"Sotret": reviews about the product and instructions for use

"Sotret" is a medicinal product that effectively fights against acne. It reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands, reduces the appearance and inflammation of the gums. With severe form acne effectively helps in treatment. Many experts on skin diseases recommend "Sotret", reviews about it you can read in our article.

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Actions of the substance present in the "Comply"

Stereoisomer is an active substance that has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. By acting on acne, it restores proper cell differentiation. The higher the concentration of sebum, the stronger the acne. The components of the preparation "Sotret" effectively influence the reduction of acne and help to suppress bacterial flow colonization. Due to this action, the production of sebum decreases, its secretion is facilitated, the composition returns to normal, and the inflammation around the glands decreases. If it is applied externally and inward, it has antiseborrhoeic, immunomodulating effect, skin regeneration processes are also enhanced.

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Only competent specialists can appoint dermatologists "Sotret".The description of these pills should be asked from doctors who have already dealt with systemic retinoids. There are times when this remedy does not completely cure the problem of acne, but it helps to reduce the rash and remove most of the acne from the skin.

Instructions for Use

These tablets are prescribed for severe skin lesions with acne, when scars form, seriously damaging the tissues. They are also used for acne, which can not be treated with other medications.

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The main active substance present in this agent is isotretinoin. Soybean oil, beeswax and butylhydroxyanisole are additional ingredients found in this preparation. All this acts soothing to the skin and helps patients look much better. About tablets "Sotret" reviews are always positive.

One to two times a day with food is used inside. Usually appoint 0.5 mg / kg for 24 hours, and for rather severe forms 2 mg / kg per day. An acne rash is needed for 15 to 24 weeks.

In what cases is it contraindicated to

If the components of this drug cause hypersensitivity in the human body, liver problems, there is a large amount of vitamin A in the body, a lot of lipids in the blood or the patient is already taking tetracycline, then "Sotret" is not recommended.

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In pregnancy and lactation, as well as children under 12 years of age, tablets are not allowed. Diabetes mellitus, obesity, stress and alcoholism are forbidden factors for the use of the drug. Thus, the dosage and use of the medicine should be controlled by specialists, since an overdose is extremely dangerous for the health of people taking Sotret. The description of the drug confirms this.

Side effects of

If you take the correct pill, then there are no negative consequences. Of course, such unpleasant effects are possible:

  • headaches, joint and muscle pains;
  • bleeding from the nose;
  • nausea, colitis, or diarrhea;
  • increased pressure;
  • allergic reactions to light and conjunctivitis.

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Of course, such side effects can scare any person, but about the drug "Sotret" reviews mostly positive.

Interaction with other medications

If progesterone is used in conjunction with isotretinoin, its effect on acne will be weakened. You can not use this drug with vitamin A, because the toxic effect may increase, and when used with aminoglycoside antibiotics, the risk of developing intracranial hypertension is possible.

During therapy it is necessary to check the hepatic function 30 days after the start of the treatment, the second time - after 90 days. It is necessary in parallel to this method to use a moisturizing ointment, lip balm and body care to reduce the dryness of the mucosa and skin.

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You should carefully read the instructions, dosages and methods of taking Sotret. Instruction, reviews will help correctly apply it.

There is also an ointment that is applied to the affected skin several times a day. You need to smear it with a thin layer. The treatment term is 4-6 weeks.

Numerous reviews about "Sospirt"

Each drug has its pros and cons, but you can learn about them only after its application. This applies to the drug "Sotret".Reviews about the drug, we give below.

Many patients have written that it dries the skin drastically, causes itching and even a new wave of rashes. Of course, for each person this drug works in its own way. Some say that for a month the use of side effects was not found, that is, helped "Sotret" from acne. Feedback these patients leave positive.

Many acne patients get a valid result only at the end of treatment, but they constantly apply moisturizing cream to the body. The organism reacts differently to this treatment, so the reviews about the "Sotret" preparation may have different coloring.

Prices and sales locations for

Depending on the dosage, the price for this medicine varies from 1500 to 2000 rubles. People who have skin problems can spend a lot of money to get rid of them. If the disease has a neglected form, the treatment is carried out for at least four months. The result is an acne-free disappearance of acne and an improvement in the skin that the Sotret product will save. Reviews, at least, promise it.

However, there is a category of patients who are not satisfied with this drug. Strong dryness of the skin, the appearance in some cases of new rashes and problems with eyesight are bad for health. Some write that after using the drug, they did not see any improvement on the skin at all. And the use of moisturizers and creams do not like the representatives of the strong half of humanity.

In any case, such drugs are used only according to the prescription of the doctor and under his strict control. Even some norms of blood substances can change, kidney failure may develop. Sometimes these problems appear after using Sotret.

Consultation of an experienced dermatologist will help patients not only to get rid of this problem, but also to properly use one or the other drug that they need. In any pharmacy you can buy "Sotret" without much effort, but it is better to do this only after consulting a specialist. Do not self-medicate, even if the problem is only acne.