"Furacilin" for gargling - effective or not?

In a season of illnesses and colds almost everyone can get a throat. This is a very unpleasant sensation, it becomes painful to swallow, eat, sometimes the tonsils become inflamed. If there are no other signs of a cold, the sore throat may not always lead to hospital leave. Many people go to work with these unpleasant sensations, although some procedures should be followed. For example, buy the drug "Furacilin" for gargling. It is he who will become your assistant in the fight against unpleasant sensations. It is desirable to provide a comprehensive treatment, for example, combine throat rinses with the use of a spray, candy, which have antibacterial effect. furacilin for gargling

How to dissolve the medicine "Furacilin" for gargling?

The drug has long been tested by many people, it is an old, but effective enough tool for the treatment of irritated and sore throats. It is absolutely harmless, inexpensive and helps to recover quickly. But the drug "Furacilin" bought in a pharmacy for gargling should be properly diluted. If you bought the medicine in tablets, then take 2 pieces, a regular glass, boiling water. Squash 2 tablets, pour the resulting powder into a glass and pour boiling water. Then mix the contents, let it cool down to room temperature and rinse. As you can see, nothing complicated in the preparation of the drug "Furacilin" for rinsing the throat is present. It should be noted that it is necessary to use exactly boiling water, so that the individual particles of the tablet are completely dissolved. Also in the pharmacy you can buy a ready-made solution of furacilin for rinsing your throat.

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How often should I gargle?

In general, it is worthwhile to follow individual doctor's recommendations. If you did not visit the doctor and decided to treat yourself with the Furacilin medication, then we recommend gargling at least five times a day, then you will be able to recover very quickly. Usually you need to gently rinse your throat for as little as two days, and discomfort will leave you. The process itself should last at least a few minutes, you can even include your favorite music and gargle until the song ends.

Furacilin for gargling, instruction

The drug has a pronounced antibacterial effect, when it hits the surface of the mucous membrane comes into contact with the cells. Bacteria die within 2-3 minutes. After rinsing, the antibacterial effect lasts another 40 minutes. Therefore, breaks between rinses should form an interval of more than half an hour.

Indications for use:

  1. Otitis.
  2. Tonsillitis.
  3. Stomatitis.
  4. Eczema.
  5. Purulent pleurisy.

No contraindications. The drug is used even during pregnancy and lactation. It can also be used in the care of newborns as an assistant in getting rid of diaper rash in the inguinal area.

Be healthy, rinse your throat with a solution of furacilin - one of the most proven and effective remedies.