Drops in the nose from nasal congestion: list. Drops in the nose from nasal congestion during pregnancy and for children from 2 years: a list of inexpensive, reviews, photos

Runny nose of different origin is often accompanied by a strong nasal congestion. It arises because of swelling and inflammation of the mucous membrane. To solve the problem, a lot of medicines are being produced. Their composition can be very different, but the effect from the application will be almost the same.

This article will tell you about what are the drops from nasal congestion. The list will be presented to your attention. You can find out what is the difference between all the drugs. Also worth mentioning about which of the means is acceptable to use during pregnancy and for young children.

list of drops in the nose from nasal congestion

Nasal congestion

Before you know what nasal drops exist from the nasal congestion( list), one must say how this unpleasant symptom manifests itself. Edema of the nasal mucosa may be mild, moderate and severe. In the first case, a person feels a lack of air exclusively in a horizontal position. In this situation it is quite possible to do without special preparations.

With moderate to severe edema the patient can not breathe properly in an upright position. In this case, a severe degree is accompanied by a sore throat. Often a person feels discomfort even with mouth breathing. The use of drugs in this situation is necessary. However, the recommendation should be given by a specialist.

Causes of pathology

Depending on what became the reason for the manifestation of the symptom, the appropriate drops in the nose from the nasal congestion are chosen. The list, photos of medicines will be presented to you further.

The most common cause of edema and inflammation of the nasal mucosa is a viral disease. In this case, microbes enter the upper respiratory tract. Bacterial complication occurs less frequently. Also, the cause of nasal congestion can be an allergic reaction, otitis media, inflammation of adenoids, tonsillitis and so on. Cases of medical rhinitis are considered separately. In this case, the person develops an addiction to vasoconstrictor due to their improper or excessive use.

Drops in the nose from nasal congestion

When should I use drops in my nose from stuffiness?

The list of such drugs is quite large. Medications to facilitate breathing are used in the following cases:

  • when a person can not normally breathe through the nose in combination with severe sore throat;
  • before an important event, during which you need to be in good health;
  • during pregnancy, when a lack of oxygen threatens the fetus with hypoxia;
  • in children under 2 years of age as prevention of complications;
  • with otitis of different nature;
  • during sinusitis, sinusitis, adenoiditis and so on.

Note that each drug has its own restriction in the application. About it you will be told by the instruction on use or the expert.

List: nasal drops due to nasal congestion based on xylometazoline

This active substance is a vital drug. Drugs from nasal congestion are most often recommended for use on the basis of this component. To preparations with xylometazoline it is possible to carry the following means: "Tizin", "Rinonorm", "Rinostop", "Rinomaris", "Otrivin", "Xylen", "Nazolin", "Tonic" and many others. Medicines are available in the form of drops and sprays.

Medications based on xylometazoline are effective for several hours. They are practically not absorbed into the blood and are safe means. Medicines can be used for future mothers and young children. In this case, you need to select individual doses of drugs in accordance with the appointment of a doctor.

drops in the nose from nasal congestion

Oxytetazoline in the treatment of the common cold

What else are drops in the nose from the stuffiness of the nose? The list for children from 2 years includes the following medicines: Nazivin, Nazol, Sialorino, Vix, Nazo Spray, Sanorinchik and many others.

These medications are often used to treat the common cold. They can be prescribed during pregnancy. The use of compositions in pediatrics, as well as among the adult population, has also become widespread. Drugs relieve swelling, including in cases of ear diseases. This contributes to better penetration of other medicines and speedy recovery.

drops in nose from nasal congestion list for children from 2 years old

Drugs based on naphazoline

This active ingredient refers to high-speed agents. However, the duration of his work is low, in comparison with previous medicines. Often, drugs based on naphazoline cause an independent disease called medical rhinitis. When a person is dependent on these drugs. It is worth noting that it also happens to be of a psychological nature.

The medicines of this plan include Sanorin, Naftizin and others. Often they are used for seasonal allergies. Note that all medicines based on nafazolin are banned for use by children up to one year and future mothers.


This type of medication is based on the work of hormones. The composition of drugs include substances that not only relieve nasal congestion, but also eliminate inflammation. The use of these is recommended for adenoids, allergic reactions. They are also prescribed when the above drugs have no effect.

The following trade names can be classified as glucocorticoid compounds: "Nazonex", "Tafen", "Avamis", "Fluticasone", "Nasobek" and others. All these funds are also prescribed for medical rhinitis, when there is an addiction to other vasoconstrictive active substances.

drops in the nose from the stuffy nose list of photos

Pediatric use

If your child needs nasal drops from the nasal congestion, the "Nazivin" list will be one of the first drugs. The cost of this medication is low. On average, it is 120 rubles. Pay attention to the dosage of the active substance. Some formulations can be used already from the first days of life, others - only after a year or two.

Another drug often used in pediatrics is Vibrocil. His work is based on the active substance phenylephrine. The cost of this medication is about 250 rubles. A special feature of the drug is that it can be used for one week. Whereas the aforementioned means are acceptable only for 3-5 days.

drops in the nose from nasal congestion

What should future mothers do?

What other nasal drops are there in the nose? The list during pregnancy includes most drugs that are allowed to children. At the same dosage of the drug for a future mother should be minimal. Also, during pregnancy, glucocorticoids can be administered. Such a recommendation can only be given by a doctor for certain indications. Do not be afraid that drugs contain hormones. They will not affect the course of pregnancy in any way.

Described drugs are recommended for women bearing a child, with severe allergic rhinitis or during a cold. It is advisable not to abuse the dosage and dosage regimen. Independent use of such medicines is unacceptable.

Inexpensive medications

If you need nasal drops due to nasal congestion, a list of inexpensive medications will be provided by your doctor. Also you can consult on this issue with a pharmacist in the pharmacy. What are the most commonly available drops in the nose from nasal congestion? List of inexpensive:

  • "Naftizin" - 30 rubles.
  • "Nazolin" - 50 rubles.
  • "Galazolin" - 40 rubles.
  • "Sanorin" - 120 rubles.

Other drugs in the price reach the level of 130 rubles and above. Note that medicines that are produced in the form of a spray have even greater value. Also pay attention to the age limit. Most sprays for children are only allowed after 6 years.

drops in nose from nasal congestion list during pregnancy

Reviews about

preparations You already know which drops in the nose from the nasal congestion have a list. Customer feedback suggests that virtually all funds are in place immediately. Exceptions are only drugs based on hormones. The effect of their use comes only after 6-8 hours.

Consumers say that, in addition to vasoconstrictors, it is possible to remove stuffiness by other drugs. Especially they will suit children under the age of two and future mothers. These drugs do not cause addiction and psychological dependence. They include "Pinosol" and "Pinovit".Drops are created on the basis of oils, they soften, remove inflammation, eliminate edema and promote tissue regeneration. Saline solutions are also used. These are "Rinonorm", "Dolphin", "Aquamaris", "Akvalor" and so on. They draw out excess fluid from the tissues, eliminating swelling. Also, drugs have antiseptic effects.


You have learned which drops can be used in the nose from nasal congestion. The list( cheap preparations) is presented to your attention. Often described medications are combined with other medicines. Use them only if prescribed by the doctor. Easy breathing to you!