Medical questions: what do you need to know about taking the test, and why take the blood from the ring finger?

For sure, every person at least once thought - why take the blood from the ring finger? And not from the middle or, for example, large. Well, this question is quite clear answer.

why take blood from a ring finger

Expert's opinion

Only the doctor can understand and understand everything clearer. And that's what the doctors say. Blood is the same everywhere, but it is customary to take it from an anonymous finger for analysis, because a puncture that involves damage to the integrity of the skin is fraught with infection. Of course, not always, but anything can happen. So, the inner shell of the little finger and the thumb have a specificity - they are directly connected to the one that belongs to the brush. And if the infection in them comes, then its spread to the whole hand is assured.

That's why they take blood from the ring finger. Its shell is isolated. And even if the infection gets there, it will be localized. And this makes it possible to quickly suppress it and avoid unpleasant consequences.

However, there is another answer to the question of why the blood is taken from an unnamed finger. It is believed that the blood vessels located in it, go directly to our main organ - the heart. Therefore, they try to take blood from it( although it is still permissible to use the index and average).And the reason is very clear. After all, cardiac activity is the basis of the whole blood circulation.

why take blood from the ring finger of the left

The practical approach of

This is not all the reasons why blood is taken from an unnamed finger. The second, no less important, lies in its minimal working capacity. But in fact, where is the ring finger used? When a person writes, he is not involved. When typing on a computer - also( except for journalists using all the fingers).In everyday situations, it is also not required: when you get money, cut bread, dial SMS on your phone, etc.

This means that the skin on the ring finger is the thinnest. And the puncture, respectively, is not so painful. And this finger moves less than the others, which contributes to the early healing of the wound and reduces the likelihood of infection.

Does the hand matter?

This is also an interesting question. Many are interested - and why take blood from the ring finger of the left hand? It's simple. Because most patients are right-handed. And, consequently, their right hand is constantly involved in the performance of a particular case. And so that after the procedure it was as convenient and painless to perform something, physicians use the finger of the left hand.

But! If a person is a left-handed person, everything is exactly the opposite. And he needs to warn the doctor about it - ask him to take the blood from the finger of his right hand. As already mentioned at the very beginning, our biological connective fluid is the same everywhere. So the approach to the procedure in this case is of a purely practical nature.

why the blood is taken from the ring finger

What should I consider when I pass the analysis?

So, why take the blood from the ring finger - clearly. Now it is worth mentioning the factors about which a person should warn a doctor before he takes analysis from him. And that's what the patient has to say:

  • is engaged in sports;
  • is susceptible to sharp physical stresses, which run counter to the usual sedentary lifestyle;
  • took medication for 2 weeks before blood donation( because even an ordinary analgesic or hypnotic can distort the results of a medical study);
  • whether he is a vegetarian;
  • has chronic diseases;
  • does he have carious teeth.

All these nuances will be taken into account when deciphering the analysis. Girls are even encouraged to clarify information about their monthly natural processes. Because the composition of the blood affects every process that takes place in the body - even the one that seems insignificant.

why they take blood for analysis from an anonymous finger

Interesting facts

So, what factors you need to warn the doctor and why they take blood for analysis from the ring finger - it's clear. Finally, it is worth paying attention to an interesting topic, namely - the features of the ring finger.

At the beginning of the article it was said that he is the most motionless. And this finger is usually used together with the rest - for grasping. Why? Because the fingers unite their common tendons. Anonymous can be used separately, except, in case of playing musical instruments. And with professional typing.

Also above it was said that the vessels from the ring finger lead directly to the heart. And the Egyptians and Romans, among other things, it was considered not so much a physiological feature, as a reason for a special purpose. In their own interpretation of this specificity, they began to wear engagement rings on nameless fingers. What is practiced to this day.

Finally, I would like to say that the fourth finger is not called "anonymous" in all languages. Most often it is called "ring" or "finger".In English, for example, it sounds like "ring finger".