Lakto-Sorbicum: description, instructions for use

A person who regularly takes care of his health knows that any disease is better prevented than treated. That is why for today, pharmaceutical companies offer our attention a huge range of various dietary supplements. Special means among buyers are the means aimed at the general cleansing of the body. Often the prices of such dietary supplements bite, for this reason, not everyone is able to afford them. lacto sorbicum

This is why the relatively recent sale of Kirov's Vostok LLC, Lacto-Sorbicum, has been increasing in the interest of the average buyer at the expense of its low price, gradually pushing back to the second plan such proven means as Lactofiltrum and others. Let's see if Lakto-Sorbicum is really capable of fighting its more expensive competitors.

Composition of the preparation

For one tablet, "Lacto-Sorbicum" is:

  • Lactulose - milk sugar, used in medicine for treatment, as well as prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to the laxative effect, it also has a stimulating effect on intestinal peristalsis. This prebiotic can inhibit the growth of microorganisms and bacteria harmful to human health, while creating a favorable environment for the propagation of beneficial microorganisms and activating human immunity. It is widely used for the treatment of intestinal dysbiosis, intestinal infections and liver diseases. One Lacto-Sorbicum tablet contains 0.18 grams of lactulose.
  • Lignin is a natural sorbent, which is an insoluble dietary fiber derived from wood. This plant-derived substance absorbs all harmful substances in the digestive tract, and completely removes them from the body. One Lacto-Sorbicum tablet contains 0.36 grams of lignin.

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  • Magnesium stearate is an auxiliary substance. Its content in one tablet is not more than 5 mg. It is used in many medicines and food additives as a lubricating component. Due to its properties, magnesium stearate reduces the formation of cracks and scratches around the edges of the tablets.

Indications for use

"Lacto-Sorbicum" is recommended for use in such cases:

  • The need to enrich the body with insoluble fibers( lignin), along with artificially obtained milk sugar( lactulose).Together, these two components have a powerful activating effect on the work of the intestine.
  • The need to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. This drug not only cleans the gastrointestinal tract from waste, but also assists in the assimilation of other medicines.
  • Skin rashes: acne, acne, rash."Lacto-Sorbicum" affects from the inside, suppressing the pathogenic microflora of the intestines, affecting the skin negatively. Thus, the drug has a cosmetic effect.


Like any biologically active food additive, Lacto-Sorbicum also has contraindications. These include:

  • Children under 7 years of age - use of the drug is allowed, but only with the permission of the pediatrician and for good reasons for admission.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Peptic ulcer disease.
  • Complicated intestinal obstruction.

lacto sorbicum instruction Remember! Despite the fact that "Lacto-Sorbicum" is not a medicinal product, its application must necessarily be coordinated with a gastroenterologist or a nutritionist. Self-use of dietary supplements is not recommended.

Lacto-Sorbicum: instructions for use

How to use this remedy? It has already been said that the Lacto-Sorbicum is contraindicated for children. The use of the drug in adults should take a course of 2 weeks. Use dietary supplements need 3 times a day for 3 tablets( pre-shredded) 1 hour before meals, washed down with plenty of water.

What to choose: Lactofiltrum or Lacto-Sorbicum?

It should be noted that "Lakto-Sorbicum" is a very dubious "novelty", but the analog of this drug called "Lactofiltrum" proved to be well-established on the market. Is there any difference between these two biologically active supplements?

"Lactofiltrum" also refers to sorbents of plant origin, is used for poisoning, skin rashes, has an immunomodulatory effect. Thanks to lignin hydrolyzed in the "Lactofiltrum" provides removal from the body of salts of heavy metals, toxins and metabolic products contained in excess in the body. The use of supplements is possible as a treatment for liver diseases, allergies, chronic colitis and a number of cosmetic problems. lacto sorbicum application

Based on a comparative analysis of both drugs, it can be concluded that there is no difference between them: the same components are in the same proportions. So what's the difference? What distinguishes Lactofiltrum from Lacto-Sorbicum? The price, of course. Thus, the average cost of Lactofiltrum is 260 rubles per package( 30 tablets) and 380 rubles per packing in 60 tablets."Lakto-Sorbicum" can be purchased at a price of 200 rubles per package of 50 tablets.

"Lakto-Sorbicum": feedback and recommendations from

buyers Say what you like, but the Russian people prefer various biologically active food supplements to medicines, sometimes considering them almost a panacea for all ills."Lakto-Sorbicum" also did not avoid this: customer reviews strongly recommend this sorbent as an excellent means for restoring the intestinal microflora after using antibiotics, as well as for cleaning the body of toxins and toxins. lacto sorbicum price

Of course, the decisive factor in the choice is the relatively low cost. Do not forget only that the use of this food supplement, as well as other dietary supplements, can not be spontaneous. For the application of any remedy for medical purposes, good reasons, advice and a doctor's recommendation are necessary. Love yourself, watch your health, live happily ever after!