The vessel burst on his leg. Than to treat?

A large number of women are faced with such problems as bursting vessels on their feet. This is almost half of the world's female population. Men are concerned about this rarely enough. So, the vessel burst on his leg. What if this trouble did not pass by?

The main signs of the burst vessels

The vessels can burst anywhere on the leg. This can occur both on the lower leg and on the thigh. How to distinguish this problem from others? There are some characteristics that determine the exact diagnosis.

  • On the leg appears a reticulum, consisting of small vessels, which signals the bursting of capillaries. They are the smallest veins that are located close to the skin. In case of damage, they are always visible. This mesh can look like a branching tree or an asterisk. The color may be reddish or bluish. It depends on which capillaries have burst. This damage does not cause discomfort, but this does not mean that you can not pay attention to it. And the appearance of the legs is not at all aesthetic.

his jar on his leg broke

  • In the case when a medium-sized jar has burst on its leg, a hematoma is formed, which can reach large sizes. This bruise begins to ache, and the pain is aching.
  • When a large artery is injured, a life-threatening situation can occur, because internal hemorrhage takes place. When this happens, a bruise quickly forms on the foot, gradually increasing in size. At the same time, there is a strong weakness, dizzy, dizzy. You need to call the doctor immediately. To stop the hemorrhage, you must apply a tourniquet above the bruise, then lie down and do not load the leg.

How to treat and strengthen the vessels

The vessel on the leg bursts - what should I do? If the above symptoms are found, then you can not leave the situation without attention. After all, not all women try to fight this disease, despite the perceived discomfort. What measures need to be taken? the vessel on the leg burst

Treatment with medications

Obviously, with the rupture of the artery, immediate medical attention is needed. If you do not treat the vessels and do not strengthen them, then the problem will make itself felt more and more often. A good doctor will be able to identify the causes of abnormalities associated with the functioning of the circulatory system, and prescribe the right treatment. A specialist who deals with this problem is called a phlebologist. It is recommended that you also visit an endocrinologist and gynecologist, since often burst blood vessels are observed due to hormonal failures.

In the case when the vessel bursts on the leg, several methods of treatment with the help of medications are used. The most common are injections of a gluing solution. He helps the broken wreaths to recover. Recently, new methods of light and laser therapy have become popular. The laser has an effect on hemoglobin. It accumulates energy, which then passes into the damaged capillaries. The effectiveness of these methods is clinically proven, and patients who have burst the vessel on their leg, treatment with new technologies are praised, leaving positive feedback. If the damage is very small, then you can get rid of them with the help of creams. the vessel on the leg burst what to do

One of the inexpensive and popular means is the "Troxevasin" gel. He has an analogue - "Troxerutin".Such drugs relieve tension from blood vessels. In addition, you can drink tablets "Ascorutin".Many doctors advise taking Venolan capsules that protect blood vessels and relieve swelling.

Some try to solve the problem at home. Good help turpentine baths, since with their influence the capillary system of a person is restored and cleared. Gradually bursted blood vessels can disappear. But it is worth remembering that any of the treatments should also be supplemented with preventive measures aimed at strengthening the blood vessels. Such methods will be described later.

Diet that strengthens the venous system

Vessels can be brittle because of a lack of variety in the diet. The greatest impact on them is due to lack of vitamins E, P and C. Lack of calcium is also critical. Vitamin C can be obtained in sufficient quantities from any type of cabbage, dog rose, kiwi, citrus fruits, strawberries and gooseberries, as well as parsley and dill. If the vessel bursts on the leg, then vitamin C will also promote rapid healing.

the vessel on the leg burst

Vitamin P is called routine. A large amount of it is found in black currant and gooseberry. It can also be purchased in the form of capsules in any pharmacy. A large amount of vitamin E is found in eggs, wheat sprouts, legumes and green onions. Also, if the vessel on the leg breaks, cottage cheese and other dairy products, coarse fiber, seafood and vegetable oils will be very useful.

Liquid consumption

The amount and type of moisture that a woman drinks depends on the type and amount of fluid that she drinks, and also the density of blood. In day it is necessary to use two liters of water or even more. This is to ensure that the blood is not thick and can easily move through the veins. Then they will be reduced load, and the probability of damage will be reduced. It must be remembered that one must not prevent water from leaving the body. To do this, eat no more than 5 grams of salt per day and do not drink alcohol, because of this, water in the body stagnates, and the load on the venous system increases.

How to reduce the load of

Very often, the vessels are damaged due to extremely intense training, as well as frostbite or overheating and other physical injuries. If at least once you have to deal with bursting blood vessels, you need to urgently review the training schedule. You can even temporarily put all your efforts into exercises that strengthen the veins. These include those that perform in the prone position with legs raised up. An example is the widespread exercise "bicycle", when a person lies on his back and in turn bends his legs, pressing them to his chest, and then straightens, as if turning the pedals.

the vessel flipped on the leg

Every person's health is in the hands of the person himself. Therefore, it is necessary to engage in the treatment and strengthening of the venous system. After all, to have beautiful legs is great! Unaesthetic, if the vessel on the leg has burst. Photos of these women come across very often. And the consequences can be extremely unpleasant. It is better to start taking measures in advance to prevent problems.