"Maxigra": instruction, time of action, testimonials."Maxigra"( tablets) and alcohol: reviews

Sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition and bad habits lead to problems with potency in men. It is necessary to rest only a little, and also to forget about smoking and alcohol that the normal sexual life was restored. However, in neglected cases, medical treatment can not be avoided. Many drugs have good reviews."Maxigra" - a pill that helps quickly restore the potency and fill the sex life with new colors. However, it is not worth using the medicine without a doctor's recommendation.

Form of preparation and its composition

Medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is available in the form of tablets. The main active ingredient is sildenafil. In addition, the drug uses components such as microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, hypromellose. The composition of the shell includes titanium dioxide, as well as lactose monohydrate. Tablets are sold in cardboard packages.

reviews of the maxigra tablets The drug "Maxigra" helps to quickly cope with erectile dysfunction. Reviews of men show that the medicine gives positive results already at the initial stage of treatment. Sildenafil is a powerful inhibitor that provides a normal blood flow to the penis. After taking the tablets, the male organism reacts naturally to sexual arousal. Studies have shown that the bioavailability of a drug increases significantly if taken on an empty stomach. Sildenafil can cause a mild violation of color discrimination. However, such a symptom does not threaten health and is of a temporary nature.


After ingestion, the active component of the drug "Magistra"( tablets) is quickly absorbed. The patient's feedback indicates that the use of the medication does not cause any unpleasant symptoms. Unpredictable reactions can develop only if the patient takes the drug at an increased dosage. Maximum bioavailability is achieved within 30 minutes after taking the tablets. If the drug was used after a meal, the exposure time is increased.

maxigra reviews In elderly men( 65 years and older), the clearance of the active substance is significantly reduced, and the concentration of free active substance in the plasma is approximately 40 percent higher than its concentration in young patients( 18-45 years).The index is also decreasing in men with chronic renal failure and cirrhosis of the liver.


If there are erectile dysfunction during sexual intercourse, it makes sense to contact the appropriate specialist. In young men, problems can be associated with overwork, excessive alcohol consumption or malnutrition. To restore a normal sex life, you only need to return to the right way of life. If qualitative rest does not give positive results, you can not do without medication. In such cases, specialists often prescribe the drug "Maxigra."Customer testimonials show that at the initial stage of treatment it is possible to restore a normal sexual life.

maxigra tablet reviews The drug has virtually no contraindications. However, taking it without consulting a doctor is undesirable. The problem is that for many patients, excessive sexual activity can be fatal. This is especially true for men who have cardiovascular diseases. In rare cases, patients develop increased sensitivity to sildenafil or other components of the drug. If you have an allergic reaction, you should seek medical help.

Special instructions

Patients who have anatomical deformation of the penis, the drug is administered with caution. Men with Peyronie's disease for the therapy of erectile dysfunction should choose another medication.

maxi tablets reviews action time Patients who have pathologies of the cardiovascular system should consult a doctor before starting treatment. Dangerous is excessive sexual activity in such diseases as hypertension, myeloma, sickle cell anemia, leukemia. Men who have a tendency to bleeding, with caution, the drug "Maxigra" is prescribed. Experts' reviews show that it is desirable to avoid taking a drug with patients with a stomach ulcer and with hereditary retinitis pigmentosa.

Otherwise, doctors leave good reviews about the drug."Maxigra" - a pill that does not affect the management of the car or other complex mechanisms.

Dosage of

In order for the drug to show a qualitative result, it should be taken correctly. It is desirable to use tablets on an empty stomach. Take them one hour before the alleged sexual activity. Single dose is 50 mg( one tablet).If the patient tolerates the drug well, the daily norm can be doubled. In this case, you can expect a longer erection.

Medication should not be used more than once a day. However, with such a dosage, patients leave positive responses."Maxigra" - a pill that perfectly eliminates erectile dysfunction. However, the drug has only a temporary effect. Initially, it is necessary to identify the cause of problems in the genital area.

preparation of maxigra reviews Patients over the age of 65 should not take the drug at a dosage exceeding 25 mg per day. This rule should also be adhered to by men who suffer from chronic kidney failure.

Side effects of

May also lead to the development of side effects of the "Magister" tablet. Reviews of men show that a few minutes after receiving a short-term violation of color discrimination. But such a symptom does not threaten the general condition of the body and quickly passes. Taking the drug in an increased dosage can lead to more severe consequences. From the central nervous system often there are such symptoms as headache, dizziness, insomnia. More often such phenomena are observed in elderly patients.

On the part of the respiratory system, allergic reactions such as rhinitis and cough may develop. If breathing is abnormal, stop taking the medication immediately and consult a doctor for advice.

Often there are allergic reactions in the form of skin itching and rash. In such cases it is necessary to take an antihistamine and cancel the drug "Maxigra."The reviews show that allergic reactions take place almost immediately after the withdrawal of tablets.

Drug Interaction

The preparation "Maxigra" should be taken correctly. Instruction, expert reviews, analogues - all this should be studied before starting treatment. It is necessary to get a consultation with a doctor for patients who suffer from chronic diseases and are treated with other medications. The "Maxigra" tablets are not compatible with all medications. Do not take the drug together with medications that include erythromycin or cimetidine. These substances significantly reduce the clearance of sildenafil.

maxigra instructions reviews Many men are interested in the question of whether the "Maxigra" tablets and alcohol are compatible? The experts' feedback shows that the development of side effects in such an interaction was not previously observed. However, alcoholic intoxication can affect the erection. As a result, the expected sexual intercourse will not take place, and money for pills will be wasted.

With simultaneous administration with nitrates, the hypotensive effect of the drug increases.

Reviews about the drug "Maxigra", the cost of the drug

Tablets are popular in patients who, for a number of reasons, faced with erectile dysfunction. Men claim that the drug helps to quickly restore a normal sex life. However, do not believe in the healing effect of the medication. Experts about the medicine leave mixed reviews."Maxigra" - a pill that can only temporarily return the erection. The cause of the disorder does not remove the medicine. Patients who often face erectile dysfunction should consult a specialist and undergo a complete examination of the genitourinary system.

Young patients more often leave about "Maxigraz"( tablets) reviews. The time of action in men with normal liver function is significantly increased. Patients may experience an erection for several hours. But older men are recommended to take pills immediately before intercourse.

The drug "Maxigra" refers to the average price category. In almost every pharmacy you can find a medicine. For one packing it is necessary to pay about 300 rubles. The medication is offered in pharmacies without a prescription. However, before use, consult a physician. If the medicine was not found, the specialist will be able to recommend a quality analogue. The most popular tools will be described below.


This drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is also often used in medical practice. The main active ingredient is sildenafil. As auxiliary substances, microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, hypromellose are used. The composition of the shell includes titanium dioxide, opadrai, as well as lactose monohydrate.

The drug is used as an aid in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is worth noting that the tablets show good results only with sexual stimulation. The medicine is taken 30 minutes before the alleged sexual intercourse. The medicine is not prescribed for men whose sexual activity is undesirable.


This drug is used most often in medical practice. The main active component of tablets, as in the previous case, is sildenafil. Microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, croscarmellose sodium, calcium hydrophosphate are used as auxiliary elements. The medicine is offered in pharmacies in blisters, packed in cardboard boxes. The cost of the drug is about 700 rubles.

maxigra reviews of men The medication is taken one hour before the alleged sexual activity. Single dose is 50 mg( one tablet).If necessary, the daily allowance can be doubled. Patients who have chronic renal failure, the drug should be taken at a maximum dosage of 25 mg. The same rule applies to men over 65 years of age.


This is another popular remedy that works on the basis of sildenafil. The medication is prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction in adult males. No medication is prescribed for patients for whom sexual activity is undesirable. Men with severe form of kidney failure should also be taken with caution.