Test-sample of Shuvarsky. Description of the procedure

Now there are cases when a couple plans to have children, but they do not get anything done for a long time. Factors, why this happens, there may be several. First of all, you should conduct an examination of the body for health.

the Shuvar test is positive

Probably, one of the partners has any diseases that prevent the appearance of a desired pregnancy. But it happens that the results of the couple's survey suggest that the man and the woman are in good health, and conception does not occur. In this case, there is a possibility that the partners are incompatible. To identify this fact or to exclude it, the doctor will ask partners to submit an analysis of Shuvarsky. This test will help to identify the compatibility of a man and a woman biologically and immunologically.

The essence of the study is to find out in the girl the production of proteins that are capable of destroying male spermatozoa or making them inactive and incapable of fertilization.

How to take the test correctly?

This examination assumes correct preparation before delivery of the analysis. It is important to take the analysis in a certain period of the menstrual cycle. Namely, at the moment when the woman comes the middle of ovulation. The patient takes mucus from the cervix. A man needs to have a six-day abstinence. Further in the laboratory, a survey of the taken fence is carried out. Female slime is placed on the slide, and a test is performed. If during the test it is established that male spermatozoa are being destroyed, this means that the couple can not have children.

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shuvar test

The test time is 2 hours. After this time, you can judge the results. During the test, it is possible that only half of the spermatozoa are affected, and the other half remains alive. In this case, the test result is considered positive, but the couple is also asked to undergo this test repeatedly for a more accurate examination.

The correct calculation of the day of ovulation

An important aspect for obtaining an accurate result is the correct timing of its conduct. For this, it is necessary to know the date of ovulation of a woman and to give up sexually beforehand.

If the date of ovulation is incorrectly calculated, the Shuwarsky test will be considered incorrect. In order for the test results to be accurate, it is recommended to run the test several times.

Shuvar test in invitro

To Shuvarsky's trial was successful, one should not make a mistake in choosing the day for the survey, it is better to resort to the help of physicians. Namely, through ultrasound, determine the day of ovulation. To do this, the medical worker is interested in the woman, on which day of the cycle is her body at the time. Then the ultrasound is performed and the day of the test is appointed. The fact is that slime women, taken not during the period of ovulation, will block the work of spermatozoa, and determine the compatibility of the pair will not succeed.

Taking medication and testing Shuvarskogo

It should be noted that taking certain medications can also affect the results of the study. Therefore, before carrying out the test, you should inform the doctor in charge which medicines are being taken at the moment. Of course, the doctor must himself ask this question to patients. But just in case everyone should know that medications can affect the test result. Therefore, before passing it is necessary to exclude the use of medicines, especially those that contain hormones. In any case, it is necessary to inform the doctor which medications are currently being taken, and he will decide on the possibility of excluding them. The fact is that taking medications can provoke the fact that female slime will destroy spermatozoa. And if Shuvarsky's test-sample shows that the spermatozoa die and the woman does not take any medications, then it shows that the partners are incompatible with each other. But this result, most likely, will be false.

Survey results

Usually, after sperm enters the female body, they die after 4 hours. When the child conceives naturally, some part of the spermatozoids during this time reaches the cervix. Further, their numbers increase, and after 2 hours the amount of spermatozoa becomes maximum. After that, their number does not change for 24 hours. There is a scale of activity of spermatozoa. On this scale, they are estimated from A to G.


  1. A - fast mobility.
  2. B - slow.
  3. B - non-progressive mobility.
  4. Γ - immobility.

When carrying out the test, sperm motility should be classified as A or B. The number of mobile units of spermatozoa is then determined. If it is about 25, then the test result is considered good. The number to 10 indicates a satisfactory result. Units of spermatozoa less than 5, belonging to category B, is a bad result of the study.

Test of Shuvarsky. Positive dynamics

The test is considered passed if the number of spermatozoa is not less than 10. Their activity should be classified as Category A or B.

Indications for the

Study The Shuwarsky test is a survey that helps to identify the compatibility of partners. This test is prescribed when both partners are healthy and physiologically ready to become parents. However, for a long time they can not conceive a child. In this case, they need to pass the diagnosis for compatibility and make a survey called Shuvarskiy's trial. Negative attitude to this test is not worth it. Since it is an excellent method of detecting cervical infertility.

postcoital test of the Shuvar

Postcoital test of Shuvarsky will determine if the couple has a chance to have a child naturally or not.

The correct preparation of

It is important to properly prepare for the survey. It is necessary that the correct result is shown by the trial of Shuvarsky. How to take the test, said above, but the preparatory moment is of great importance. Admission of medications is excluded in advance. It is necessary that their presence is not in the body. Then it is calculated on what day ovulation should occur. Next 6 days before this day, the man abstains from sexual activity. On the right day, before bed, sexual intercourse is carried out. It is important during the sexual act not to use any lubricants. A woman should lie for 15-20 minutes after sex on her back and do not take a bath. The next day, you need to drive to the medical facility for the test.

With the correct implementation of all recommendations, the test will give an opportunity to see the behavior of mucus taken from a woman and the result of the study will be correct.

Where can I take the test? How much is?

To date, the Shuwarsky trial is the only way to determine the compatibility of a pair. Therefore it is recommended to make it to all couples who plan to conceive a child. Especially for those who can not achieve the desired result for a long time. Also, before passing the test, it is recommended to exclude other pathologies that can interfere with the conception of the child naturally.

Shuwarish trial

In order to do this examination, you need to contact the clinic that provides such services. Prices for the test are different. Since the cost of the service includes different components. When applying to a medical institution, you need to know whether the doctor's consultation and ultrasound are included in the cost of the test. It is possible that some couples are doing the examination again. Therefore, they do not need a doctor.

Shuvarish test

The cost of the service can also be affected by the study time. There are laboratories that do express analysis, but for this they charge an additional fee. There are a lot of laboratories that carry out this research. For example, Shuvarskiy's trial is made in Invitro and Sinevo. The cost ranges from 400 to 2000 rubles, depending on the laboratory, the timing and number of services included in this procedure.


People who undergo this examination should know that if they get a negative result on the test results, which indicates that they can not conceive a child naturally, do not get upset early. Since the test of Shuvarsky is very capricious. Many factors influence its outcome. Therefore, for an accurate study, it is necessary to make this analysis several times. Experts argue that for reliable diagnosis of cervical infertility it is necessary to pass the test 3 times. It is also recommended to do an additional examination by means of the MAP test, which will reveal the immune disorders of a person.