Compatibility of "Kagotsel" and alcohol: opinions of specialists, instructions for use

Often during treatment of a disease, patients are asked: Is it possible to drink alcohol? It is impossible to answer it unequivocally. Before giving advice, it is necessary to study the drug used. It is strictly forbidden to take antibiotics together with alcohol. Also, there are restrictions on some other medicines. The article will tell you about the compatibility of Kagocel and alcohol. You will learn what the instruction says and what information the specialists report.

whether it is possible to simultaneously use the drug kagoced and alcohol

Compatibility of "Kagocel" and alcohol: information from the annotation

The instruction for use indicates that the preparation "Kagocel" is an antiviral agent. It contains the same active ingredient in the amount of 12 mg. Among the additional components are calcium, stearate, starch, crospovidone and lactose. The instructions for use do not contain any information about the combination of this medication with alcoholic products. Because of this, consumers make the wrong conclusion: since there is no definitive prohibition, it is quite possible to take the medicine during the feast.

kagotse contraindications

Action on the human body

If you drink at the same time "Kagocel" and alcohol, the consequences can be the most unexpected. The medicine after application from the digestive tract spreads rapidly throughout the body. It accumulates in the blood, tissues, lungs, but the maximum concentration is noted in the liver. It is this body that filters out toxins. With the simultaneous use of the drug "Kagotsel" and alcoholic beverages, you can get a hepatotoxic effect. In this case, not only the liver, but also the brain will suffer. Especially dangerous is this combination of substances for people with various diseases of the liver and kidneys. Approximately 10 percent of the total volume of active substance is excreted through the ureters and kidneys. Alcohol also has a diuretic effect in any form.

kagocel and alcohol effects

Decrease in the effectiveness of the drug

The compatibility of "Kagocel" and alcohol, according to experts, is simply unacceptable. Any alcoholic drink has an effect on the intestines. Often after a tumultuous feast, patients complain of diarrhea. With a large volume of drunk, vomiting may begin. If at the same time to take Kagocel tablets, then the drug simply may not have the proper effect. As a result, you will not only get better, but you can also worsen your well-being.

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Probability of Adverse Reaction

The preparation "Kagocel" contraindications has the following: hypersensitivity, pregnancy and child age. But a disease like alcoholism is not a ban on the use of tablets. The described medication, like any other remedy, can cause side reactions. Among them there is an allergy, headache, inhibition, insomnia, nervousness and so on. If you take alcohol during treatment, the likelihood of developing unpleasant reactions will increase several times.

Opinions of consumers and doctors

Many patients pay attention to the fact that it does not prohibit the taking of both alcohol and Kagocel's medication at the same time. The price of such use, despite the absence of a warning, can be different. However, in most cases, no consequences occurred. Doctors do not have data on cases of unsuccessful simultaneous reception of alcoholic beverages and these tablets. As for the cost of the facility, the patients respond positively to it. One package costs an average of 250 rubles. Many similar medications are much more expensive.

Specialists remind that the drug "Kagocel" is an inducer of interferon. This means that it increases immunity. With the simultaneous use of alcohol, a chemical reaction occurs, which may turn out to be unexpected. Also, doctors say that the active substance of the drug remains in the patient's body for up to one week. All this time, doctors are strongly advised to refrain from drinking alcohol. If you plan an emergency feast, then take care of the cessation of treatment in advance. At the same time be prepared for the fact that a viral infection is fraught with complications, which often require the use of antibiotics.

compatibility kagocel and alcohol

Let's Summarize. ..

From the information presented above, you learned about the drug "Kagotsel".The instruction, the price and the possibility of using tablets with alcohol are presented to your attention. Remember that the body of each person can react in a completely different way to such a combination. So do not rely on reviews. Consult your doctor and follow the application procedure described in the instructions. Do not rely on possible luck and do not think that the compatibility of Kagotsel and alcohol will pass for you without a trace. Good luck!