What is the use of red viburnum? We are talking about the valuable qualities of a plant

Red Kalina is not only a decorative bush, which many summer residents grow in their gardens as an ornament, but also a valuable plant, long known for its medicinal properties. Its brilliant bright red berries are valuable unique healing properties, which can not but impress. The use of red viburnum is known from ancient times.

the use of red viburnum

In Russia, for example, its branches were decorated with a wedding table - it symbolized a happy family life. In different countries, people used it to treat diseases. It was believed that the pretty tree planted next to the house protected its inhabitants from the "evil eye" and brought prosperity. Traditional healers used all parts of the plant as medicinal raw materials: bark, leaves, flowers and berries. Of the red fruits cooked decoctions, made the fruit and infusions, which helped to defeat the ailment.

What is the use of red viburnum?

The plant has a rich chemical composition. Fresh fruits of Kalina are considered dietary products, they are only 26 kcal, and in dried ones - 200 kcal per 100 g. They contain a variety of vitamins( A, C, E, B, K, P), essential oils, organic acids, phytoncides, pectins( involved in the normalization of digestion), tannins and minerals( calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, iron,copper, etc.).

viburnum red good and bad

A large amount of valerian acid is famous for red viburnum. Berry is known for medicinal properties due to the presence in it of a large amount of glycoside Viburnina. It has been scientifically proven that in fruits is several times more ascorbic acid than in raspberries. This suggests that the viburnum helps in the renewal of blood, supports the immune system and has a vasoconstrictive effect.

The fruits of the viburnum have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, they are considered to be the best natural antibiotics. Decoctions of berries are recommended for taking bronchitis, angina, heart disease and hypertension. The use of red viburnum is invaluable for our health. Daily eating a few pieces of berries, you can get rid of depression, mental trauma and prevent digestive disorders.

Fruits are shown for beriberi, gastritis, edema of the kidneys, ulcers and atherosclerosis. Strengthen the immune system will help gruel from mashed berries and honey. The healing mixture will fill the body with the necessary complex of vitamins and protect against colds. Alcohol infusions treat colitis and vascular spasms. Natural fruit juice is taken for the purification of blood vessels. The benefit of red viburnum is its laxative effect. Use it as a restorative, rejuvenating and tonic in cosmetology. Compresses help to remove pigmentation and acne.

red viburnum

Therapeutic prescriptions

1. For diseases of the heart and vessels make a berry tincture of 3 glasses of fruit and 2 liters of boiling water. The container is tightly closed and insisted for 6 hours, then filtered and drunk 2-3 times a day for 20 grams before meals - the duration of the course is equal to a month.

2. From constipation. A glass of viburnum cook half an hour, after which add honey to taste and pour into a glass container. Take inside 20 grams per day.

3. From neuroses. Pound 20 g of fresh berries, mix with a glass of hot water - press the solution for 4-5 hours. Drink 100 ml twice daily before meals.

4. From acne and spots on the skin will help a mulberry mask with sour cream, which is applied to a clean face and held for 20 minutes. Do the procedure twice a day, and after 2 weeks the amount of rashes will noticeably decrease. It also smooths the color, tightens the skin, smoothes wrinkles and gives fresh red viburnum.

Benefits and harm, of course, are not equivalent. Curative qualities of berries, of course, more, but, despite the rich chemical composition, the plant has contraindications for use. Do not use it with platelet and increased coagulability of blood cells. It is not recommended to viburnum to pregnant and lactating women.