Siallor: reviews, description and price

Runny nose is a common reaction of the body to a virus or bacterium. However, this condition is not very pleasant. It is for the correction of this symptom that manufacturers of various medications create the appropriate drugs. One of these is Sialor. Reviews about the drug will be presented to your attention in the article. Also you will learn about the description and the price category of this medicine.

Sialor reviews

What is Sialor?

Reviews of medical professionals report that this composition is a set for self-preparation. For this, the following components are placed in the medicine package: pipette, tablet, purified water in a tube. Also, an instruction manual is attached to each Sialor product.

The composition of the drug includes silver proteinate( proper protargol).Its in each is 200 milligrams. Also in the composition of the drug is polyvinyl pyrrolidone.


"Siallor" - a drop of unusual color. They are usually dark brown or even black in color. The packaging is blue and blue. Against this backdrop, a polar bear is depicted, which represents the Sialor medication.

Inside the package there is a vial with a dispenser. It is in it and should be stored solution. The drug is protected from the negative effects of sunlight with the help of dark glass.

Siallor user

Information of doctors about indications

In what situations is Sialor used? The medical reports say that the composition is antimicrobial and antiseptic. It is used in the following situations:

  • in inflammatory processes on the nasal mucosa, including during rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis and adenoiditis;
  • for preventive interventions in children and adults during epidemics and cold weather;
  • for hygienic cleaning procedures;
  • before and after surgical operations in the nasal passages and so on.

Doctors report that if you have evidence to use the drug, you need to seek help from an otorhinolaryngologist. Self-treatment with this and other compounds is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

Ask your doctor about the contraindications to

. What are negative reviews of Sialor? Consumers report that this medication, unfortunately, can not be used by everyone. Physicians talk about the following contraindications to therapy. The medicine is forbidden to apply if the patient has an increased sensitivity to one of the components of the drug.

Treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not recommended. Such correction can lead to the development of complications from the development of the child. After all, Sialor is a kind of natural antibiotic. Only in some situations a doctor can prescribe the described drug to a woman who is carrying a baby or feeding a baby with a breast.

Siallor price

Siallor: instructions for use

The preparation must be prepared before use. To do this, open the enclosed tablet and place it in a bottle of dark glass. Then unscrew the tip of the pipette with the liquid and add it there. Then screw in the dropper and mix the contents thoroughly. After five minutes, you can start using the medicine.

The drug "Sialor" is injected into each nasal passage three times a day. A single dose of the drug is from one to three drops, depending on the age of the patient. The course of treatment is selected individually, but the instruction for use does not recommend the use of the drug for more than one week.

Features of the use of the

composition. Medikov's comments tell us that Sialor for children, as for adult patients, is used only after preliminary cleansing of the nasal passages. To do this, you will need a preparation with sea water or a normal saline solution. Enter some amount of medicine in the nose, then clear the strokes. For young children who do not know how to blow themselves, doctors recommend using an aspirator.

When the nasal passages are cleared, you can inject the drug. This mechanism of action will help the drug to cover the inflamed parts of the mucous membranes as evenly as possible. As a result, the effect of treatment will be rapid. Experts remind that the prepared solution can not be stored for more than one month. Simultaneous use of a pipette by several persons is also not recommended. Otherwise, it can lead to the development of a second inflammation.

Remember that the drug can stain tissues.

Siallor for children

How much is the medicine

What is the price for Sialor? Pharmacists report that this medicine costs a little more than a simple "Protargol".However, the second medication is not always available. The cost of the medicine may differ depending on the region of your residence and the mark-up of the pharmacy network. It is recommended to learn about the cost category of the medicine directly at the points of its implementation.

The price of Siallor is 250 to 300 rubles. If you are lucky, you can go to the action and buy a product at a lower cost.

sialor from what age

Feedback on the composition of

Consumers report that the drug has a lot of advantages. One of its main advantages is that it can be prepared independently. As a result, you will always have a fresh "Protargol" on hand.

Often the parents of the sick children ask the doctors the question: "From what age can Sialour be applied?"Physicians say that plus the drug is also that it is allowed to apply even to young children. So, the remedy is prescribed already from the first days of the baby's life.

Reviews of parents who use "Sialor" infants, reported that the drug may be staining the feces of the baby. Do not be scared. This circumstance is not an excuse for cancellation of treatment. It all happens because part of the drug passes through the nasopharynx into the digestive tract.

Users positively note that the shelf life of unprepared medicines is quite large. You can buy a compound and always store it at home. If necessary, you just need to prepare the medicine according to the above instructions. It should be noted that the "Protargol" can not be stored for more than thirty days.

Sialor medication has an antimicrobial, antiseptic, antifungal effect on the nasal cavity. Also, the drug is active against certain microorganisms, which makes it possible to call it an antibiotic. The medicine dries the nasal passages and facilitates breathing. The action of the medication becomes noticeable from the first minutes after the administration. At the same time, Siallor is recognized as one of the safest drugs with minimal development of adverse reactions.

Siallor Drops

Instead of

conclusion Sialor medicine is an excellent substitute for Protargol. It can be purchased in almost every pharmacy network at an affordable price. It is worth recalling that an independent and excessive application of the composition can provoke an allergic reaction or overdry the nose mucous. In this case, the patient will need additional therapeutic measures. Get medical advice and consider their prescriptions before using a particular medicine. Good health to you!