty Shipyards Center. The clinic is designed for daily maintenance of dozens of patients, for which it has sufficient staff and an office fund.

Department of endovideosurgery

This is one of the most advanced ways to conduct surgical operations virtually without disrupting the integrity of tissues. Where an ordinary surgeon needs to make an incision of at least 10 cm, the endovideosurgist needs a small puncture. Through it, he enters the tube, which transfers a greatly magnified image to the screen. The surgeon remains to perform special manipulations with the help of the finest instruments. This intervention is very effective in cholelithiasis and various hernias. Widely used this method for cysts and polyps, gastric and intestinal ulcers, acute appendicitis. In gynecology, these technologies provide scope for the treatment of diseases that were previously a verdict. These are adhesions, nephroptosis, vascular disease and varicose veins.


This is a very important section of medicine that studies diseases of veins and vessels. At the same time, many diseases that were previously considered incurable can now be treated very effectively. More often than not, people face such ailments as varicose veins and venous insufficiency. Every second person suffers from them, and practically every tenth person deals with an extremely neglected form. This disease manifests itself in the form of persistent expansion of the veins of the lower extremities. Outwardly this manifests itself in the form of prominent blue veins, knots and pulsating pain. Classical surgery suggests removing certain areas of varicose veins, and special technologies allow you to manage small punctures.


Operations on soft tissues, tendons, bones - this is what experts of the center "Admiralteiskie Verfi" work with every day. Polyclinic provides its patients with various services of professional traumatologists and surgeons. Among them, arthroscopic surgery and correction of foot deformities. Qualified medical and diagnostic care for patients includes services such as:

  • Treatment and maintenance therapy for age-related changes in the spine, joints and tendons.
  • Specialists advise on the prevention and treatment of osteochondrosis and osteoporosis.
  • It will be very useful to visit the clinic from time to time to athletes. Overload and pain syndrome - this is something that everyone has to deal with, who engaged in sports at a professional level.
  • Various injuries, children's, sports, household and industrial - all these are problems that people turn to Admiralty Shipyards. The patient's feedback speaks very warmly of the professionalism of the medical staff and the quality of the services provided.

Any of these services can be obtained through outpatient treatment, but if time permits, it is better to go through a full rehabilitation in a hospital. If desired, you can transfer to a daily treatment.

Outpatient Surgery

Children and adults can at any time need the help of a professional surgeon. On any issue you can contact the Admiralty Shipyards. The medical center, whose reviews tell us about the caring attitude and high professionalism of the staff, undoubtedly deserves the patients' attention. The department of outpatient surgery allows you to return home a few hours after the operation. Doctors perform surgical treatment of wounds, sew up and eliminate cosmetic defects. In addition, after examination, the surgeon can open the abscess, excise the nevus, remove foreign bodies from the soft tissues.

Specialists perform a large number of surgical operations, which are aimed at improving the musculoskeletal system. This is the puncture of the joints and tendon ganglia. In addition, cosmetic problems, such as ingrown nails, are solved. The procedure of excision will help to forget about this inconvenience forever.

Possibilities of using anesthesia

Any of the procedures can be performed without anesthesia or with various variations. For example, a familiar examination of the FGS, an unpleasant but necessary procedure to assess the state of the internal cavity of the stomach and esophagus. With anesthesia it is much easier to transfer it. Anesthesia is made at the request of the patient himself and according to his requirements.

Experienced anesthetists will necessarily learn the entire history of the patient, taking into account psychosomatics and concomitant pathology of the patient. Anesthesia is produced by the most non-toxic drugs, so that the health damage is minimal. If general anesthesia is required, then special equipment of the European level of Drager is used. This allows not only to measure the necessary dosage as accurately as possible, but also to monitor the patient's condition all the time. This ensures maximum safety of the patient during the whole operation time, as well as after it. Modern drugs provide an easy way out of anesthesia. On the same day, the patient will be able to return home.

Address and contacts

You can easily find the medical center "Admiralty Shipyards".Address: St. Petersburg, ul. Sadovaya, 126. Opening hours of the reception are from 8:00 to 20:00 daily and from 8:00 to 18:00 on Sunday. Doctors on duty wait for you around the clock and without a weekend. It's so important to know that in any situation there are people who can help. The phone of the clinic is 8-713-68-36.

Reviews of patients

Basically, the reviews are positive. People praise the high professionalism of doctors, the pleasant atmosphere and the excellent results that the treatment gives. Separately note modern equipment, because many patients had to undergo similar examinations in poorly equipped offices, so they have something to compare. Judging by their responses, many painful procedures began to be transferred much easier within the walls of the clinic "Admiralty Shipyards".This is facilitated by experienced staff, modern equipment and the work of professional anesthesiologists.

If you are concerned about health problems, and doctors can not make the correct diagnosis, then come to the medical center. Judging by the feedback, a thorough and very qualitative diagnosis is carried out here. This will help to assess the work of the whole body, identify various violations and develop a comprehensive approach that is most suitable for each individual patient.