Lactulose: What is it? Instructions for use and reviews about the drug

Currently, pharmacy kiosk displays are full of the most varied names of medicines. How not to make a mistake and choose exactly the tool that you need? To get the correct and correct treatment, before using this or that drug, it is worth to consult a doctor. After all, the specialist, if necessary, will conduct a series of studies and will be able to recommend a suitable medication. In this article we will talk about the medicine "Lactulose".What it is, you can find out further. After reading, you will understand the specific features of the drug.

lactulose what is it

Kind of medicament and possible analogs

"Lactulose": what is it? This preparation contains in its composition an active substance of the same name. In addition to it, there are other drugs in which the component is present. The most popular trade names for such funds are Dufalac, Poselabin, Livovik, Normese and Laktusan.

Most drugs have additional components. The medicament "Lactulose" has the following composition: lactulose, purified water and citric acid. Also, the medicine is available in the form of a powder for the preparation of a solution.

lactulose composition

Indications for use

Lactulose medication: what is it? This medicine is intended for normalization of the stomach and intestines. Indications for use will be the following situations:

  • dysbacteriosis of various etiologies;
  • constipation, including chronic;
  • condition after operative manipulations in the intestinal region;
  • hemorrhoids and anal fissures( in complex therapy);
  • hepatic coma and encephalopathy.

The drug can be used in conjunction with other medicines( antibiotics, sorbents, immunomodulators, anticoagulants and so on).Often the drug is administered concomitantly with a set of beneficial bacteria.

Contraindications to the use of

The drug is usually well tolerated by patients and does not cause any adverse reactions. The composition is not recommended for use with increased sensitivity to components. Also, in the treatment of patients with lactase deficiency, there may be a deterioration in well-being. It is prohibited to use the medicine if there is a suspicion of internal bleeding. The medicine should not be used with intestinal obstruction and appendicitis.

With special care is prescribed the drug "Lactulose" for newborns. Also, patients with diabetes should monitor their well-being during the treatment period.

lactulose for newborns reviews

Use in pregnancy: can I take Lactulose?

The drug is absolutely safe. It is not absorbed into the bloodstream and acts solely in the intestinal region. The drug does not have a teratogenic effect on the fetus. That's why the composition is often assigned to future mothers and lactating women.

However, it is worth remembering that it is unacceptable to produce self-medication during pregnancy. The medicine must appoint a specialist. This takes into account all the features of the future mother and selects an individual dosage of the composition.

lactulose for infants

Method of application of medicament

Laxatives( "Lactulose" and others) can be used as needed or on a regular basis. The undoubted advantage of the described substance is that it is not addictive. The composition is appointed taking into account the complaints in each age group individually.

For adults with acute constipation is prescribed from 15 to 45 ml. In order to maintain a normal stool - 10 to 25 ml. To children from 7 years the preparation is shown on 10-15 ml. Babies under 6 years should take a medicine of 5-10 ml.

Separately it is necessary to tell about how "Lactulose" is used for babies. The medication is indicated from one and a half months from birth in a dose of 5 ml per day. However, the first application is to give the baby only 1 ml. If this amount of the drug helps, then increase the portion is not worth it. Medication is taken during the period indicated by the doctor or as needed. For newborn babies, the composition can be previously diluted with water or milk.

Action of the preparation

In most cases, the drug is well tolerated by patients. The drug penetrates into the intestine, where it creates a nutrient medium for the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria. Lactulose is not digested in the stomach, it is not absorbed by the human body. However, it is fed by microorganisms living in the intestine. The drug creates a swelling effect, it softens the stool and intensifies the urge to defecate.

Sometimes, at the very beginning of treatment, the patient may experience an increase in flatulence. In this case, after a few days all the symptoms are gone. The composition when using large doses can cause a violation of the water-salt balance in the body. This is why you should consume enough fluid at the same time. Rarely do such adverse reactions occur, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache.

lactulose for newborns

Opinions about the drug: reviews of doctors and patients

What do parents say about the drug "Lactulose" for newborns? Customer reviews are mostly good. Patients note that the effect of the drug begins the next day. Do not wait for the immediate effect, as from the enema. The medicine accumulates in the intestines, strengthening its work. Parents of babies say that they really like the medicine. After all, it has a sweetish taste. Take the medicine of children without difficulty. One of the main advantages of the substance is that it is not addictive. So, many other laxatives can not be used regularly. The same medicine is permissible for use for a long time.

Patients also note the attractive cost of the drug. The syrup "Lactulose" costs about 200 rubles. While its analogs( for example, "Dufalac") will cost you 400-500 rubles. The final cost of the drug should be recognized in pharmacy chains. After all, it is there that all prices are set.

Doctors report that the active substance of lactulose is one of the safest. Plus therapy will be that the consumer will not only get normalization of the stool, but also be able to regulate the intestinal microflora. The medicine promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, which, in turn, destroy pathogenic microorganisms. The safety of the drug has been confirmed by many studies and experiments. Therefore, it can be used to treat pregnant women and newborn babies. The medicine is used by women during lactation. Also, the composition does not affect the ability to manage transport and is not contraindicated in the use of alcoholic beverages.

lactulose purgatives

A short conclusion: the results of the article

Lactulose: what is it? You could get the answer to this question from the presented article. Also, you can see some tools that have the same name component. The medicine can be purchased in almost every pharmacy chain. For this, you will never need a prescription from a doctor. It is worth noting that when combining funds with certain drugs, you must make a small break. So, with the simultaneous use of sorbents, the gap between the formulations should be at least two hours. Otherwise, the action of the described tool will be reduced. Have a good health, do not be ill!