The preparation "Venodiol": instructions for use, reviews, analogues

How should I use Venodiol? Instructions for the use of the drug, its form of release, indications, side effects, contraindications, analogues and feedback from patients will be presented in this article. Also we will tell you about the properties of the medicine, what will be in case of an overdose to them, how much it costs, etc. venodiol instruction manual

Form, composition

The preparation "Venodiol", the instruction of which is enclosed in the package together with the medicine, is issued in the formtablets. Their active ingredients are hesperidinum, ascorbic acid and micronized diosmin. Magnesium stearate, gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium and purified water are used as additional substances.

Features of the drug

What are the tablets "Venodiol"?Instructions for use, expert reviews indicate that this medication is a venotonic and angioprotective agent. Its main action is aimed at reducing the dilatability of veins and venous stasis, as well as increasing their tone, capillary permeability, reducing fragility and increasing resistance. In addition, the drug positively affects the microcirculation and vascular lymph drainage.

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Ascorbic acid, part of the drug, increases the elasticity of blood vessels, normalizes capillary permeability and hematopoiesis, and also activates the protective forces of the human body. What is the prescription for the drug "Venodiol"?Instruction for use says that the systematic use of this medication reduces the severity of the clinical signs of chronic vascular insufficiency of the lower limbs, which is functional and organic.

Indications for use

In what diseases is the "Venodiol" medication particularly effective? Instructions for use indicate the following indications for the use of the drug:

  • manifestations of CVI of the legs, which is functional and organic( the disease is usually expressed by sensations of severity and pain in the lower extremities, trophic disorders and seizures);
  • acute hemorrhoids.

Contraindications to the use of

When can I take medication Venodiol? Instruction, expert reviews suggest that the drug in question has virtually no contraindications. The only condition in which it is forbidden to take tablets is the patient's increased sensitivity to the active ingredients of the medication.

Preparation "Venodiol": instructions for use

Analogs of this drug will be listed below. How should I take the medication under testimony? The instruction attached to the preparation provides for 2 equivalent tablets:

venodiol instruction manual

  • 1 tablet of Venodiol twice a day for the entire course of treatment( duration is determined by the doctor after a medical examination);
  • 1 tablet preparation twice a day for two weeks, with a further transition to a one-time intake( diurnal) of two tablets.

The medicine must be taken strictly while eating. The duration of use of the drug should be directly proportional to the initial severity of the disease state.

Treatment of the initial stages of CVI, which is expressed by the syndrome of "heavy legs", requires a two-month course of therapy with repeated passage 2-3 times a year.

Severe manifestations of the disease with edematous, convulsive and painful syndromes require medication for 3-4 months.

Treatment of trophic ulcers can take about six months or even longer.

In acute hemorrhoids, the patient is prescribed 6 tablets per day for four days. In the next three days, the medication takes 4 tablets per day.

Cases of overdose

To date, no cases of overdose with the drug in question have been reported. However, experts strongly do not recommend exceeding the recommended dose of the drug, as this can cause a number of negative consequences.

venodiol instruction manual for tablets

Side Effects of

Do adverse reactions occur after taking Venodiol? Instructions for use( tablets should be taken strictly according to the indications) states that there were no associated adverse events that would require the drug to be withdrawn. However, in rare cases, after taking this medication, vegetative disorders are observed in the patients, expressed by a feeling of heat, increased weakness, tingling of the skin of the lower extremities, and dizziness. The listed symptoms are not the cause for drug cancellation. They disappear on their own within 2-3 weeks.

Drug Interaction

The attached instruction for the pharmaceutical interaction of the preparation "Venodiol" with other drugs is not described. However, before taking this medication, you should always inform your doctor about taking other pills.

Taking medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding

At present, there is no information about the negative effect of the drug "Venodiol" on the course of pregnancy. However, it should be taken only at the doctor's prescription.

Because of the lack of validated data on the allocation of a drug along with mother's milk, during pancreatic feeding, the taking of tablets should be discontinued.

venodiol instruction reviews

Specific recommendations for

Before taking Venodiol tablets, always read the instructions. It contains specific recommendations for the use of the drug. Consider them right now.

  • Taking tablets with acute hemorrhoids does not replace specific therapy of painful conditions in the rectal area.
  • For hemorrhoids, the drug is given a short course. If the therapy was ineffective or ineffective, then a comprehensive medical examination of the patient and correction of further treatment is required.
  • To improve the results of treatment for venous insufficiency, the patient should be informed of the need to reduce weight, as well as the harmful effects of sunlight. In addition, the patient is recommended to use special compression stockings or knee socks, which improve blood circulation. You can buy them at any pharmacy.
  • Preparation "Venodiol" with extreme caution should be taken by patients with gastrointestinal diseases( erosion, ulcer), especially during the period of exacerbation.

Shelf life, terms of sale and storage

The preparation "Venodiol" is in free sale, that is, you can purchase such tablets without a medical prescription. Keep medicines preferably in a dark place at a temperature of up to 30 degrees. Shelf life of the drug is 36 months. venodiol instructions

Analogues of the drug and its price

There are many analogues of the preparation "Venodiol" in the modern pharmaceutical market. The most effective and popular among the patients are the following medicines: "Troxevasin", "Normoven", "Detralex", "Venoruton", "Flobo", "Escouvitus", "Troxerutin", "Flebodia", "Trombovazim", "Venastat""Diophlan".

As for the cost, the tablets "Venodiol" is not very high. You can buy such a drug( 30 tablets) for 450-550 rubles. It should be noted that this is a fairly low price in comparison with the listed analogues. For example, for 10 tablets "Detralex" you have to give about 330-350 rubles.

Feedback from patients

What do patients say about the preparation "Venodiol"( instructions, reviews, analogues of this tool are presented in this article)?The majority of people who took this medication speak about it exclusively from the positive side. Almost all patients note the high effectiveness of the drug in the practical absence of any adverse reactions.

The best results of tablets are shown in the initial stages of CVI and uncomplicated venous diseases. It should also be noted that this drug is also used as a remedy in complex treatment for more severe pathologies. venodiol instruction

However, some patients are still dissatisfied with the results of therapy. In their opinion, such a drug is ineffective in CVI and hemorrhoids. Therefore, they prefer to use more expensive analogues of foreign production. A direct competitor of the drug in question are the tablets Detralex. Patients claim that this medication is effective after just a few days of admission.