The drug "Probiz": the instruction on the use of medicament

Manufacturers of modern medicines offer a variety of different prebiotics and complexes of beneficial bacteria. All of them are aimed at improving digestion and normalizing the intestinal microflora. Also, many contribute to improving immunity and overall resistance of the body. This article will tell you about the drug "Probiz".The instruction on its use will be described below.

пробиз инструкция

Description of the drug

About the drug "Probiz" the instruction says that the medicine is a probiotic. In its composition it contains a complex of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. Also here there are special saccharomycetes. They are designed for optimal reproduction of beneficial microorganisms in the intestine.

The cost of the drug depends on the location of your residence. The average price for a pack of medicine( in the amount of 30 capsules) is 600 rubles.

Important Information

What informs the consumer about the "Probiz" tool? The annotation indicates such important information as testimony and contraindications. They always need to pay attention. The medicine is prescribed in the following situations:

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  • dysbacteriosis of different origin;
  • indigestion( diarrhea, constipation, flatulence);
  • decreased immunity( frequent colds and their complications);
  • for malnutrition, alcohol abuse;
  • during prolonged use of antibiotics.

Often, experts prescribe the described drug for the prevention. Before use, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with contraindications. Most often they are limited to hypersensitivity to the components. Future mothers and lactating women need to consult a doctor before starting therapy.

пробиз user manual

"Probiz": instructions for use

The medicine described is taken orally. It is recommended that you take the capsule with water at room temperature. When using cold or hot liquids, the effectiveness of treatment can be reduced.

In a day an adult patient is recommended to take one capsule twice. In some cases, the doctor may reduce the dose by half. It is desirable to use a medicine on an empty stomach. It is also acceptable to take the medicine two hours after a meal. The duration of therapy is from one week to two months. Everything depends on the symptoms and the cause of the disease. The exact time is determined by the doctor.

Probeze instruction analogs

Summing up

You already know what information contains the information about the preparation "Probiz" instruction. If the medicine does not suit you, then you should choose a replacement. At the same time, it is not enough information given by the instruction about the "Probiz" tablets. Analogues should be selected only by a doctor. The most popular substitutes are "Linex", "Acipol", "Bifiform" and so on.

Reviews about the medicine is exceptionally positive. Consumers say that the condition is normalized after a few days of treatment. Within a month there is an increase in the body's immune defenses. Despite this, you should not self-medicate. I wish you success!