Laxative remedies folk. Traditional recipes for laxatives

Every person is different and different. The same applies to the body. Everyone has at least small, but nuances, which, incidentally, do not even make sick people in the general picture. In this article I want to tell you what are the laxatives, folk and non-medicinal.

laxative remedies folk


If a person does not want to take anything inside to cope with the problem of constipation, he can just do a simple massage. You only need to know a few simple movements. So, we must remember the baby tummy tummy and, on this principle, massage the place where the colon goes - in a circular motion in a clockwise direction. Do this for about a minute. Now, with both hands, you need to do longitudinal movements from the ribs to the legs( stroking the abdomen along the sides).The last movements: you need to hold your hands on the sides of an equilateral triangle, taking as a base a pubis. For each movement, select approximately one minute. Such a simple massage should be done every night before going to bed, thus improving the intestinal peristalsis. It is also good as a preventive measure for possible constipation.

Dried fruits

But if the problem of constipation still remains, you need to start taking laxatives. Folk recipes are suitable for those who do not want to be treated with medications. So, what can be accepted? Well in this direction are working figs, dates or prunes. They need to be soaked for the night, and in the morning to eat, washed down with all the created infusion. This is an excellent laxative medicine, which, incidentally, does not require special preparation and does not complicate the person at all.


What other laxatives( folk) are there? So, an excellent medicine is aloe, which will help to cope with many problems, including with constipation. To prepare the medicine, you need to cut off the leaves of this plant and put them in the refrigerator for about 15 days for biostimulation. Next, it is necessary to squeeze out the juice from aloe, mixed with warm honey in a 1: 1 ratio. Take medicine every morning on an empty stomach. After a few days, the dose can be reduced, because the stomach and intestines begin to work properly. It is also important to remember that the medicine should be stored only in the refrigerator.

Collecting with buckthorn

We go further, considering laxatives( folk).So, it will perfectly help a person suffering from constipation, buckthorn bark, as well as seeds of crushed cumin and chamomile flowers. Everything is poured into a glass of boiling water and boiled for about 10 minutes in a water bath. The medicine is taken in full before bedtime. By the same principle, you can prepare a somewhat different medicine, where the buckthorn bark, flax seeds and dill will appear.


If a child suffers from constipation or a young man, then the rhubarb will help them perfectly. To make a medicine, you need to make a syrup, a decoction or a powder from this plant. Take at least one tablespoon per day. The result will not take long.

Rowan not only from pressure

Considering folk laxatives, it is important not to forget about rowan as well. To prepare the medicine, you need to process the berries with sugar and put them in the sun to form a syrup. Then the berries are squeezed out properly, and alcohol( 500 grams) is added to the syrup( 25 grams).The medicine is taken on an empty stomach until the time when the chair improves. Next, you need to take a short break and then repeat the course to fix the result.

Ordinary carrots

As a laxative, freshly squeezed carrot juice also works well. It should be noted that this popular medicine can also be used to prevent constipation.


Excellent also can help the burdock. Namely his thorns. A lump of such replicas should be poured a glass of boiling water and steamed infusion about two hours. The medicine is taken in one step, it is better to do this before bed.

Horse sorrel

What other laxatives are there? Folk recipes suggest that you can use horse sorrel for treatment. So, for preparation of a medicine it is necessary to fill in two tablespoons of a root of a sorrel of a half-liter of boiled water, further half an hour all is boiled on a water bath. To get rid of the problem you need to take a glass of medicine before bed.

Eruption of the Hollow

As a laxative, a plant such as the lion's pharynx works fine. To prepare the medicine you need to take ten grams of the plant and pour them with boiling water, brew. It is taken hot before bedtime.

Cowberry and its infusion

The following laxatives( folk recipes) also work: you need to collect water after soaking lingonberries. That's it and it is an excellent medicine for getting rid of a problem like constipation.

All known plantain

There are also folk laxatives of rapid action. To prepare this medicine, you need a plantain. Its seeds need to be poured with boiling water and brew( 10 grams of seeds for half a cup of boiling water).Everything is insisted, filtered and drunk at a time. It is better to do this in the morning.

Almond oil

For those who suffer from constipation, a simple medicine such as almond oil is also suitable. For a good result, you need to take it one to two tablespoons before eating three times a day. The result will appear soon enough.


For chronic constipation, the following remedy will help, which, by the way, is very pleasant to your liking. To make a preparation, you need to take 60 grams of raisins and prunes, pour a liter of water and cook on a small fire, evaporating the liquid by about half. The drug is taken one tablespoon every 1.5-2 hours.

Peach leaves

There are such folk laxative recipes that help to get rid of worms. To prepare the medicine you need about 50 grams of dry peeled peel leaves pour 500 ml of boiling water and all insist in a warm oven from evening to morning. In the morning, the medicine is given two or three times to a boil, everything is filtered, honey is added( approximately one tablespoon).Everything, the medicine is ready. Take it half a glass three to four times a day for half an hour before meals.

Oil and honey - tasty and healthy

To get rid of constipation, you can also prepare a very simple drug. For this, you will need vegetable oil and honey. Ingredients are mixed in equal amounts, everything is taken 3-4 tablespoons in the morning on an empty stomach.