"Avancept Active": instruction manual and description

"Avancept Active" application instruction describes as a preparation intended for the disinfection of products and premises.

The main purpose of

This product is very actively used for cleaning and disinfecting medical items and products. It can also be used in dentistry and surgery against fungal, viral and bacterial infections.

"Avancept Active" application instruction describes how a disinfectant used to clean and disinfect medical devices made of metals.

Advance Active instruction for use

With the help of this preparation, it is possible to disinfect various surfaces in any type of room."Avasept Active" application instruction recommends use for cleaning devices, medical equipment, furniture, utensils, patient care products, bed linen and medical waste such as tampons and dressings.

Also the product can be used in children's institutions for cleaning premises, furniture and toys."Avancept Active" instruction for use in dentistry recommends the use also for disinfection of small dental devices.

The drug is very well proven during general cleaning in the room, reducing the risk of spreading harmful microbes and bacteria.

Composition of the preparation

"Avasept Active" application instruction describes as a disinfectant medical product, which is a transparent liquid from green to bright blue and having a specific coniferous odor.

dez aveccept agent active instruction for use

The main active substance of the drug is polyhexamethyleneguanidine hydrochloride. This component is 6% liquid. Alkyl dimethylbenzylammonium is on the second place. It accounts for 4.5%.In addition, the composition of the drug includes dyes, perfume and purified water.


Des."Avancept Aktiv" means instructions for use as a preparation with disinfecting activity against the majority of bacterial species( including tuberculosis bacteria), viruses( including hepatitis and HIV), and fungi of the genus Trichophyton and Candida. In addition, the product has good cleaning properties.

Preparation of solutions

For the preparation of working solutions, use glass, plastic or enamelware without damage. The drug "Avancept Active"( instructions for use, described in this article) is recommended to be mixed with purified potable water at room temperature.

Advance Active instruction 24 09

One liter of the solution is taken from one to sixty milliliters of the preparation, which is diluted with water. The amount of disinfectant depends on the method of its use.

Purification of medical supplies

Disinfection of medical instruments should be done in enameled lids closed with a lid. Products consisting of several parts are disassembled and immersed in the prepared solution. After the objects have been treated, they should be washed with a large amount of running water to completely wash the remnants of the solution.

Application of the preparation for decontamination of various objects

"Avansept Active" application instruction 24.09 recommends the treatment of floors, walls, hard furniture, the surface of devices with rags soaked in solution. Or using the method of irrigation with the use of hydrodrive.

Advance Active instruction Description

It is recommended to use solutions from 0,05% to 0,2% for daily cleaning of premises by wiping. In this case, the agent should be left on the surfaces for a period of 90 to 15 minutes. The lower the concentration of the solution, the longer the time.

In order to get rid of mold, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse and dry the surfaces, then treat them with 5% solution. The drug is recommended to leave for two or three hours, after which the procedure is repeated.

Surfaces with traces of blood are recommended to be treated with rags, then rinse with water.

Advance Active instruction on the application of the Vita Pool

"Avancept Active" application instruction( "Vita Pul" - manufacturer) recommends cleaning items for patient care, completely immersing them in the prepared solution. After carrying out this procedure, they should be washed with drinking running water.

All utensils( both single-use and multiple-use) are immersed entirely in the prepared solution. It is recommended to use two liters of working liquid for one set of dishes.

After disinfection, reusable utensils should be washed with a large amount of running water with a brush. One-time dishes should be properly disposed of.


Only people who have reached adulthood can work with Avancept Aktiv. To participate in the preparation of solution and surface treatment is prohibited for persons who are highly sensitive to the components of the drug.

During operation, protective gloves for hands and eye protection must always be worn.

Advance Active instructions for use in dentistry

When using a working solution by irrigation, it is recommended to use a mask to protect the respiratory system. After carrying out such procedure, it is recommended to conduct a wet cleaning of the room and thoroughly ventilate it.

After disinfection of the laundry, it must be thoroughly washed and rinsed. Do this until the foam completely disappears.

After carrying out disinfecting works, all open body parts should be thoroughly washed with soap and work clothes washed.

How to give first aid

If the safety instructions are not observed, the solution may get on the mucous membranes or in the respiratory tract. In this case, it is necessary to immediately stop the disinfection work and remove the injured person to fresh air. If the respiratory tract is damaged, immediately rinse the nasopharynx and mouth with clean water and go to the hospital.

If the product has got into the digestive system, the instructions for use recommend drinking several glasses of purified water and taking several tablets of activated charcoal. Be sure to seek medical help.

If the working solution gets into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean running water. Follow this procedure for fifteen minutes. After this, it is recommended to drip them with sodium sulfacyl solution. In this case, do not delay the trip to the doctor.

Storage of the preparation

The disinfectant should be stored at a temperature of 0 to +35 degrees, away from food and medications. The substance should be kept as far away from children as possible.