Maternity hospital № 1 in Khabarovsk: reviews

Roddom is a special hospital. Women come here with hope, trembling and fear, and they leave with the most expensive bundle in the world. Each of the maternity homes is different from other equipment, the end date of major repairs, the qualifications of doctors. Today it is common to share paid and free polyclinics. And the first is a priori a good attitude towards patients and a high level of services, while the second is the complete opposite. So it or not, we will try to consider today on an example of maternity home № 1 of Khabarovsk. 1 maternity hospital in Khabarovsk

General description

This is one of the oldest medical facilities in the city. Every year, there are about 2,800 babies born here. Roddom number 1 Khabarovsk by right is proud of many years of experience. To date, the clinic is equipped with the latest equipment.

It is noteworthy that the hospital number 1 in Khabarovsk is also a practice base for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Professors and doctors of sciences regularly take part in the duties, helping to appear in the light of small Khabarovsk citizens. Of course, under their leadership the first baptism and students are held. It is difficult to say that the state hospital number 1 Khabarovsk may be inferior to private clinics. This is the largest maternity hospital in the province.

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Kinds of activity

It is difficult to assume, but in addition to its main function, other maternity services are provided by employees of the maternity hospital No. 1 in Khabarovsk. It is not just a clinic for obstetrics, but a whole complex, where dozens of services are rendered simultaneously. From them it is possible to allocate:

  • Rendering stationary, out-patient help.
  • Emergency medical care.
  • Entrepreneurship. Today, in addition to the list of free, the maternity hospital provides paid medical services.

More details on their list and cost will be consulted at the registry of the maternity home. 1 maternity hospital in Khabarovsk

Structure of the maternity hospital

Maternity hospital No. 1( Khabarovsk), whose address is Lenin, 67, is a complex that provides a full range of basic medical services for women. It includes:

  • Obstetric hospital.
  • Women's consultation. Daytime hospital.

Modern diagnostic equipment is installed in the maternity hospital. In addition, there is a friendly team of doctors who are ready every day to fight for the life of the mother and the newborn baby.


As the theater begins with a hanger, so does the hospital from the reception area. Very modern and convenient is the admissions department in the hospital № 1 of Khabarovsk. The reviews emphasize that there is a polite staff working here, it's nice to turn to each employee. In the hall there are sofas for accompanying persons. If you are giving birth, then in the reception you need to remove your outer clothing and put on replacement shoes. At itself there should be all documents which the worker will check up. Then the woman in bed is taken to the san room.hygiene. infection in the maternity home of Khabarovsk

Department of pregnancy pathology

This is one of the largest departments in the city. They come here not only from the city, but also from the whole region. Every day about 25 women are examined, treated and prepared for delivery. The reviews emphasize that the department employs skilled obstetrician-gynecologists. On their account, not a single dozen lives saved. All the doctors of the department of pathology are on duty in the maternity ward, they operate. Patients remember the kind words of their doctors for their sensitivity, professionalism and good attitude.

Maternity ward

Even after years of remembering it will bring nostalgia, because it is here that the woman first embraces her child. The delivery room is equipped with modern equipment, comfortable beds. Here, women are under the supervision of an obstetrician and an anesthesiologist. Within two hours after delivery, nurses will also be there. A newborn baby is immediately inspected by a neonatologist.

The norm is the holding of partner births. A few decades ago such a question practically did not arise, relatives could only survive under the window of the maternity home. But Western traditions helped to understand that the presence of a partner helps a woman to calm down and concentrate, and also removes some duties from medical personnel. A trained husband or girlfriend will be constantly next to the woman in childbirth, talk to her, massage, and when the child arrives, he will call the doctor.

Since the clinic has been working for a long time, the issue of infection in the hospital № 1 of Khabarovsk is regularly raised in the press. The head physician responded to it quite extensively in an interview, providing a conclusion to the SES that regularly flushes and has no claims to sanitation of the medical unit. Of course, wherever microbes are regularly harvested in every possible way, they acquire special stability. But this is the problem of any medical institution.

the child died in the maternity home of Khabarovsk

Child mortality

This question always worries moms who choose for themselves a maternity hospital. Man's appearance in the world is a complex process. Often there are complications that doctors have to deal with in an emergency. However, the death of a child in Khabarovsk maternity hospital No. 1 is quite possible, especially if the pregnancy was not going well. Today there are many variants of obstetrics, in particular, an emergency cesarean section, which will help to save the life of crumbs. Thanks to the extensive experience of medical personnel and modern equipment, the probability of such incidents is minimized. The chief doctor proudly declares that all the babies who were born here were discharged home.

And what about the sensational case about the death of a child in Khabarovsk's maternity hospital # 1?Studying the materials, you can find an explanation that the event is treated not exactly accurately. The girl was discharged home, and died 16 days after that. Children under the age of one month remain attached to the maternity hospital in which they appeared, but they are monitored by the district pediatrician. In this case, the examination showed that the infection got into the body outside the maternity hospital. According to the crops, no detected bacteria were found in the walls of the maternity hospital. Of course, parents are easy to understand, and they want to find those responsible for the death of their crumbs. But you can not blame the maternity institution.

Repeatedly the question was raised, why they closed the hospital number 1 in Khabarovsk. In connection with the investigation of the death of the baby, he was closed for sanitation. In the framework of her conduct, necessary samples and washings were taken, sanitary records of employees were checked, after which the institution was again ready to meet mothers and newborns.

death of a child in the hospital 1 Khabarovsk


Here the kids are with their moms. The mothers are provided with qualified medical care, all conditions for a comfortable stay are provided. If the birth was difficult, then on the first day, the baby is taken care of by the medical staff so that the mother can rest and regain strength.

There are no more than four women in the wards of the postpartum department. Chambers are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay of mom and baby. On the floor there is a bathroom, shower-bidet, shower. Meals five times. Before discharge, a lecture on proper nutrition, personal hygiene, contraception. A young mother can ask any question about the health of a baby.

Prenatal Diagnostic Unit

The mother and fetus are examined with diagnostic equipment. If necessary, the abdominal and kidney organs are examined. Doctors work in close contact with other departments of the maternity home:

  • In the pathology department, the fetus is monitored.
  • In rodblok examine incoming women in labor, as well as monitor the condition of the fetus during childbirth.
  • In the postpartum - examine the uterus, carry out neurosonography.

Management spares no time and money to train its employees. Doctors constantly attend various seminars on the exchange of experience with colleagues, which allows you to maintain the qualifications at the highest level.

1 hospital doctors in Khabarovsk

Newborns department

It is designed for 44 beds and is located on the 1st and 2nd floor. From the first days of life, doctors at Khabarovsk maternity hospital No. 1 support breastfeeding, which is extremely important for the growth and development of crumbs. Vaccination of healthy children against hepatitis B as well as tuberculosis is carried out here. In children, the blood is examined for congenital diseases, screening for hearing impairments is carried out.24-hour monitoring of the condition of babies is provided by neonatologists. It is they who meet the child in this world, examine and apply to the breast of the mother.

Paid services

Often young mothers are so worried about the upcoming birth that they want to prepare the most comfortable conditions. Today, within the framework of obstetrics, it is possible to order a program on a paid basis, which includes staying in a separate delivery room. The husband is present at the request of both spouses. During childbirth, a group of doctors is called up, which individually leads the woman in childbirth from the moment of admission to the appearance of the baby.

After delivery, a separate ward "Mother and Child" is provided, where relatives are allowed to visit from 16:00 to 19:00.The cost of the program is 41,700 rubles. If planned cesarean is planned, the operation costs 56,700 rubles. Judging by the reviews, the patients are very pleased with this service. You do not have to worry and wait for the doctor to stop by. Here constantly on duty the gynecological team and the neonatologist.

maternity hospital 1 Khabarovsk address

Instead of conclusion

Impressions of visiting the maternity hospital are different for everyone. Someone writes that the next time he will go again here, describes the high qualifications of doctors and a benevolent attitude. Others, on the contrary, believe that they were treated poorly, and childbirth is remembered as torture. Of course, the human factor can not be ruled out, but most of the reviews still say that the service in the maternity hospital is qualitative, and the doctors are qualified. Here every day is filled with new events, the birth of kids, the first screams and joy of moms.