What is Lazarus syndrome?

Few people know about Lazarus's syndrome. In the world of all, 38 cases of this phenomenon have been registered. Let us consider more specifically its significance for science and life. This phenomenon is extremely rare and information about it is also very small. The only thing you can definitely say is that it exists. But until recently, science could not explain it. All explanation is based on individual characteristics of a person.

What is it?

lazarus syndrome

This syndrome is also called the resurrection of Lazarus. That is, there is no possibility of resurrection as such, it's just that each individual has a different autorussuscitation and sometimes there is a violation of venous circulation. Such patients have no signs of life for 10 minutes. When starting the heart, an electric appliance is used which, within 60 seconds, triggers circulation of life support organs. However, in patients with Lazarus syndrome, this takes a lot longer, so they should be monitored longer. Since the start of the work of the heart can occur spontaneously at any minute. After the set time, death occurs.

Where does the name come from?

Why was Lazarus syndrome so called? Everything is very simple. This was the name of the person whom Jesus Christ restored to life. This event is mentioned in the Bible. From the scientific point of view, this is the restoration of spontaneous circulation after cardiopulmonary resuscitation. But it also happens without the involvement of resuscitation. For the first time talking about this term in 1982.And until this moment there have been cases when the death of a healthy person was recorded.

Scientific data

As it was said earlier, only 38 cases are known to science when a person came back to life. All situations are very individual. They occurred both in the hospital and outside it. All patients had different diseases, therefore, different reasons for life support interruption. Also, the time of cardiac arrest and the work of the whole organism varies, the time interval is from 6 to 75 minutes. Of course, if doctors did not know about the syndrome, people would be deemed dead.

Estimated Factors

the resurrection of Lazarus

How is Lazarus syndrome explained in medicine? Many scientists agree that the fault may be the incorrect operation of the human pulmonary system. What can be the reason for poor blood circulation in the venous system, which can affect the work of the heart rhythm? The work of the heart can be restored only after the obstacles to oxygen access to it have been removed.

What does autoresuscitation mean after cardiac arrest? At autoresuscitation, electrical activity without a pulse is possible, but it is extremely important not to be diligent with the ventilation of pulmonary resuscitation. Experts advise at any time to stop producing the resuscitation process in order to give time to the venous system and the heart to start the work independently. This takes no more than 30 seconds, if there is no resurrection of Lazarus, that is, the resumption of the heart, then continue to perform artificial resuscitation.

Reasons for

Lazarus syndrome in medicine

Many physicians seek to apply this theory to patients who do not suffer from pulmonary disease. In practice, the syndrome has an explanation:

1. Slow effect of drugs. During the restoration of spontaneous circulation after cardiac arrest, the patient is administered drugs capable of resuscitating the cardiopulmonary system. But each organism reacts differently to drugs, so it is possible to delay the flow of the necessary substances to the heart.

2. Hyperkalemia. A fairly common case, when the existing disease prevents the contraction of the myocardium.

3. Ischemia can lead to myocardial dysfunction, this condition persists for several hours, and then the normal work of the heart is restored.

4. Asystole. There is a fibrillation of the ventricles, then comes asystole. In most cases, this condition ends in a fatal outcome. And only in 15% of patients heart rhythm is restored.

Lazarus Syndrome - Consequences of

autoresuscitation after cardiac arrest

This fact has serious consequences from the medical side and also leads to legal consequences for the personnel. The doctors are subjected to a thorough check, the whole process of resuscitation is revealed. For example, how did the patient's cardiopulmonary resuscitation work? How long did the work on restoring spontaneous circulation continue? What drugs were used after cessation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation?

A medical team can be accused of negligence and failure to fulfill their obligations. There can also be accusations of incompetence, which may entail suspension from work, a claim by relatives to the medical staff for material compensation. A criminal case may be instituted against employees who performed work to restore cardiopulmonary resuscitation. They can be accused of manslaughter of the patient, if all the requirements for restoring life support are not met.

Of course, for the patient, too, there is a risk of severe disorders. Relatives can blame doctors for damaging a patient's health after delaying the restoration of spontaneous circulation after death. Medical workers should be extremely careful when writing to the patient's card all reanimation activities after the cardiopulmonary system has been stopped.

Physician's actions

phenomenon of lazarus

What is death? This is a process in which the major vital organs are damaged and lead to the arrest of the work of the heart and respiration. But these data are not entirely correct for detecting death in humans. Since today there is a concept of the phenomenon of Lazarus. Therefore, you should wait at least 10 minutes before confirming that a person has died. During this time the patient's family should know about his condition. The doctor should tell in detail what happened, what consequences may occur. What works are or will be carried out in the future. Relatives should know that their close person is under constant surveillance to record the time of death without making any mistakes. Since in addition to stopping the heart and lungs, the brain must stop working. Then we can unmistakably state the death of a person. The doctor is also obliged to express to the relatives of the deceased condolences and provide medical support, if necessary.

There are many cases in history where people were buried alive. Since the phenomenon of Lazarus was still unknown to anyone. Yes, and today many scientists refute it or question it, trying to find reasonable explanations for this fact. But still, most doctors agree that this phenomenon exists, and it must be reckoned with. The main thing is that there should not be obvious errors in the actions of the team of doctors. They must comply with all requirements for the return of vital functions.


after cessation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation

So, Lazarus syndrome is a delayed restoration of spontaneous circulation after cardiopulmonary resuscitation. A reversible consequence of resuscitation can be a dynamic hyperventilation of the pulmonary system of the body. After stopping the heart and lungs, the patient should be observed for at least 10 minutes. At the same time, it should be connected to monitors that measure pressure and ECG, then if the vital organs do not start circulation, death can be detected.