"Hemorol"( candles from hemorrhoids): instructions, composition, reviews

One of the most common pathologies in recent years is recognized as hemorrhoids. It can appear for various reasons. The longer a disease is present, the more its symptoms become worse and worse. More often the ailment occurs in men. But the fairer sex is not immune from it.

Various technologies are used for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Running cases require surgical intervention. Light degrees of pathology are eliminated with the help of minimally invasive methods. Medications are also widely used. This includes suppositories, tablets and creams. One of the means for treating hemorrhoids is the drug "Hemorol"( candles).The instruction on its use will be presented to your attention in the article. Also you can get acquainted with the opinions about this medicine, which are formed by buyers and doctors.

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"Hemorol"( candles): composition and description of

As you already know, the medication is available as a soluble suppository for rectal administration. In one bundle there are 12 candles. The cost of such a package will be about 800 rubles. Also in the pack you will necessarily find an annotation, which should be studied before starting treatment.

Only natural ingredients are included in the medicament. In this regard, the drug is characterized by different opinions. The active substances of the candles are the following compounds:

  • horse chestnut extract;
  • belladonna;
  • chamomile;
  • firewood;
  • yarrow;
  • erect cobbler.

As part of the medication, you can find benzocaine, glycerol, as well as substances that give candles the necessary form.

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Purpose of the drug

Why do I need "Hemorol"( candles)?The drug is necessary for the treatment of hemorrhoidal nodes of different localization and severity. Also, suppositories are prescribed by doctors for constipation, anal fissures, burning and itching in the anus. Use of the described preparation is permissible for preventive purposes. Candles are injected after various studies( for example, rectoscopy), to prevent recurrences of acute hemorrhoids and so on.

"Hemorol" - candles act in accordance with their composition. Their influence on the human body is due to the work of plant substances and additional compounds. Benzocaine is an anesthetic. He relieves pain and discomfort. Glycerol liquefies fecal masses and facilitates the process of defecation, which is very important in the treatment of hemorrhoids. The drug "Hemorol"( candles) has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, antispasmodic and astringent action.

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Contraindications and limitations in the use of

The hemorrhoids "Hemorol" candles can not be used if there is an increased sensitivity to the components of the drug. The drug in its majority works at the expense of natural means, and many people have their intolerance. Contraindicated to carry out treatment with suppositories in the following cases:

  • renal failure;
  • diseases of the urethra;
  • thyroid disease;
  • glaucoma;
  • pathology of the cardiac system, high blood pressure, tachycardia;
  • oncology of different manifestations.

Doctors advise to observe special care when treating children, persons with Down syndrome. Consult with the doctor for neurological abnormalities, alcoholism, changes in the prostate gland and other diseases.

Future mothers and lactating women

The drug "Hemorol"( suppositories) does not recommend the use of instructions during lactation. All because the active ingredients are able to penetrate into breast milk and get to the baby. As a result, the baby may have an allergy.

During pregnancy, many women suffer from hemorrhoids. In this case, they are interested in whether this medicine can be used? After all, it is made only from herbal remedies and is therefore safe. In fact, doctors forbid to conduct therapy with this drug during pregnancy. All because the nature of the formation of hemorrhoids in these cases is different. The drug will not have a noticeable positive effect. In most expectant mothers, hemorrhoids pass on their own after delivery, when the uterus assumes its normal size and stops pressing on the intestines.

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"Hemorol" candles: method of application

Before the introduction of the medicine should be emptied the intestines and wash their hands thoroughly. Remove the suppository from the contour cell and insert into the anus. The dosage of the drug and the period of its use are determined individually. Much depends on the patient's condition and concomitant treatment.

The drug is recommended to enter 1 candle per day. But in especially difficult cases it is allowed to increase the daily rate by 2-3 times. Therapy continues until relief, but no more than 7-10 days. Extend this period can only the doctor in accordance with the patient's complaints.

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Adverse reactions

In most situations, the medication is well tolerated. However, there are also known side effects from its use. The drug may cause allergies, itching or redness. In these cases, you should immediately stop using it and contact your doctor.

If you cause side effects of the "Hemorol" suppository, the analogue is chosen only by a specialist. Replace drugs may be drugs such as Relief, Procto-Glivenol, Anestezol, and so on.

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Well-known reviews of

Consumers have different opinions about this drug. Many people have helped the candles get rid of hemorrhoids forever. Statistics indicate that this is the case at the earliest stages of the disease. Therefore, to get a good result, you need to consult a doctor with the first symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Other consumers about the drug "Hemorol"( candles) testify negative. They say that the natural composition is not able to rid forever of the problem. During the application, the product has an anesthetic effect. It alleviates the symptoms of the disease and normalizes the stool. But all this does not last long. Once you stop using suppositories - the effect of the treatment will evaporate, and the problem will return again.

Those and other patients pay attention to the high cost of the drug. After all, one packet will cost you an average of about 800 rubles. If you enter candles in the maximum dose of 2-3 pieces per day, then the package will last only 4-6 days. As a result, the consumer will be forced to purchase another pack of medicine, and in some cases, not one.

Most doctors are skeptical about the drug "Hemorol".All because of its composition. Physicians are accustomed to prescribe drugs with chemical active substances. They are more tested and effective. Therefore, the "Hemorol" suppositories are rarely recommended. Doctors say that the result of using this compound should be noticeable within a couple of days after the first administration. If a week has not become easier or suddenly worsened symptoms of pathology, then you need to see the doctor as soon as possible. Doctors do not advise to apply the suppositories "Hemolol" independently( without the appropriate appointment).After all, the selected therapy can be not only costly, but also incorrect. To obtain qualified appointments and conduct an examination, you should consult a proctologist or a vascular surgeon.

Features of the acquisition and storage of

You can purchase the described medicine in almost every pharmacy. To buy you do not need a prescription. Medication refers to OTC medicines. Store the product at room temperature not higher than 25 degrees. This is a convenient feature of suppositories, as many similar medicines require low temperatures.

Do not use the medicine after the expiration date. If you have opened a contour cell, then you need to store the candle in the refrigerator for no more than a day.

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In conclusion. ..

You learned about an effective drug for the treatment of hemorrhoids "Hemorol".The medicine is of vegetable origin and rarely causes negative reactions. Nevertheless, before using the tool, you must necessarily study the annotation. Even if the medicine was prescribed by a doctor with the indication of the right doses and duration of use, do not be too lazy to read the instructions. Thus, you can protect yourself from the unpleasant consequences of treatment. Suppositories "Hemorol" are well combined with other medicines of a similar direction. It is used with tablets, ointments or folk remedies. A speedy recovery for you!