Best cheap analogue of "Pentalgina".The Russian analogue of "Pentalgina"

The drugs most bought in all drugstores are painkillers. And people often choose them without consulting a doctor. Some medicines are more popular, others are bought less often. What does it depend on? Influences people, first of all, advertising, recommendations of acquaintances, own experience, and also the price. Many patients are used to "Pentalgin".Having tried the drug once, to relieve pain, only buy it. But in recent years, more and more often looking for a cheaper replacement for the usual drugs. Therefore, pharmacies are asked what kind of analog "Pentalgin" is. People are interested in a cheaper but equally effective medicine. Moreover, after the prohibition of codeine, Pentalgin was not so effective.

Generic and analog: what is this

To release the drug on sale, you need a patent for it. Its design, advertising, creation of original packaging - all this costs a lot. Therefore, branded drugs are quite expensive. But after 20 years, in most cases, the patent terminates, and other pharmaceutical companies can produce similar drugs. Such drugs are called analogues or generics. They are usually cheaper, but have the same active substance, so they have the same effect.

pentalgin generic So on the market appears several drugs with the same composition, but different in price. Some patients know this and try to buy cheaper analogs instead of original medicines. In most cases, they are just as effective, but sometimes the quality of the constituent components is lower. Many patients try to find an analogue of "Pentalgin."This drug so effectively removes any pain that some except it does not help.

From what "Pentalgin"

These tablets are used for pain of various origins:

- arthritis, osteochondrosis, myalgia and radiculitis;

- with headache, even caused by spasm of blood vessels;

- with toothache;Russian analogue of pentalgin

- the drug is effective in post-traumatic or postoperative syndrome;

- quickly removes renal colic, pain in cholecystitis, pancreatitis, or cholelithiasis;

- "Pentalgin" is used to alleviate symptoms in ARVI and influenza: it slightly reduces the temperature and removes pain.

Features of the composition and actions of

pentalgin analog

What can explain this effectiveness of the drug? Only its unique composition. It includes five active components, which is reflected in the name itself. Initially, the drug contained two drugs: codeine and phenobarbital. Because of them, the pain-relieving effect was stronger. From analgesics, it contained metamizole sodium. But now "Pentalgin" is produced with such a composition:

- paracetamol, which affects the pain centers and thermoregulation in the brain;

- naproxen - a strong non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substance;

- caffeine - dilates blood vessels of the heart and kidneys, eliminates drowsiness and fatigue, and increases the digestibility of analgesics;

- drotaverine - is a strong antispasmodic;

- Pheniramine maleate - has an antispasmodic, antihistamine and mild sedative effect.

Not all patients who are looking for an analogue of "Pentalgin" know that its composition has changed. Now the drug with metamizole sodium, phenobarbital and codeine can be purchased only on prescription, and even then not everywhere.

Than to replace "Pentalgin"

There are a lot of analgesics in pharmacies. But among them, "Pentalgin" stands out. Analogues are cheaper, but not all of them are equally effective. When choosing a medicine to replace "Pentalgin", you should always consult with your doctor and carefully read the instructions. Still it is necessary to know that other preparations, even with the same composition as "Pentalgin", will not necessarily be effective. Replacement - analogs and generics of this medication - can be such:

  • "Pentaflen" is a Russian preparation, but it is released on prescription, as it includes narcotic analgesics.
  • "Pentamalgin" - also contains phenobarbital and codeine and is not much cheaper than the original.
  • "Plivaggin" - is cheaper than the original, but its composition is slightly different: together with paracetamol it contains an analgesic propyfenazone.
  • The preparation "Sedal M" has a similar composition with the original "Pentalgin" and is not cheaper than it.
  • "Sedalgin plus" of Bulgarian production is slightly less effective, since it does not contain antispasmodics.

analogue of pentalgin in tablets

In addition, there are several drugs that can also replace "Pentalgin."Analogues are cheaper than it: Spazgan, Ibuprofen, Drotaverin, Paracetamol, Novigan, Solpadein and others. These medications relate more to synonyms for "Pentalgin", because they have a slightly different composition, but a similar effect.

Russian analogs of the drug

In recent years, the price of imported drugs has increased dramatically. And in these conditions, the question became urgent whether there is a Russian analogue of "Pentalgin."In our country, several drugs are manufactured, which include five active ingredients.

1. Pentamalgin is a complete analogue of Pentalgin with codeine and phenobarbital. Therefore, you can buy it only by prescription. And the price for this drug is not small - about 130 rubles.

2. A similar drug produced in Russia is Pentalfen. His composition and testimony are the same, but he can hardly be found in pharmacies.

3. Another Russian analogue of "Pentalgina" in tablets is "Santotitralgin".Costs it is inexpensive - about 40 rubles, but the content of its codeine and phenobarbital makes it inaccessible to many patients. pentalginum analogues replacement

4. But the most, perhaps, popular Russian substitute of "Pentalgina" is "Citramon".Its effect is slightly weaker, but it costs less - 30-40 rubles. Included in its composition, caffeine and aspirin not only relieve pain, but also reduce the temperature and increase efficiency.

The cheapest analogues of "Pentalgin"

1. "Andipal" in composition is close to "Pentalgin".It also contains an analgesic, antispasmodic and phenobarbital, which enhances their effect. Buy "Andipal" can be for 40-50 rubles.

2. Another analog of "Pentalgina" is cheap - it's "Spazgan".It consists of two spasmolytic and metamizole sodium. Therefore, it is very effective for spasms, colic and migraine. You can buy the drug for 40 rubles.

3. Very close in composition to "Pentalgin" drug - it's "Caffetin".It also contains paracetamol, caffeine and antispasmodic and is effective for spasms of vessels, colic and pain of a different origin. It is worth a little bit cheaper than "Pentalgina" - about 80 rubles. pentalgin analog cheap

4. Those who are looking for an analogue of "Pentalgin" are cheap, you should pay attention to such drugs as:

  • "Paracetamol" - about 20 rubles,
  • "Drotaverin" - about 50 rubles,
  • "Ibuprofen" - 30 rubles.

These drugs are not complex, they contain one active substance. But in most cases with pain of moderate intensity they help.

How to choose the analogue of

Of course, many of those who often suffer from pain, are looking for drugs cheaper. But when choosing analogues, you need to know that they can differ only in composition, but also in the amount of active substance. Even preparations containing the same components as Pentalgin may not be as effective. This depends on the degree of purification of active substances and their concentration. Therefore, the analogues of "Pentalgin" can be poorly digested, have more side effects, or do not have the desired effect at all. First of all, when choosing a medicine, you need to consult a doctor. Typically, a specialist can offer several options that differ in cost. from which pentalgin tablets It rarely happens that pain can only be removed by "Pentalgin".Usually cheaper analogs are just as effective. But always need to carefully study the instructions and the first time to take the medicine in a small dose. In addition, you need to know the cause of the pain and use specific drugs:

  • with migraine - "Migrenol",
  • with colic - "No-Shpu" or "Drotaverin",
  • when the temperature rises - "Aspirin" or "Paracetamol."

Reviews on the substitutes of the drug

Many people do not go to the doctors and choose the medicine from the usual headache. The most positive feedback about such products is

  • Citramon,
  • Ibuprofen,
  • Paracetamol,
  • Spazmalgon,
  • Novigan.

pentalgin analogues are cheaper They help with any pain of moderate intensity. But with kidney colic it is better to drink "No-Shpu" or "Tsiston", with migraines - "Migrenolus", with arthritis - "Naise", and with toothache - "Ketanov".These drugs are quite effective, but many patients note that "Pentalgin" helps them better.