"Red carnation" - sanatorium( Tyumen): description and service

The Ural region has long been a leading tourist center with a developed infrastructure and transport network. This region attracts more and more holiday-makers every year, who crave to see unique natural resources, mountain ranges towering above the terrain, and, of course, to improve the undermined physical and psycho-emotional health.

Many tourists stop at specialized boarding houses and recreation centers. The "Red carnation"( sanatorium) also offers professional medical assistance. Tyumen is located 34 km from it. There is a health resort in a quiet location on the shore of the forest lake Matyushino, surrounded by an amazing pine massif. The dispensary began its activity in 1987. Previously, it was a pioneer camp.

You can come here on weekends to find peace of mind. Sanatorium and resort permits for 7, 10, 14, 18, 21 days are being implemented. This is a real oasis of sweet peace, a green corner of ancient trees, where you forget about everyday worries. The huge territory is fenced, is under video surveillance of the security enterprise.

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Accommodation terms

Sanatorium "Red carnation"( Tyumen) has repeatedly been restored, so all buildings and rooms look decent. There are five three-storey cottages for living. A one-time wellness center can accommodate up to 360 people.

To the services of newly arrived tourists, apartments of different class and size. The smallest room( standard) with an area of ​​14 m2 is equipped with a large double bed, bathroom. There is a compact refrigerator and a TV.You can book more spacious suites with two rooms( bedroom, living room).

The room has a balcony, microwave, upholstered furniture. Regardless of the category chosen, your windows will go out onto the forest, a picturesque lake or a park area. All rooms are renovated, clean, cleaned daily.


Near the residential buildings there is a spacious dining room, divided into two halls: a small one with a capacity of 80 people and a large one for 200 guests. In both zones, air conditioning is installed, so in a hot day here is a comfortable temperature. Provided 4-meals a day on a custom system. For people with certain diseases, menus are served with dietary dishes.

All year long, guests use fruits, vegetables, greens and fish delicacies in the dining room of the "Red Carnation" medical center. Sanatorium( Tyumen) in the care of its customers invites to visit a local cafeteria located on the territory. In the institution you will be treated with fresh pastries, confectionery, milkshakes, ice cream, meat dishes, pizza, various drinks. Rest in the dispensary will be useful, healthy and tasty.

Therapeutic programs

Guests who come for treatment on a voucher must receive consultations of qualified doctors and take the necessary tests. The following specialists work in the dispensary: ​​therapist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, dentist, orthopedist, pediatrician. After conducting clinical and laboratory studies, the doctor determines the scheme of therapy. Treatment can not do without the use of mineral water, turpentine, carbonic and aromatic baths, as well as mud, hirudotherapy and herbal medicine.

In case of impaired circulation, Charcot's douche, underwater massage, help. All modern procedures are held in the center "Red Carnation".Sanatorium( Tyumen) actively uses in the treatment of physiotherapy( laser therapy, magnetotherapy, electrophoresis and other methods).With locomotor disorders, the therapeutic warm-up, walking, exercises in the fitness room under the guidance of a specialist are shown.

Leisure and service

An outdoor swimming pool filled with thermal water, which has a positive effect on the structure of the epidermis( its temperature is 35 degrees), is at the clients' disposal. There is a place for sunbathing, there are cabins for changing clothes, showers and a bar. Dance and poetry evenings are organized daily. Sports and entertainment competitions are organized with the participation of guests.

The library, creative circle( embroidery, knitting), a gym are available for guests. You can book a sightseeing tour in the dispensary "Red carnation"( sanatorium).Tyumen( photo of the health resort is presented in the article) is famous for its rich cultural and historical heritage, architectural structures, museums and other objects that will be interesting to see nonresident people.

Do not miss and the young guests. Sports events are offered for them: bicycles, table tennis, scooters, rollers, checkers, football and basketball fields. The game room functions. In summer, a beach opens: you can swim, sunbathe, frolic in the sun, ride a catamaran and a boat.


A pleasant emotion leaves in mind the sanatorium "Red Carnation"( Tyumen).Reviews of tourists are mostly positive. Holidaymakers say that they liked the quality of service, varied and fresh food, the professionalism of medical personnel.

The atmosphere of peace and tranquility envelops this place, therefore here it is so cozy and sincere. If you want to profitably spend your vacation, treat nerves or internal organs, then visit the Wellness Center "Red Carnation"( sanatorium).Tyumen meets with the hospitality of every guest and gives a good mood.