The drug "Osteomed": reviews, instructions for use

Bone tissue is the most durable and strong biomaterial of the human body. As a framework for the whole organism, our skeleton performs primary functions - it gives support, allows movement and protects internal organs from external influences. That is why maintaining the health of bones and joints can be called one of the main tasks that are preventive in nature.

What is the difference between "Osteomed" and other drugs with calcium?

It is believed that fractures most often occur in individuals whose body suffers from calcium deficiency. Often with fractures and damage to bones, this microelement is prescribed to patients. However, its use in its pure form is capable of producing serious side effects, especially in people of the older age group. With prolonged use of calcium in patients often have symptoms of urolithiasis, as well as blockage of blood vessels, the consequence of which can be a heart attack or stroke. osteomedes reviews

Compared with calcium, this danger does not carry the biologically active supplement "Osteomed".Feedback from patients who have been taking it for a long time, make you pay attention to this drug. Everyone who drank "Osteomed" was satisfied with the result. But what about the BAA doctors think? Is this supplement safe, as they say, and how appropriate is its use?

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Properties of dietary supplements: indications for use

First of all, it should be noted that osteoporosis is the main indication for the application of "Osteomed" according to the instructions. The responses left by professional orthopedic traumatologists convince: this dietary supplement is really prescribed for the prevention and treatment of bone disease. Doctors emphasize that the drug has been clinically tested, and since its effectiveness has been proven, there is nothing to prohibit it from being prescribed as an additional remedy for the treatment of osteoporosis. osteomed instruction reviews According to experts, the supplement to food "Osteomed" has a number of advantages:

  • helps to establish the balance of microelements entering the body;
  • does not have toxic effects;
  • accelerates the process of filling voids in the bones without provoking the development of hypercalcemia.

When do you still drink "Osteomed"?

By the way, the drug has long been used in dental practice. Doctors in the reviews of "Osteomed" indicate its universal application in prosthetics of teeth. The problem of loose jaw tissue due to insufficient density of bone material is very common in the elderly, and it is impossible to establish a pin in this case. In order to "build up" the bone, patients are prescribed "Osteomed Forte".Reviews of dentists about it are positive, but it should also be taken into account that in some cases, BAA caused an allergic reaction in patients. ostomed instructions for use review

In medical practice, the drug is prescribed also for rheumatism and other joint diseases, bruises. To strengthen nails and teeth, improve the condition of hair, "Osteomed" is recommended for women after pregnancy and a long lactation period. The weakened body of a young mother is extremely important as soon as possible to replenish the missing supplies of calcium, to stabilize the hormonal background.

Are there any side effects?

At the same time during pregnancy and breast-feeding, you can not drink dietary supplements. It is undesirable to experiment with the use of at least one of the components in the composition with individual intolerance. In their responses about "Osteomed" some patients specified that they noticed the appearance of a rash, short nausea and general weakness. Symptoms occurred immediately after refusing to take the drug, without additional therapeutic intervention. The additive to the food from joints and bones diseases is available in the form:

  • capsules;
  • tablets;
  • powder.

Composition of food additive: bone hormones

The composition of dietary supplements includes a complex of B vitamins, calcium citrate. Contained in the "Osteomed" and a unique component - a drone brood. Rich in proteins, fats and carbohydrates, this bee biomaterial is a real treasure trove of substances useful to humans, including vital hormones( testosterone, prolactin, progesterone, estradiol).It would seem, what connection between these substances and the fragility of bones? But in fact, hormones play an important role in maintaining tissue density. By the way, ladies suffer from osteoporosis more often than men, because the level of testosterone, which is responsible for the filling of bones with a mineral substance, is about 25 times lower than that of the stronger sex. osteomed forte reviews

Scientists have long been able to prove that the decrease in bone density and the appearance of osteoporosis is due to a lack of calcium and vitamin D in the body, but for a long time, the use of drugs with the content of these substances did not bring results. Without raising the level of testosterone in the patient's body, there were no tangible shifts, as evidenced by some of the doctors' testimonials. About the drug "Osteomed" the world learned not so long ago, but even a short practice of its application allowed specialists to conclude that effective therapy and prevention of osteoporosis will only be with a versatile approach aimed at both replenishing calcium stores in the body and raising the leveltestosterone.

Medicinal feature of "Osteomed"

The trout brood is perfectly combined with calcium citrate. The tandem of these two trace elements is effective with reduced absorption of calcium, so it is advisable to drink a course of "Osteomed" and with such violations as:

  • bleeding and poor blood coagulation;
  • Hypoparathyroidism;
  • dehydration of the body;
  • increased vascular wall permeability;
  • a tendency to kidney stone formation.

Dosage and administration: only by instructions!

Due to the content of the drone brood in the preparation, many doctors consider it unique, leaving only positive reviews. The instructions to "Osteomed" describe in detail how to take it. drug osteomedes reviews It should be noted that the reception scheme for the treatment of osteoporosis and its prevention is slightly different:

  • In the presence of disorders and brittleness of bones, the manufacturer recommends drinking the drug three times a day for 2 tablets( capsules) or 1 packet of powder. The course of treatment is at least three months. Doctors often advise patients to go through it three times, with 30-day breaks.
  • For prevention of osteoporosis, strengthening of nails, hair and teeth, BAA is drunk for a month in the same dosage - 2 tablets 3 times a day during meals.

"Osteomed": combination with other

preparations The manufacturer also indicates the likelihood of side effects when taking a bioactive additive in parallel with other calcium-containing drugs. You can avoid them by making at least a week break between the courses. Also it is impossible to combine the additive with alcoholic beverages. But with violations of the endocrine system and diseases of the thyroid gland "Osteomed" it is better to drink simultaneously with iodine-containing drugs. osteomedes reviews of doctors

Unlike most bioactive additives, which doctors do not always give positive feedback, "Osteomed" is not forbidden to use for persons with renal or hepatic insufficiency. It is permitted to use the drug in pediatrics, since this drug does not provoke the development of calcification in childhood. In addition, "Osteomed" in principle has no analogues. The presence in its composition of the drone brood, the safety of blood vessels and the urinary system allow us to consider BAA as one of its kind. In simple words, "Osteomed" is postponed only in problem areas of bone tissue without damage to internal organs.

What are the changes in the body?

As already mentioned, in addition to an allergic reaction with an individual predisposition, the drug does not produce side effects. The fact that BAA really helps, patients make conclusions on the following changes in the body:

  • stops aching and drawing pains in joints, fracture sites, bruises;
  • fusion of broken bone occurs much faster;
  • due to the restoration of the hormonal balance, an emotional background is established, mood swings disappear;
  • stabilizes overall well-being by taking a complex of vitamins and microelements contained in the supplement.

How much is and where to buy?

Meanwhile, negative feedback about the drug "Osteomed" may well have a right to exist. The fact is that when ordering a facility on the Internet some patients "were lucky" to face forgery. From the acquisition of a dummy, the reception of which is not capable of bringing any changes, doctors warn. Buy the drug only in pharmacies or on the official websites of the manufacturer. osteomedes reviews of doctors about the drug

To date, "Osteomed" is recognized as a biologically active additive, but, apparently, the manufacturer intends to obtain official recognition of the medicinal properties of the drug. For several years, researchers have conducted experiments, put clinical experiments, which culminate in the filling of voids in the bone and accelerated intergrowth of fractures.

On the "Osteomed" in the reviews can be found a lot of useful information. For example, patients are discussing the cost of this drug. A pleasant impression of the description of the drug will not be spoiled by its affordable price. To date, the cost of dietary supplements varies around 350 rubles. From the reviews about "Osteomed Forte", which differs from the usual "Osteomed" only by the presence of vitamin D, it is also known that the drug is dispensed over-the-counter as it belongs to the category of food additives. The drug is unpretentious, standard storage conditions are suitable: not higher than 25 degrees at room temperature without access to sunlight. It is desirable that the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis with the help of dietary supplements preceded by a specialist consultation.