When are favorable days for dental treatment?

Are there any favorable days for dental treatment? What to do if there was such a need: did the pain or a seal break out? Wait for these days or go to the dental office urgently? After untimely contact with a doctor, can lead to big trouble and expenses. In addition, the more complicated the problem, the more time and money is needed.

favorable days for dentistry


If you believe astrological calendars, rely on their predictions and recommendations, then very favorable days for dental treatment come immediately after the full moon. What do astrologers say?

On the waning moon it is better and painless to remove teeth. It is especially good to do this in the morning and on even days. In the peak of the full moon and eclipses, it is better not to engage in teeth at all. But a person with acute pain is unlikely to remember the lunar calendar.

Therefore, the best recommendation is to visit the dentist at least once a year. And you need to treat your teeth in time.

very favorable days for dental treatment


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The gestation period is an unfavorable time for the treatment of not only the teeth, but the body as a whole. In fact at this time it is impossible to do or make a roentgen, to accept anesthetizing preparations. In general, any person should be prevented, and visit a dentist to inspect and eliminate the causes of the disease of the teeth. It is necessary to treat tooth decay, remove stone, remove and prosthetics.

During pregnancy, women with hormonal changes may have dental problems even if they have carefully monitored their condition before. It is important here not to start the process, and not to bring it to serious medical intervention. To do this, you need to take the necessary complex of vitamins, which protect the body from negative influences.

And if there was a toothache, and a trip to the dentist is necessary, then you just need to follow certain rules. For example, pregnant women are advised to visit a doctor when bleeding gums begin to bleed, teeth become sensitive. These are signs of a beginning inflammation that is better preventable.

Favorable days for the treatment of teeth in pregnant women occur at a later date, in the last trimester. At this time, you can delete. But the use of medications, especially painkillers, must be agreed with the doctor and strictly under his supervision.

At the initial stage, as an exception, treatment of acute pain in the occurrence of pulpitis and periodontitis is allowed. Otherwise, the infection will affect the entire body. And all other cases should be left on more favorable days for dental treatment.

what days are favorable for dental treatment

Treatment for viral infections

Viral diseases always overtake a person at the wrong time. The question is whether it is worth going to the dentist during a cold? If it is accompanied by a state of aches in the body and weakness, then it is unlikely that a person will go anywhere at all. And if you think about the body as a whole, you need to regret it. The immune system is weakened during the period of the disease. Any stress can harm an organism that is vulnerable during this period.

If there is no acute need, it is better to wait for favorable days for dental treatment. In addition, if a cold is accompanied by a common cold, then it is unlikely to be in the armchair of a dentist. In addition, the infection can easily penetrate into the open when treating the tooth, there is a possibility of ulcers.

There are times when it's impossible to endure, then there is nowhere to go to the doctor or the patient. But it must be remembered that the removal of the tooth in ARVI is highly undesirable!

Instead of the conclusion of

It turns out that a person must decide for themselves which days are favorable for dental treatment, and make an appointment. Of course, if it is a planned trip to the doctor for a preventive examination. Well, those patients who believe in astrology, you need to try to go to the dentist after the full moon.