Nesterenko Maxim Leonidovich, plastic surgeon: photos and reviews

There is no woman who does not dream of being beautiful. It's great when you can make your appearance brighter and more expressive with the help of cosmetics. But sometimes nature creates us in such a way that only cardinal methods can correct the annoying defects of the face and body. Nesterenko Maxim Leonidovich - plastic surgeon who works in this direction and gives people beauty for about 10 years. At the consultation, from the first minutes he conquers patients with his sensitivity, correctness, attention and desire to help. To conduct each operation with the best possible result, he regularly raises his qualification, studies new, the most modern methods in plastic surgery. That's why grateful patients say with confidence that Nesterenko Maxim Leonidovich - a plastic surgeon in Moscow is the best. Negative feedback on the work done by him is almost impossible to find. Let's see what, how and at what price this wonderful doctor can change in your appearance, and also learn some details from his life. Nesterenko Maxim Leonidovich plastic surgeon

Nesterenko Maxim Leonidovich( plastic surgeon): biography

Curious fact - all the information available about this person concerns only his work activity. In his personal life Maxim Leonidovich does not let anyone. It is known only that he is one of the youngest surgeons in the country. Maxim Leonidovich was born in Moscow in 1982, he graduated from high school, entered the Medieval University named after the famous Pirogov for the specialty "Medical business", which in 2005 he graduated so successfully that he could immediately continue his studies in residency. Maxim Leonidovich is a very handsome young doctor with whom it is an honor to be photographed for the memory of all his happy patients. At work, he is extraordinarily attentive, collected, in each specific case, takes an optimal treatment option. In everyday life, Dr. Nesterenko is a cheerful young man who loves theater, music, meetings with friends and relatives.

Nesterenko Maxim Leonidovich( plastic surgeon): education

Scientific progress has never stood still, and in recent years it has been developing at a huge pace. Therefore, in order to perform operations using modern methods, it is important to constantly improve your professional level. Maxim Leonidovich Nesterenko is a plastic surgeon who, although he is one of the most popular in Moscow, regularly studies at courses on modern medical technologies, participates in congresses and symposia. The walls of his clinic are decorated with multiple certificates and diplomas. Nesterenko Maxim Leonidovich plastic surgeon operations The first copy in this rich collection is the Diploma of 27.06.2005, certifying that M. Nesterenko graduated from Moscow State Medical University and became a doctor. For two years, he was engaged in general and maxillofacial surgery, in parallel being trained in residency in the scientific research institute named after Sklifosovsky. In 2007, he graduated from residency and received a certificate to his diploma, as well as a certificate that he was awarded the specialty "surgeon".Maxim Leonidovich continued to intensively study in the future. So, in 2009 he finishes the second residency in the specialty "Maxillofacial Surgery".Since 2011, he begins to take part in conferences and congresses. One of the latest documents marking this activity is the Diploma of participation in the Russian-German Conference on Plastic Surgery, the Certificate of Participation in the 5th International Symposium on Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery, the Diploma of participation in the IV Congress on Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery. All these important documents show that Nesterenko Maxim Leonidovich is a plastic surgeon who can be entrusted with his health.

Location of the

clinic After graduating from the Russian State Medical University, Nesterenko ML began to work as a surgeon and devoted 10 years of his life to this. Since 2007, that is, already 8 years old, he is engaged mainly in plastic surgery. He worked at the "Lux Clinic" located on 6th Street New Gardens, but now his clinic changed the address and is located on Leo Tolstoy Street, building No. 16.You can visit the clinic any day of the week, except Sunday. To do this, you must first register with the registry. Opening hours are from 9:00 am and until 9:00 pm. Telephone for recording at the reception and consultations( 495) 649 98 86. In addition to all this, Maxim Leonidovich has his own site, as well as pages in social networks "VKontakte" and "Facebook", has his "Instagram" where you can see the photo of the results of workand ask the doctor any question. The answer to it will be required. Nesterenko Maxim Leonidovich plastic surgeon services

Initial inspection of

The consultation is free of charge in the clinic. Nesterenko Maxim Leonidovich is a plastic surgeon, whose reviews show that he is an excellent specialist. It's not a secret that mostly women come to the clinics of aesthetic medicine. Almost all of them note that at the consultation Dr. Nesterenko behaves very correctly, suggests what needs to be done to get the best result. Some patients, especially those who are very shy about their cosmetic defects, write that this wonderful doctor spends with them real sessions of psychotherapy, literally forcing them to believe in the success of the operation. After the examination, Maxim Leonidovich appoints the necessary examination. If it shows that the patient does not have dangerous health problems, the day of the operation is appointed.

Services provided by the clinic

Some of us do not even guess what features of their appearance people are dissatisfied with. Protruding ears, flabby skin, inexpressive lips, small breasts are just a small part of the cosmetic defects that Maxim Leonidovich Nesterenko, a plastic surgeon, daily struggles with. The services that are provided in his clinic are as follows:

- facelift;

- neck plastic;

- lifting of eyebrows, forehead, face( endoscopic);

- rhinoplasty( operations for correction of the nose);

- liposuction;

- abdominoplasty;

- correction of ears;

- blepharoplasty( eyelid correction);

- all kinds of mammoplasty;

- rejuvenation;

- treatment of acne;

- tattoo removal and others. Nesterenko Maxim Leonidovich plastic surgeon education

Features of mammoplasty in Nesterenko ML

Women, dissatisfied with the appearance of their breasts, quite a lot. Some have deprived the lush bust of nature, others have lost their beautiful form after pregnancy, and the third seems to be that their breasts are too big. In all these cases, Nesterenko Maxim Leonidovich can help. A plastic surgeon, whose operations always pass almost without complications, works with American implants of McGran-Natrelle brand. On them, manufacturers give an incredibly long warranty period - "for life".Therefore, patients may not worry that they will not have to remove old implants after a certain time and insert new ones. The operations take place quickly( no longer than 2 hours), easily, without even minor complications. Scars remain barely noticeable. Maxim Leonidovich performs mammoplasty in such a way that these manipulations are not an obstacle to breastfeeding, if in the future the former patients so wish. After the operation, free-of-charge check-ups are regularly conducted. Nesterenko Maxim Leonidovich plastic surgeon biography

Features of facial plastic surgery

This is the most common type of action that Nesterenko Maxim Leonidovich performs daily: a plastic surgeon, as they say, from God himself. Young girls often want to change the shape of the nose, lips, ears, and older women are asked to restore youth to their skin. Facelift Nesterenko ML conducts its patients using the method of endoscopy. This raises all the areas of the face, and the eyes are clear and open. In addition to rejuvenation, the clinic will help to cope with protruding ears, remove eyelids that are too hanging over the eyes, correct the shape of the eyebrows and face oval. All operations are performed only after the necessary tests have been performed. In occasion of anesthesia in each concrete case the doctor makes the individual decision, depending on complexity of spent manipulations. That is, it can be general anesthesia, which is most often used with rhinoplasty, or local anesthesia. The patient is in the clinic for 24 hours after the operation. But there are cases when this period is only a few hours or two or three days, which depends on the scale of the surgical intervention. In any case, scarred face practically does not remain.

Correction of too fluffy forms

Most of the fairer sex wants to be slim and have a precise figure. For this, some are exhausted by diets, others spend a lion's share of time in gyms, and some go to cosmetic clinics. Here, experienced doctors can perform liposuction of any complexity, increase not only the breasts, but also the buttocks, tighten the sagging stomach, and men in a matter of days increase mind-bending biceps. All these operations are also perfectly performed by Maksim Leonidovich Nesterenko, a plastic surgeon whose photos of work before and after the surgery are really impressive. A pleasant advantage of this procedure over other methods of figure correction is the fact that after liposuction, the removed fat is never restored. However, it should be noted that with malnutrition, undesirable changes in the body contours still occur. If the operation is carried out on one zone, it lasts only about half an hour and is performed under local anesthesia. Nesterenko Maxim Leonidovich plastic surgeon photo If there are several zones, they make general anesthesia. When a patient wishes not to reduce, but, on the contrary, enlarge any parts of his body, Maxim Leonidovich performs implantation. As in the case of mammoplasty, he uses only proven and high-quality implants of the American brand Natrelle. Therefore, complications, as a rule, do not happen.

Treatment of skin

For many years of its practice, not only surgical intervention, but also a lot of medical procedures was performed by Nesterenko Maxim Leonidovich, his plastic surgeon, who could not find bad reviews about his patients. He prescribes surgery to correct skin of the face and body only in cases where it is impossible to solve the problem differently. If conservative methods of treatment are possible, patients are offered bioavailability with the preparations Restylane Vital( Sweden), Surdiderm( France), after which the oval of the face, décolletage and neck again become smart and young. Patients over 50 years of age are offered rejuvenation with injections or laser procedures. In addition, the laser successfully treats acne, pigmentation, cleans scars and tattoos. After such effects, the tracks either do not remain at all, or they are barely noticeable.


In the clinic where Nesterenko ML works, the price list for the offered services is flexible enough, and besides, there are promotions and discounts. You can get acquainted with them by calling the registry or by visiting the clinic's website. The cheapest are injecting methods of exposure. For example, one shot of Botox costs from 400 rubles, and bioarmification - from 30,000 rubles. The most expensive surgeries performed by Dr. Nesterenko are mammoplasty. They cost from 130 000 rubles. But now, for some operations, such as breast augmentation with the help of implants, rhinoplasty and rhinoseptoplasty, there are actions. Nesterenko Maxim Leonidovich plastic surgeon negative reviews


For 8 years of its work in plastic surgery, dozens of girls and women helped to become dazzling beauties Maxim Leonidovich Nesterenko is a plastic surgeon whose negative feedback about his work is extremely rare and depends, as a rule, on the human factor.

The advantages noted by the patients in the work of Dr. Nesterenko:

is an excellent result after its operative intervention;

- attentiveness, sensitivity and correctness during the consultation;

- the opportunity to find out information about your problem and how to resolve it before visiting the clinic, namely, communicating with Maxim Leonidovich in social networks;

- absence of complications after Dr. Nesterenko's operations;

- short rehabilitation period.