"Diakarb": reviews of adults, features of application and composition

"Diacarb" is a medicinal product that has a diuretic, antiepileptic and antiglaucomal effects. Although the diuretic effect is relatively low, at the same time it contributes to a decrease in moisture produced in the central nervous system and spinal cord fluid. Due to this "Diakarb" helps to reduce intraocular and intracranial pressure, and also prevents seizures of epilepsy.
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Composition and form

According to the reviews of adults, "Diakarb" has a unique form of release - it is round oboekvukpelye white tablets that are taken inside. In pharmacies, you can find packages of ten, twenty-four and thirty pieces.

Active component of the tablets is acetazolamide( 250 mg in each tablet).Auxiliary elements are croscarmellose sodium, colloidal silicon dioxide, povidone, microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium stearate. In addition to the above, tablets can contain sodium starch glycolate, talc and potato starch.

Know the contents of auxiliary components necessary in the event that there are any allergic reactions or propensity to them, and proceeding from this, choose the drug with the appropriate composition. If a patient uses Diacarb for the first time and develops an allergy, then you should try to take the drug with another composition of the auxiliary elements. If the allergy appears again, then stop taking the medication altogether, as this indicates the intolerance of its active substance.

Therapeutic effect of

According to the opinions of adults, Diakarb has a weak diuretic effect in comparison with other diuretics, however it is quite palpable. The principle of its mechanism is that with increased secretion of urine from the body along with the liquid is also derived in an impressive amount of potassium. Therefore, taking Diacarb, you need to replenish its normal content in the body by taking such drugs as Panangin, Asparcum, etc.

Also Diacarb promotes increased excretion of magnesium, phosphates and calcium, however in smaller sizes, than potassium. But in the case of long-term medication( more than two weeks), you need to bear this in mind and also take medications that will fill the lack of these substances in the body and help to avoid metabolic disorders. reviews about tablets diacarb

Specificity of

The specificity of the action is that after three days of using Diacarb for external hydrocephalus in adults( the reviews confirm this), the diuretic effect stops, and taking it longer than this time to empty the body is meaningless. But if you take small breaks( one to three days), then the diuretic effect resumes. That's why Diacarb is not recommended to be consumed continuously.

In addition to diuretic, the drug also has anti-glaucoma effect, reduces pressure inside the eye. In addition, it reduces intracranial pressure and normalizes the dynamics of cerebral cerebrospinal fluid by reducing the amount of moisture that is produced in the ventricles of the brain and spinal cord fluid. That is why Diacarb in some cases acts as a part of complex therapy of various kinds of disorders, which are associated with increased pressure inside the skull. diacarb reviews of doctors

Antiepileptic effect is due to the fact that this drug eliminates foci of pathology in the structures of the brain.

In addition to the above effects, in practice, the side effect of Diacarb is also used, namely, that it can provoke metabolic acidosis. The latter very well eliminates respiratory disorders, including nocturnal apnea. This is confirmed by the feedback of adults about Diakarb.

Indications for use of the preparation

"Diacarb" is recommended to be used if the patient has the following diseases / conditions:

  • a weak or moderate degree of edematous syndrome, which is determined by chronic heart failure or heart and lung( the drug is used as an element of complex therapy);
  • as a preparation tool before surgery to reduce intraocular pressure in glaucoma of different types;
  • as part of the combined therapy of glaucoma secondary type;

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  • epilepsy;
  • increased pressure inside the skull;
  • is a mountain sickness in its acute manifestation( to reduce acclimatization time);
  • Ménière's disease;
  • ICP;
  • gout;
  • tetany.

According to reviews, "Diakarb" for weight loss adults are often appointed.

General recommendations for the use of

"Diacarb" should be taken inside regardless of the time of eating, swallowing the tablets whole, without grinding in any way, and washing down with sufficient water( half a glass is enough).If any drug intake was missed, then the next day you do not need to take a dose in a double size, trying to make up for its content in the body.

High doses of "Diacarb", which do not correspond to the recommended ones, do not contribute to strengthening the diuretic effect, but, on the contrary, to its weakening. Also, large doses can cause side effects. It is best to take Diacarb in the morning or afternoon, when it is possible to go to the toilet and not suffer from too frequent awakening at night. diacarb reviews adult side effects

According to reviews, "Diakarb" for adults( side effects below) can not be consumed for more than three days, the most optimal is the intermittent scheme of admission. Breaks are required to rest and restore the patient's body, and to resume the diuretic action of the drug to the maximum extent permissible.

Diagrams for the admission of

There are following patterns of Diacarba:

  • taken at the recommended dosage every other day;
  • use for two days, then take a break for one day, then drink again for two days, etc.;
  • take the pill for three days, then for a day or two pause, drink again for three days, etc.

This is confirmed by the "Diakarb" drug reviews of doctors.

The length of the course is calculated directly on the days when the tablets were taken. When indicating the use of "Diakarb" for ten days, you need to understand that this is not the total duration of therapy, but the time for the use of tablets in total without taking into account breaks. In the event that the breaks are taken into account, the doctor specifies this in a special way, emphasizing such a significant detail of the patient's attention.

These regimens can be used for diseases of various kinds. If one of them does not suit a person, then he can choose any of the three listed options, regardless of the diagnosis. This confirms the large number of adult reviews of the Diacarb preparation.
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Side effects of

"Diacarb" refers to the number of low-toxic drugs. During its use, cramps, tinnitus, paresthesia and, in rare cases, myopia may appear. During long reception - dizziness, disorientation, drowsiness, defects of touch.

In this case, you need to refrain from managing the transport or carry out such work, which requires a high concentration of attention. Also, taking more than five days can cause the development of metabolic acidosis. In some cases, patients complain of various kinds of allergic reactions, muscle weakness, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, glucosuria, agranulocytosis, etc.

When used with diuretics, it should be noted that Diacarb enhances their effect, and in case of a one-time admissionacid-forming diuretics, on the contrary, reduces. Cases of drug poisoning or its overdose have not been identified.

Diakarb: reviews of adults

There are quite a few reviews about the action of Diakarba. It is worth noting that most of them are positive.

People say that this drug helped to get rid of the headache after the first pill. The diuretic effect was moderate. Before that, they had to turn to doctors for many years complaining of daily headaches. In addition, Diakarb helps to remove the swelling of the face, hands and feet.
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Others note that the drug should be taken carefully, not abusing, because otherwise the body will be dehydrated. That's why you need to consult a doctor about the parallel reception of "Asparkam".After using "Diakarba", a peculiar "buzz" of the lips and fingertips may appear, whining of the gums and forehead, but soon these symptoms go away. In case of fear of side effects, you can try to start with half a pill.

Some people after the admission scheme had convulsions three days later. Although the effectiveness of the drug is noted, it helps to remove edema.

Thus, "Diakarb" helps with competent application and in combination with drugs that make up potassium that is washed out of the body.

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