"Tonzipret": instructions for use, analogues and reviews

Throat preparations are designed to eliminate pain, perspiration and other unpleasant sensations in the pharynx. They greatly facilitate the patient's condition and are able to return a person to their usual life. One of these medicines is recognized as Tonzipret. Instructions for using this medication will be presented to your attention. Also, you will learn about the reviews that this drug has and its analogues.

tonsipret instruction

The form and composition of the medicine

About the drug "Tonzipret" the instruction says that it is a homeopathic remedy. The active ingredients of the drug are the American lakonos, the extract of a bacchus tree, capsicum. Depending on the form of production of the drug, the consumer can detect and additional connections.

If you buy drops for oral administration, then they contain 55% ethanol. In tablets, however, there is starch, magnesium stearate and lactose. The cost of the medication also depends on the form of the release. Drops can be purchased at a price of about 500 rubles. Tablets are sold in the range from 170 to 230 rubles.

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tonzipret instructions for use

Indications for use

What informs consumers about the drug "Tonzipret" instruction? In the annotation to any medication indicated indications. Homeopathic compounds were no exception. The drug "Tonzipret" is used for various painful sensations in the throat. Often this is complex therapy.

The medicine helps to cope with such pathologies as tonsillitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, ARVI and so on. It should be noted that the medicine is recognized as a symptomatic medicine. He can not cope with this or that disease independently.

Prohibition on the use of

What important information does the user tell us about Tonzipret? Despite the fact that many homeopathic compounds are recognized as safe, not capable of causing harm, the described agent has its contraindications.

The drug is not used in case of hypersensitivity to its components. Also, medication in tablets should not be taken to persons under 18 years of age and patients with lactose deficiency. In such situations it is worth giving preference to the liquid form of the medication. Often, future mothers and lactating women are interested in the possibility of using the drug. In this group of patients, no official testing was conducted. That's why such persons should consult with a specialist and learn about the possibility of using the drug.

"Tonzipret": instructions for use

Individual recommendations for use are always given by a doctor. If this did not happen, then you must take the composition according to the instructions.

tonsipret instruction for children

For adult patients, the medication is indicated by one tablet for slow resorption. In acute disease, the composition is prescribed every half hour. However, a day can take no more than 12 pastilles. If it is a chronic form of pathology, then take the medicine one tablet up to three times a day.

What else does the instruction say about the drug "Tonzipret"?Children under 18 years of age, this drug is prescribed exclusively in liquid form. Up to 5 years, the composition gives the child 5-10 drops. The acute course of the disease obliges to take the medicine up to 6 times a day, the chronic form - 2 times. After 6 and up to 11 years, the drug prescribed 10 drops to 8 times a day.

Children under 1 year of age are prescribed exclusively by a doctor. Instruction for use prohibits giving the drug to children under 12 months of age.

tonsipret drop instructions

Than to replace?

Currently, a lot of these drugs are being produced, helping to eliminate the pain in the throat. This group includes "Tonzilgon", "Strepsils", "Grammidine", "Lizobakt" and so on. Absolute tax, which would have an identical composition and the same dosage of active substances, no. Before making a replacement for a prescribed treatment, it is always worthwhile to consult a specialist and take his opinion into account.

Testimonials on the use of the homeopathic remedy

About the medicine "Tonzipret" the instruction for use says that it should be taken for several days, until complete recovery. However, experts say that absolutely all homeopathic compounds work after accumulation in the human body. This means that this medication should be taken for a long time( at least one month).Doctors consider this expedient only in the chronic course of the disease.

pills tonzipret instruction

Patients say that it has a rather unpleasant taste "Tonzipret"( drops).The instruction recommends holding the solution for a while in the mouth. It is worth noting that it is not easy for a child to do it. That's why the manufacturer allows for children to dilute the composition in a tablespoon of water. However, even after this, the medicine does not lose its unpleasant alcohol taste. Patients say that drops can be taken only to those people who do not need to get behind the wheel.

What about the Tonzipret tablets? The instruction recommends taking the medicine quite often. This is not always convenient. However, consumers report that this type of drug has a pleasant taste. The lozenges can be resorbed without some effort on oneself. The effect of the drug will intensify if, after applying for one hour, refrain from eating and drinking.

Despite the fact that the composition refers to homeopathy, do not take it yourself, and, of course, it is not worth giving it to children without an appointment. Consult your doctor and read the instructions for use carefully. Strong to you health!