To make a fluorography in Moscow for a fee, for free, urgently. Addresses of polyclinics and medical centers

It's no secret that every person needs confidence in the fortress of their own health. And doctors and patients are interested in the absence of consequences after the transferred diseases. In connection with this, diagnostic procedures have an obvious popularity, which help to detect and prevent illnesses in a timely manner.

to make a fluorography in Moscow

One of the most common diagnostic methods is fluorography. Where it is possible to make a roentgenography in Moscow?

Why use fluorography?

Thanks to the discovery of the German scientist Wilhelm Roentgen, it is possible to use radiography and fluorography studies, if necessary.

The term "fluorography" is well known to most citizens residing on the post-Soviet territory. In the Soviet era, the annual passage of fluorography was mandatory. In view of the relatively low radiation load, this procedure is used for annual mass screening for signs of tuberculosis, cancer and other diseases of the bronchi and lungs.

Features of the method

The method is technically simple, preventive. The cost of it( in private clinics) is much lower than the cost of X-rays.

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The method of fluorography diagnostics is the most accessible and familiar for the population of Russia from all existing methods of radiography. One of the reasons is its cheapness. In public clinics, fluorography is done for free, you only need to show your passport.

At the same time, this method is most inaccurate: in comparison with X-ray, the clarity of the image during fluorography is several times smaller, which is why many of the health problems with its use remain unclear. This should be taken into account by those who are interested in where you can make a fluorography in Moscow.

Types of fluorography study

Fluorography is one of the radiographic diagnostic methods, which consists in the process of photographing the shadows of the chest organs, reflected on a fluorescent screen.

There are two types of fluorography:

  1. Film, in which images from a radiographic device are imprinted on a film. In the light of the modern development of radiographic science, this survey method is obsolete.
  2. Digital, which provides for the transfer of images to the monitor. The principle of the fluorographic device is to provide a low radiation load: through the organ under investigation passes a thin ray and reconstructs the image with the help of software. But the cost of such equipment is high enough, therefore not all medical institutions can afford this technology.

fluorography in Moscow

The advent of digital technologies has made truly revolutionary changes in the development of fluorography. Today, the use of quality facilities with low doses of radiation provides a single dose of one study not exceeding 0.015 mSv( at a rate of 1 mSv).

This information will be of interest to those who are interested in where you can make a fluorography in Moscow? What is fluorography?

In addition to its main purpose - timely detection of signs of developing tuberculosis and oncological changes in the lungs, this method is used in the diagnosis:

  • of severe forms of bronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • pleurisy;
  • emphysema;
  • fibrosis;
  • sclerosis, etc.

Fluorography is prescribed in all cases when there is a suspicion of a serious disease.

fluorography price of moscow

About contraindications

Procedure is contraindicated:

  • for women during pregnancy;
  • to persons with severe shortness of breath;
  • persons in serious condition, making it difficult to conduct a study( there is no possibility of standing or sitting).

How to prepare for fluorography?

The passage of fluorography does not require any special preparation. The only thing is to avoid eating alcoholic drinks the day before. In addition, the procedure should take place on an empty stomach or confine yourself to a light breakfast.

How's the session going?

This is familiar to every adult person: the patient goes into the office of fluorography, where the doctor records his data. Then it should be undressed to the waist and be sure to take off the jewelry. Following the instructions of a specialist, the patient should face the screen and press the chest area tightly to it, placing the chin on a specially equipped stand.

Fluorography for free

At the command of the health worker at the time the picture is taken, you need to take a deep breath while holding your breath.

The image received on the monitor is printed out and given to the patient.

Can I refuse fluorography?

The law grants such a right. But the decision-maker who made such a decision must issue a refusal in writing. At the same time, the person takes full responsibility for his own health. The phthisiatrician in this case has the right not to sign an opinion on the passage of the medical commission.

Having a reasonable suspicion of active tuberculosis in the physician is the legal basis for referring the patient to compulsory treatment.

The actions of medical professionals - dentists, ophthalmologists, gynecologists and others, requiring the passage of fluorography as a condition for admission of the patient, are illegal.

The patient has the right to declare his refusal to undergo a study, writing about this in an outpatient card.

Fluorography for a fee( Moscow)

Fluorography is technically an uncomplicated diagnostic method. Nevertheless, it is rather difficult to find a specialist who would have qualified and concluded the report as accurately as possible.

Returning to the question of where fast and high-quality fluorography can be done in Moscow, it is worth noting that today it is realistic to apply to any clinic, medical center, hospital, medical unit or anti-tuberculosis dispensary. X-ray diagnostics of the population is also performed by mobile fluorographic installations. The advantages of budgetary medical institutions include free research.

There are 267 budget polyclinics in Moscow, about which patients willingly leave their positive feedback. In particular, these are institutions such as:

  • polyclinic No. 194( on Solntsevsky Prospekt, 8);
  • medical diagnostic center number 9( Komsomolsky Ave., 13A, metro station "Frunzenskaya");
  • polyclinic № 57( on Kutuzovsky Avenue, 14, metro station "Vystavochnaya");
  • polyclinic № 3( according to Grokholsky per., 31, metro station "Komsomolskaya");
  • polyclinic № 60( for Bolshoy Cheremushkinskaya, 6A);
  • polyclinic No. 2( Fruitova, 12, Nakhimovskiy Prospekt metro station), etc.

Unfortunately, municipal hospitals can be offered mostly obsolete methods, performed on insufficiently accurate equipment, and the results are thus not readily availablequickly, as we would like.


Those who are interested in the question of where urgent fluorography is done in Moscow, it is better to contact private clinics that have modern equipment. In such places the research will be carried out quickly and qualitatively, among other things, the patient will be spared from long queues. But the service is provided exclusively on a paid basis:

  1. "Medical center in Maryino"( Lublinskaya street, 104, "Maryino", "Lublino").Price: 800 rub.
  2. "Medlux"( Lilac Boulevard, 32A, station "Pervomaiskaya", "Schelkovskaya").Price: 1200 rub.
  3. "Capital on the Arbat"( address: Bolshoy Vlasyevsky lane, 9, Kropotkinskaya, Smolenskaya).The price: 1500 r.
  4. "Profmedoprom"( on the street Minusinskoy, 3, the stop "Babushkinskaya", "Sviblovo").Price: 1200 rub.
  5. "Medline-Service"( 62, Khoroshevskoe shosse, metro stop: Begovaya, Polezhaevskaya).The price: 850 r. Tel.: +7( 495) 236-96-48.

Advantages of digital technologies

In the centers of "Medline-Service" we use a digital technique, the efficiency of which is 15% higher than the film one. It allows you to reduce the amount of radiation and make the research results more accurate.

medical service

In clinics, if necessary, conduct fluorography to pregnant women. To avoid dangerous consequences for the fetus( mutations), the procedure is carried out mainly after reaching a period of 25 weeks. At earlier terms, a lead apron is used to protect the lower body. The devices of the last generations with the least radiation and a more sensitive film are used.

The use of digital fluorography, which differs significantly from film fluorography, allows:

  • to reduce the radiation factor;
  • to increase the accuracy of results;
  • to optimize the research process;
  • make it more economical.

To make diagnostics in the clinics "Medline-Service" is possible near any metro station. Prices in different places can vary slightly. For example, at: ul. Berzarina, 17, building.2, st.metro "Oktyabrskoe pole", the cost of fluorography - 585 r.

Quick and convenient

You can also do fluorography immediately in the following institutions:

  1. GMS Clinic( address: 2 Yamskaya street, 9, "Marina Grove" stop).The price: 3490 р.
  2. "Clinical Hospital on the Yauza"( Volochaevskaya 15, building 1, station "Ploshchad Ilyicha", "Rimskaya").Price: 1800 rub.
  3. "Family Doctor" № 1( Vorontsovskaya, 19A, building 1, station "Peasant Outpost", "Marxist", "Proletarskaya", "Taganskaya").The price: 1290 р.
  4. "Eurasian clinic on Novy Arbat( Novy Arbat str., 36, building 3, metro station Arbatskaya, Bagrationovskaya, Krasnopresnenskaya, Smolenskaya).The price: 3000 r.
  5. "Health Clinic on China Town"( Maroseika, 2/15, building 1, metro station "Kitay-Gorod", "Lubyanka", "Revolution Square").The price: 1300 r.
  6. "ON Clinic"( address: Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 30, building 2).The price can be dealt with on a multi-channel phone: + 7( 495) 223-22-22.

Results are usually issued the same or the next day. In the paid clinics listed, the study is conducted on all days of the week, without holidays, as well as on holidays.

For the convenience of patients

In the network of multidisciplinary medical centers "ON Clinic" has its own clinical diagnostic laboratory with international quality certificate. The results are ready at the earliest possible date and are recognized as valid in different countries of the world.

he clinics

The institutions provide a convenient system of discounts, as well as service on credit. Anonymity is guaranteed.

These clinics are very conveniently located near metro stations, they work without days off.

Patients are admitted to the address:

  • B. Molchanovka, 32, building.1, the stop of the metro station "Arbatskaya";
  • Trehgorny Val, 12, building.2, the stop of the m. "Ulitsa 1905 goda";
  • Vorontsovskaya, 9, building.6, Taganskaya metro station stop;
  • Vorontsovskaya, 8, building.5, the stop of the metro station "Taganskaya"( in the children's center);
  • Zubovsky Boulevard, 35, building.1, the stop of the m. "Park of Culture".

The use of modern equipment that meets international standards, convenient schedule, high qualification of personnel allow the network of paid clinics to meet any patient requests.

24 hours a day

Sometimes the work schedule of a person is painted literally by minutes, and in order to urgently undergo a study, there is not enough daytime.

Fluorography around the clock in Moscow is conducted by twenty-nine city health facilities( free of charge, at the place of residence) and many paid clinics. Among them - the above listed centers, which, judging by the reviews, are very popular.

To the list of the paid centers providing round-the-clock fluorography research on all days of the week, including on weekends and on holidays, you should add:

  1. Hospital Center "Family Doctor".("Bakuninskaya" metro station), tel.: +7( 495) 266-95-73.
  2. "MedCenterService"( metro stop: Kurskaya, Aviamotornaya, Taganskaya, Ulitsa 1905 goda).Tel.: +7( 495) 266-15-20.
  3. "Scandinavian Health Center"( metro station "Aviamotornaya"), tel.: +7( 495) 488-41-36.
  4. "Niarmedic"( metro stop: Timiryazevskaya, Akademicheskaya, Belyaevo, Turgenevskaya, Electrozavodskaya, Kitai-Gorod, Shchukinskaya, Nagatinskaya).
  5. "SM - Clinic"( rest of the room: Belorusskaya, Tekstilshchiki, Molodezhnaya, Novoslobodskaya, Alekseevskaya, Belorusskaya, VDNKh, Dynamo, Voykovskaya).Tel.: +7( 495) 488-41-29.
  6. "Doctor Ozone"( "Polezhaevskaya", "Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard").Tel: +7( 495) 488-41-33.
  7. "Center for Endosurgery and Lithotripsy"( metro stop: "Highway enthusiasts", "Partisan"), tel: +7( 495) 488-32-36).


This center offers exit services for companies. The ability to conduct a procedure in the office or on the territory of production, if necessary, to inspect a large number of employees is particularly relevant. You can order a study in any convenient day.

fluorography cabinet

The outgoing fluorography cabinet is equipped with modern technology, which provides a reduced dose of radiation and the most reliable results. The capacity of the office is up to 100 people a day. Prices for all procedures - 500 r. Printout of the picture can be done for 100 rubles.

Address: st.m. "Polezhaevskaya", "Begovaya", "Alma-Ata".Tel.: + 7( 495) 941-29-74, + 7( 963) 991-29-74, +7( 963) 991-20-34, +7( 495) 779-98-90.

Contacting a paid treatment center allows busy clients to undergo a procedure without changing their routine.

Fluorography: price( Moscow)

Total x-ray in Moscow can be performed in 137 medical institutions. The starting price of the study is 200 rubles. The average cost of fluorography in the capital is 1036 r.

In the capital, you can get such a service as a fee, and for free, and if necessary, then at night. Be healthy!