The best products for cleansing the body

The connection between the body and the mind does exist, and the physical state of the organism has a very strong effect on the functioning of the brain and the presence or absence of a sense of well-being. Timely disposal of toxins, free radicals and other harmful substances that can accumulate in the intestines and other internal organs, plays a primary role in the conduct of a healthy lifestyle. Cleansing the body with food is the easiest way to "wash" the toxins from the body and ensure your health for many years. There are many kinds of healthy food, and in the list below you will surely find such fruits and vegetables that you can easily include in your daily diet.

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Thanks to its high fiber content and its unique antioxidant properties, avocados are found in a variety of detox-salads and cocktails. For a long time, adherents of proper nutrition bypassed this overseas fruit side, fearing the pernicious effect of the fats contained in it, but after promulgating key information on useful and harmful fatty acids, even slimming women began adding avocados to their daily menu.

The best products for body cleansing always lose their natural properties after heat treatment. Avocados should be eaten raw without adding other ingredients, only in this case is guaranteed the maximum assimilation of all the nutrients contained in it. Restaurant sauce guacamole, unfortunately, hardly initiates a real detox of your body.

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Many people practically do not eat beetroots because of its specific taste and the seeming monotony of the dishes with this vegetable. Meanwhile, inexpensive dark red root crops are ideal products for cleaning the body of toxins, as they contain betalain - plant pigments that have powerful anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. Betalaines ensure normal division, regeneration and regeneration of cells, the most active of these processes occur in the liver - the main detox-center of the human body.

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Similar products for the purification of the body( this includes the pumpkin) is always available in the Russian market, and their purchase costs in rubles. At the same time, the practical value of natural local vegetables can not be overemphasized: they not only contribute to the overall improvement of the body, but also provide a complete and final exit of toxins from internal organs. A lot of "cleanings" end badly simply because people can not completely get rid of toxic substances and toxins re-absorb into cells and tissues. To avoid this result, eat as many beets as possible;it can be boiled, stewed, fried, steamed or eaten raw. In addition to detoxification, a dark red vegetable guarantees protection against free radicals, and therefore prevents the appearance of malignant tumors.


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Perhaps you are already tired of the ubiquitous broccoli advertisements where products for cleansing the body and general principles of proper nutrition are discussed. However, the popularity of this vegetable, resembling a miniature tree, is based on concrete facts: broccoli contains vitally important vitamins and minerals and at the same time provides relief from toxins and slags, and in the long run - from excess weight. The substances that make up overseas cabbage interact well with the active agents of the liver, turning any potentially toxic compounds into biological debris and allowing them to easily leave the system of internal organs.

If you do not like the taste of broccoli, but you are determined to include the most famous products for cleansing your body in your everyday menu, try experimenting with the ways of making this cabbage. In the end, you can even add it to unsweetened curd casseroles or eat raw. The only thing that should be avoided is cooking in the microwave oven;Broccoli, processed in this way, will lose all its purifying properties.

White cabbage

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Most women are well aware of the effectiveness of white cabbage as a natural anti-inflammatory drug - it is enough to attach a leaf to the chest to relieve pain and swelling, tormenting lactating mothers and just those with sensitive mammary glands. However, in view of not the most delicate taste and long process of cutting a whole head for a salad, not all connoisseurs of the unique properties of this modest vegetable tend to consume it as often as possible. Meanwhile, the rounded heads of the cheapest cabbage are the best products that help to cleanse the body, starting with the liver and blood. In addition to getting rid of toxins, this vegetable guarantees improvement of digestive functions and provides timely withdrawal of intestinal contents.


A good detoxification course always includes only natural products. Diet for the purification of the body consists of organic fruits and vegetables and implies the use of a sufficient amount of clean water. And in any detox diet, those who are interested will necessarily stumble upon the mention of garlic - a legendary warrior standing guard over the immune system and helping to protect the body from pathogenic viruses and bacteria. Why is a vegetable called to fight harmful microorganisms included in the detox program?

About the benefits of seasoning

the best products for cleansing the body

Garlic helps the liver remove toxins from the bloodstream. It can be used in almost any( but still objectively moderate) amounts, since the body does not need to specially adapt to this ingredient. The main products for cleansing the body are characterized by a fresh taste, so the addition of garlic in the dishes of proper nutrition can provide gastronomic appeal of the latter. If you do not like the sharpness of the fragrance and the shade of a particular taste in the usual food, do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to use the vegetable for detoxification purposes - just get a garlic extract in the form of tablets in the pharmacy.

The secret is in the variety

The products for cleansing the body are numerous and incredibly useful, as everyone has a unique set of stunning properties that ensure not only the rapid elimination of toxins from the body, but also the healing of the body and mind as a whole. Do not try to focus on two or three vegetables or fruits - make a daily menu in such a way that it contains as many natural and useful ingredients as possible. Only with this condition your body will be able to get rid of poisonous substances in a timely manner.