Treatment of pancreatitis with folk remedies

Pancreatitis is a disease caused by inflammation of the pancreas. Distinguish between chronic and acute pancreatitis. The disease is insidious, so do not engage in self-medication. However, some people's councils will help everyone.

The popular treatment of pancreatitis is based, first of all, on changing the way of life of a person. The pancreas reacts negatively to inappropriate nutrition, the use of tobacco and alcohol, stressful situations and other negative things. When the first signs of the disease( pain in the right hypochondrium or high in the pit, nausea, vomiting), you need to think and reconsider your habits. This is the first people's council wishing to get rid of pancreatitis.

Treatment of pancreatitis with folk remedies for an acute attack.

People are advised to adhere to three essential points: cold, hunger and peace. What does it mean? The patient needs to provide bed rest, limit physical activity. Hunger, that is a strict diet, in the truest sense of the word. On the first day, it is better to use only mineral water. You can put a cold for a while on the side.

Be sure to consult a doctor! This disease needs to be monitored and prescribed by the doctor, and treatment of pancreatitis with folk remedies only helps to overcome the disease.

In case of chronic disease, diet is the main method of treatment. Food should be divided - from four to six meals a day. It is recommended to exclude for a long time, and better forever the following products: coffee, cocoa, strong tea, chocolate, sweets. Do not be advised to use fatty, spicy, sour, spicy dishes, smoked foods and marinades, whole milk, rich foods.

This list is very long, so it's better to list what is possible and useful. These are vegetarian soups, steamed cutlets from lean beef or fish, vinaigrette, stale bread, porridge on the water from rice buckwheat, oatmeal, boiled pasta, butter( only a little), and preferably vegetable. However, even a therapeutic diet should be discussed with your doctor.

If pancreatitis was caused by a sharp attack, then to a full-fledged diet diet gradually, every two days adding one or more dietary products.

Treatment of pancreatitis with folk remedies includes the use of mineral water. Pay attention to the label, which indicates the diseases in which specific mineral water is recommended. A little mineral water is more suitable for pancreatitis.

How to treat pancreatitis at home?

Improve the functioning of the pancreas with herbs. Usually, cholagogue is used.

a) Immortelle - 6 tablespoons, St. John's wort - 3 tablespoons, Leonurus - 3 tablespoons. Grasses to mix. Brew one tablespoon of boiling water, eat three times a day before meals. B) Prepare a mixture of herbs: barberry root, birch buds, nettle leaf, elecampane root, immortelle flowers, centaury grass, burdock root. Then two tablespoons should be poured with boiling water, leave in a thermos for the night. It is advised to drink broth before meals for 30 minutes, three times a day.

c) Gold sands, sage and chamomile in equal proportions - 1 tablespoon each( you can take a hundred thousandths a little less) brew in a thermos, drink a teaspoon every two hours.

Treatment of pancreatitis with folk remedies includes vegetable juices. So, the effectiveness of potato-carrot juice has long been known. It is made from three medium-sized potatoes and one or two carrots. Drink the juice before meals in quantities of two hundred grams. The course of treatment is 7 days.

It is often used in the treatment of pancreatitis folk remedies with a vitamin decoction, which is recommended to drink all year round. It can be prepared from the fruit of dog rose, mountain ash, sea buckthorn, mint.