Clinic "Dental-Service", Novosibirsk: address, services and reviews

Today you will see a network of dental clinics called "Dental-Service"( Novosibirsk).How good is this organization? Is it worth treating for problems with the oral cavity? What services does the center provide? To understand all this will help numerous reviews about the organization. Do not be surprised if there are conflicting opinions - some people like specialists, some do not. Therefore, the negative is also not excluded. What should a citizen know who is applying to this dentistry?


"Dental-Service"( Novosibirsk - the city where the organization is located) is a private dental center. It is a network of similar organizations. All of them are in Novosibirsk. dental service novosibirsk

"Dental-Service" is a network where you can contact for help with problems with teeth and oral cavity. The organization specializes in family services. This means that there are doctors for adults, and for children. This factor pleases. But what services can you get here? What should citizens know before coming here?


The city in which Dental Service is located - Novosibirsk. This is a large regional center, there are enough private medical clinics here. Therefore, many people think about what each organization can offer. According to the range of services, some people stop their choice on one or another cynic.

"Dental-Service" is, as already mentioned, family dentistry. It provides a full range of services related to the treatment of teeth and diseases of the oral cavity. Among the most popular activities are the following proposals:

  • prosthetics;
  • dental treatment( including dairy);
  • bite correction;
  • Teaching oral hygiene;
  • counseling;
  • cleaning of the oral cavity;
  • treatment of diseases of gums and teeth( pulpitis, periodontitis and so on);
  • removal;
  • dental surgery;
  • covering of teeth with protective enamel;
  • sedation;
  • implantation;
  • tomography;
  • tooth reconstruction;
  • whitening.

Accordingly, both adults and children can get a complete list of dental care if necessary. The main advantage, as already mentioned, is family orientation: citizens can easily bring their children to Dental-Service, and cure their teeth themselves. clinic dental service novosibirsk


It is also worth knowing where to go for help. The point is that the organization being studied is a network of clinics. So, you can find several of its branches in the city. And to carry out treatment where it is convenient. This fact pleases many - you do not need to go to the other end of the city to get treatment!

The city, which hosts a network called "Dental-Service" - Novosibirsk. Pediatric dentistry( profile) is separate from adult branches. Most common clinics are common. They can be treated both adults and children.

Which addresses should the citizens of Novosibirsk address for treatment? There are several branches:

  • Blucher Street, Building 30 - Surgical Center and General Medical Center;
  • Revolution street, 10 - general profile;
  • Heroes Truda street, house 4 - multidisciplinary clinic;
  • Lenina, 17 - children's dentistry.

Where to contact exactly - the client decides. Where it is convenient, there is a service. Only it should be remembered that different specialists work in different clinics. Usually this factor does not repel visitors. dental service reviews


To get an appointment with a doctor, you must first contact one or another branch. The clinic "Dental-Service", Novosibirsk is a place in which, as many say, you can call without problems. And just contact the organization is also not difficult. For example, through the official e-mail.

Each branch usually has its own phone number. Each potential client can get through to the organization using a single number: 383 308 00 00. Further, the operator will have to inform you about which clinic you need to register.

Alternatively, you can use e-mail. Another way to communicate and write to the doctor at the reception - a form of feedback. It is on the official website of the organization. Numerous reviews indicate that it is not difficult to make an appointment with a doctor. And it pleases - to get on reception it is possible either in day of a call, or in the near future if there are no basic wishes concerning visit to the concrete expert. dental service for children

Doctors of

What else is famous for Dental-Service( Novosibirsk)?Doctors - this is another point, which is taken to pay serious attention. Often the work of the organization and its popularity depend directly on what employees serve the visitors.

Dental-Service employs mainly responsible and educated doctors. Specialists of the highest category, candidates of medical sciences, are all workers of dentistry, referred to in the article. There are very young specialists. But as they say many, they are real professionals, you can not be afraid.

In general, doctors in "Dental-Service" is a separate topic. Here often there are contradictions. Some happy with the doctors, someone says that in the dentistry are terrible and inexperienced specialists. Nevertheless, there are more positive opinions. No one is immune from unsuccessful treatment - this should be remembered. What is the most frequent focus of visitors when communicating with specialists?

Additional treatment of

The most common opinion that occurs among an unhappy audience is the appointment of unnecessary treatment. This point concerns both adults and children. Some patients indicate that specialists of the Dental-Service Center( Novosibirsk) prescribe a lot of unnecessary procedures. dental service dentistry

For example, there are complaints in which it is said that a person came to cut a bridle for a child for one price, and the doctor called another, inflated, because an additional expensive anesthesia would be required additionally. Further, the same child finds a lot of problem teeth and problems with the gums. So treatment instead of one sum goes to another, exceeding expectation. When referring to doctors not in "Dental-Service", there were no numerous problems with this child with teeth were not found.

There are no such acknowledgments of reality, but sometimes something similar can be found. In this case, the management of dentistry apologizes in response to these charges. Some advise: "Trust, but check".If there are suspicions that Dental-Service was prescribed excessive or incorrect treatment, it is recommended to be reinsured. Nobody is immune from medical errors. Fortunately, such a negative is a rare phenomenon.


An important moment for a private center is the situation. It plays an important role for many. After all, visitors should be comfortable in this or that institution. Then they will return to it again and again.

Fortunately, Dental-Service( Novosibirsk) reviews in this area are mostly positive. As in other private medical centers, everything is done for the comfort of visitors. The friendly light atmosphere, bright rooms, new furniture, neat, pleasant staff and new equipment - all this attracts. There is no impression that a person is in dentistry! Many point out that even children visit the medical center they study with pleasure and are not afraid to go here!


But the quality of service is not everything. It is about pre-medical communication with the organization. Some visitors indicate that "Dental-Service"( dentistry, Novosibirsk) is a place to which you can not call, where they serve slowly.

In fact, such statements are absolutely impossible to believe. In this dentistry, phone calls are tried to respond when there is time. Only with a dense stream of visitors can there be problems with communication.

dental clinic dental service in Novosibirsk

In other respects the quality of service and speed remain at a high level. Each client is answered to all questions, helps to choose a doctor, writes for a time, convenient for visiting a specialist. There are no surprises with the methods, if the doctor for some reason can not accept the patient( for example, is ill), then the employees try to call back and coordinate the reception as soon as possible - either to cancel it, or to postpone it, or offer service by another specialist.

No one is immune from the incidents

The clinic "Dental-Service"( Novosibirsk) is generally a good family dentistry. There are many positive opinions about her. But potential customers most often stop looking at negative reviews. What are some opinions about the clinic?

It has already been said that some indicate excessive treatment or collusion between doctors. These are only assumptions that have no confirmation. Some share their impressions of not the best service, while assuring that in general the organization being studied is not bad.

For example, "Dental-Service"( Novosibirsk) on Blucher 30 is the most frequent object of discussion. Some complain about the attendants and doctors. Some opinions point to not the most accurate work. For example, a hygienist did not carefully clean the oral cavity. But at the same time, the final result was like, the clinic was left with a positive opinion.

It should be remembered that such cases are normal. No one is immune from inaccurate treatment, although I would like to see that in a private clinic there were no such incidents. The main thing is that many are satisfied with the result of the treatment.

Price category

But with respect to prices the dental clinic "Dental-Service" in Novosibirsk does not receive the best reviews. Practically all patients indicate that this medical center works at prices above the average. Therefore, when addressing here, you need to be ready to spend.

Cutting a child's bridle costs 3,500 rubles, hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity - 2-3 thousand, a doctor's consultation( primary) - 400 rubles, a secondary - 200, caries treatment for an adult - from 1,300. In practice, the average patient checkis 3-4 thousand. dental service Novosibirsk doctors


Dental-Service, Novosibirsk( a children's or adult clinic is not so important) is a private medical center that serves the entire population on a fee basis. Is relatively expensive. A pleasant atmosphere makes you come back again and again.

Some visitors complain about poor service. In general, the majority of clients are satisfied with the final result of the treatment. Turning to the "Dental Service", you need to remember that no one is immune from the fact that he will get to the reception for not the most accurate, but precisely knowing doctor.