How to Get Rid of Acne and make the skin beautiful

Today, among many people, the problem of acne is acute. They poison life not only for guys and girls. Acne creates an unpleasant impression, makes a person unattractive. People who are particularly sensitive to their appearance, suffer greatly from this. Acne can appear on the skin of any person and therefore everyone is interested in the question: how to get rid of acne?

Especially violently behaves the human body during puberty, at this time it produces a large number of sex hormones, and under their influence, the activity of the sebaceous glands increases. Sebaceous deposits on the skin close the pores through which the skin breathes, and in them there are plugs. The work of the sebaceous glands continues at the same rate, but the jams that have already created do not allow the products of the sebaceous gland to leave the surface of the skin. Later in such clogged areas( follicles) bacteria begin to develop. The vital activity of these bacteria causes the inflammatory process, and even sometimes the rupture of the follicles.

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The protective forces of the human body are included and leukocytes enter the fight to remove the inflammatory process. They eat harmful bacteria and products of their vital activity, but they themselves die and an abscess is formed on this place. It also happens that the problem is not only the inflammatory processes on the skin, but the intestinal balance of the body. Simply put, before deciding how to quickly get rid of acne, you need to provide the body with proper nutrition and adjust its own food menu.

First of all, you need to maximally limit the intake of sweet and fatty foods for two or three weeks. It is desirable to replace strong tea and coffee with freshly squeezed juices and green tea. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to buy freshly squeezed juices, but they can always be made at home from fruits that are at hand. Fruit juices can be supplemented and even replaced with vegetables, carrots, cabbage and beets are suitable for this. Vegetable juices are no less useful than fruit juices, since they contain a large amount of essential nutrients.

Improve the intestinal balance with the help of fermented milk products. Take every morning a glass of kefir, and this will ensure the correct mode of operation of the intestine. You can take a course of taking Linex or Bifidumbacterin, these drugs contain bifidobacteria, which provide a full-fledged work of the intestine. Asking yourself the question of how to get rid of acne, do not forget about the full range of proper nutrition of your body. In food, you must add foods and dishes containing a large amount of fiber, it's all kinds of cereal, vegetables and fruits. Do not forget about meat products, only they should not be fat, for example veal, chicken and turkey or rabbit.

Having provided proper nutrition, you need to think about how to remove acne from the face. If we put pressure on the pimples to remove them, we cause injury to the skin. Not everyone is washing his face before such a procedure, washes his hands and smears the damaged area with alcohol solution. Therefore, there is a risk of infection, the consequences of which can be very serious, up to sepsis. You can remove only with clean hands already ripe with a white tubercle acne, not giving painful sensations. It is necessary then to burn the place with alcohol solution so that new bacteria do not form there. Before you get rid of acne in this way, it is advisable after all to undergo a medical examination to exclude the cause of acne as a result of a possible disease.

To prevent pimples from appearing further, care must be taken to carefully treat the skin. Choose the right makeup for your face, first determining what type of skin you have. It can be oily skin, dry or mixed. For each type of skin, there is a line of cosmetics. In order not to ask yourself how to get rid of acne in the future, choose the ones that help your skin in the best way. You just need to observe a few simple rules, because any type of skin needs food, cleansing and moisturizing.