Antiparasitic drugs of a wide range of action for a person: reviews and recommendations

A person can get infected by parasites in different ways. Blame often becomes such ordinary things as tap water, unwashed fruit, poorly fried fish and meat. In the risk zone are also children who have close contact with their peers in the garden, school, camp. These are not the only ways to pick up helminths, and often it is inevitable. The question is, what antiparasitic preparations of a wide spectrum of action can be periodically applied, what do people who have experience in deducing helminths from the body say, and what recommendations are given by specialists.

How to understand that it's time to pass the antiparasitic course of

There is no need to describe the variety of parasites that can be found in our body shelter. But it's worth knowing that they do not just settle in the intestines. Some species live in the human lungs and in its muscular system, and they are the most dangerous, cause serious organ damage. At the same time, intestinal parasites are more common. Determine that the body is poisoned by them, you can by such signs:

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  • Abdominal pain, stool, nausea, dysbiosis.
  • Persistent exacerbations of chronic diseases.
  • Low immunity and, as a result, frequent colds.
  • Intoxication.
  • Lack of vitamins in the body.
  • Allergic reactions are possible.

protivoparazitarnye a wide spectrum of action for the person

Features that should be considered in the treatment of helminthiosis

People have long known the problem of helminthiosis, and earlier only herbal antiparasitic drugs of a wide spectrum of action were used for its elimination. Today, medicine has stepped forward, and synthetic drugs have been invented to remove parasites.

Each of these methods has its own treatment characteristics, but in any case, it is worth taking into account such nuances:

  1. Because parasites strongly depress the patient's immune system, chronic illnesses become aggravated during this period. But some antiparasitic preparations contain toxic substances that the weakened organism is unable to withstand, and double damage is done to the health.
  2. For treatment it is desirable to use not just the best antiparasitic drug, but several types of remedies, and the whole process of excretion of helminths should take place in several stages, which takes more than one day. These measures are important, because in the body can be not only adults, but also larvae and eggs.
  3. The property of parasites to adapt to drugs has been revealed, so the course should be completed without interruption. Some species, if attacked, begin to produce an enzyme that causes a severe allergy in the infected person.
  4. All antiparasitic drugs for humans only kill helminths, but do not remove their remains from the body. Considering this, the course of treatment should include enterosorbents and antitoxic agents to get rid of dead parasites and eliminate the toxic emissions caused by their decomposition.

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The procedure for the treatment of helminthiosis

Of course, everyone understands that for effective treatment you need to know your diagnosis, which is determined by the doctor. It is he who must prescribe the basic drugs.

But the treatment should in any case include the following steps:

  1. Preparing for the removal of parasites. For this, often used linseed or pumpkin oil. Also it can be sorbents, which bind toxins, which appeared as a result of vital activity of helminths.
  2. Drugs are taken that have a direct effect on the worms. In this case, the drug is selected taking into account the age of the patient and the type of parasites. It is better if they are antiparasitic drugs of a broad spectrum of action for humans, but it is worth considering that they can cause many side effects.
  3. The next thing to do is to normalize the digestive tract and the liver. It is also important to drink a vitamin complex to maintain immunity.
  4. After three or four weeks of treatment to conduct anew. This will help to destroy the parasites that hatched from eggs after or during antiparasitic purification. If you live in dogs or cats, they also need an antiparasitic course.

antiparasitic drugs for humans

Two types of preparations against parasites

As already mentioned, in medicine two groups of antiparasitic agents are used - plant and synthetic. The first category includes not only garlic, pumpkin seeds, etc. Pharmacists offer preparations on a plant basis. They are more effective, quickly expel pests and do not cause great damage to the liver and other organs.

Synthetic drugs have a disastrous effect on "outsiders", destroying their cellular structure, or paralyzing their activities. But most of these medicines are aimed only at specific worms, while more often for treatment it is required to use antiparasitic drugs of a wide spectrum of action. For a person such are those medicines that are made on the basis of plants. They effectively excrete any worms due to the high concentration of poisons. They act gently and do not so often cause an allergy in the patient. What exactly are antiparasitic drugs for people, and in what cases are they taken?

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Choice of medicinal product

For a long time already in medicine with helminthiasis such preparations as "Praziquantel" and "Piperazine" are used. Also often doctors prescribe to their patients "Decaris" and "Vermox".With giardiasis and helminthiasis, Nemozol has recently begun to be used. More and more often, many people opt for "Metovite" and "Artromax".This is a broad-spectrum antiparasitic drugs for humans that not only cleanse the body of worms, but also set up the liver, and maintain immunity. In addition to direct treatment, these drugs can be used for prevention.

What other antihelminthic agents are there?

antiparasitic preparations reviews

"Riol" - herbal preparation

Recently, the antiparasitic drug "Riol", which is suitable not only for adults, but also for babies from birth, is popular. It does not cause side effects, its reception can be long. It is also allowed to use it as a preventive agent."Riol" is considered a drug of a wide spectrum of action and additionally strengthens immunity. All its components are exclusively plant.

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Other commonly used medicines

There are various broad-spectrum antiparasitic drugs for humans that are often used in mixed helminthiasis. These tools include:

  • "Kombantinrin"( "Helminthox") - this drug is effective in trichocephalosis, enterobiasis, non-carrosis and ankylostomiasis.
  • "Medamin"( "Karbendazim") is used in the fight against ascariasis, enterobiasis, nekarotoz, trichocephaliasis, ankylostomiasis.
  • "Mebex"( "Vermox", "Vormin") is prescribed for trichocephaliasis, ascariasis, teniosis, echinococcosis, enterobosis, mixed helminthiasis, trichinosis and some other diagnoses.
  • "Cestocide"( "Nichlosamide", "Devermin") is used for infection with bovine and dwarf chain, broad ribbon, hymenolepiasis, diphyllobothriasis. Tablets are taken only after the diagnosis, because with different parasites reception schemes are different.

What antiparasitic drugs are for children

If you are going to conduct antiparasitic cleansing to a child, it is important to approach the choice of a drug responsibly. It is important to remember that antiparasitic drugs for children should have a gentle effect and at the same time have a minimal risk of an allergic reaction. In this category doctors include such medications:

  • "Decaris" - affects most parasites. Beneficial effect on immunity. This drug is drunk only once.
  • "Pirantel" - has a pleasant taste and usually does not have a bad effect on the condition of the child.
  • "Vermox" - also has a mild effect and after a while completely exits the body. You only need to accept it once. Has a harmful effect on most helminths.
  • "Riol" - a drug that is well tolerated by babies. If necessary, take it for a long period.

antiparasitic drugs for children

What people say

If helminths become infected with an adult, he has the right to decide which methods to be treated, but if it concerns a child, a doctor's consultation is mandatory, it is forbidden to prescribe antiparasitic drugs on his own. Parents' reviews show that even some folk methods are unsuitable for treating a fragile organism. In addition, already adult patients need to be careful with drugs that contain albendazole. Although this component is a powerful tool, it has many side effects, so it is better to consult with a doctor.