"Mildronate" and alcohol: compatibility

During the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, practically every patient is interested in the question of whether it is possible to use Mildronate with alcohol. To begin with, it is necessary to find out what the given drug is, what indications and contraindications to use are, what buyers say about it. Seven years ago, scientists from most CIS countries conducted a randomized placebo-controlled study of this drug, the main purpose of which was to elucidate the effect of "Mildronate" on exercise stress in angina pectoris. During these studies, it was found that the drug has a highly effective effect and can be an important component of complex treatment of the disease. Mildronate and Alcohol

Consider how Mildronate and alcohol interact.

Indications for the use of the drug

"Mildronate" is a drug aimed at treating the following diseases of the cardiovascular system:

  • rapid attacks of sudden angina;
  • inflammation of the heart muscle;
  • angina that can lead to coronary heart disease;
  • various disorders of the cardiovascular system;
  • heart failure in chronic form;
  • acute circulatory disturbance in the brain;
  • infarction;
  • deep vein thrombosis;
  • hemorrhage in the retina and eyeball damage;
  • organic brain damage( encephalopathy).

The compatibility of Mildronate and alcohol is of interest to many. Mildronate and alcohol compatibility

The main mechanism of action of the drug is due to assisting cells in the fight against oxygen deficiency, as well as protecting them from the effects of substances formed during coronary heart disease from long chain fatty acids.

Also the attending physician can designate "Mildronate" as part of the complex therapy of the following conditions:

  • a sharp decrease in efficiency and endurance in athletes;
  • moral and nervous overstrain in people involved in sports;
  • alcohol abstinence syndrome( a condition at the abolition of alcoholic beverages in people with alcoholism);
  • as a remedy after complex surgical interventions;
  • depressive and stressful conditions - as a sedative for the central nervous system;
  • asthma and chronic bronchitis;
  • is allowed to adolescents over 12 years of age when diagnosing various cardiovascular disorders, as well as to combat stress and mental overexertion.

But can you take both Mildronate and alcohol at the same time? Mildronate with alcohol can

Form release of the drug

This drug is produced in three different forms: in solution, capsules and tablets. There is no significant difference between these forms of medication, but parenteral injection( injection) has a much faster effect on the patient compared to the oral route.

Which way is better to choose?

The question immediately arises as to which route of administration is best: intravenous or intramuscular. It all depends on the indications for the use of the drug and the state of the patient's body. It should be remembered that the intramuscular route of administration can cause an allergic reaction and / or irritation. For this reason, the drug is usually administered intravenously.

According to reviews, the compatibility of "Mildronate" and alcohol is not very good. Mildronate can drink alcohol

Contraindications to the use of

The medicinal preparation has a small list of side effects and contraindications. As a rule, it is not recommended to accept:

  • During pregnancy, because there are no clinical studies to identify safety for the fetus. It is for this reason that it is undesirable to take girls who are carrying a child.
  • During breast-feeding of the baby. Accurate data on the penetration of the substance into breast milk are absent. If there is an urgent need during the taking of the drug, you should transfer the child to artificial nutrition.
  • In the presence of individual intolerance of meldonia or hypersensitivity to the individual components that make up the drug.
  • In cases where the patient has an increased intracranial pressure, the medication is strictly prohibited.
  • It is undesirable to use it for children under 12 years old.
  • The drug should be taken with caution along with nitroglycerin, adrenoblockers and nifedipine, because there is a risk of severe tachycardia and lowering blood pressure.
  • It is not recommended to use it in the presence of chronic renal and / or liver failure.

The compatibility of Mildronate and alcohol is discussed below.

Adverse reactions from taking

The following adverse reactions, sometimes confirmed by the patients, may occur during taking the drug:

  • Short-term tachycardia and a slight change in blood pressure may occur on the part of the cardiovascular system.
  • There is an increased risk of gastrointestinal disorders in the form of discomfort in the abdomen, diarrhea and / or constipation.
  • Sometimes the drug acts on the central nervous system, causing headaches and violent overexcitation.
  • In very rare cases, allergic reactions may occur in the form of itching, skin rashes, swelling or redness.

Mildronate and alcohol reviews

"Mildronate" and alcohol

The question of the compatibility of the drug with alcohol is one of the most common among patients. This interaction can not be called negative or zero, rather it is neutral.

The main active substance of Mildronate is excreted from the human body for 12 hours. This suggests that after a given period of time, interaction with toxic alcohol or other drugs is low or generally negative.

When taking "Mildronate" you can drink alcohol?

Why is it better not to drink?

But pay attention to the fact that if the drug is indicated for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system or for the purpose of normalization of blood circulation in the brain, the correct decision will be a complete refusal of alcoholic beverages. This is due to the fact that alcohol depresses the work of not only the central nervous system, but also each individual organ. Also alcohol-containing drinks have a special effect on the brain and heart muscle. As a result, such interaction can completely erase the entire therapeutic effect and effect of the drug.

Another reason that Mildronate is not very compatible with alcohol is the risk of returning the symptoms of the disease. Also in some cases, the interaction of the drug with alcohol can lead to an exacerbation of the symptoms of the existing disease.

Actual issue of

Undoubtedly, this issue is very relevant at the present time. Some believe that such a combination can cause irreparable harm to the body, while others, on the contrary, say that alcohol can only bring health benefits.

Such statements are supported by interesting facts. We know that about 10 ml of endogenous ethanol, which is a natural energy source for humans, accumulates in the body during the day. Its number decreases with age, and some believe that this deficit should necessarily be compensated. Mildronate and alcohol compatibility reviews

This fact is very difficult to refute or at least to question, if only because the vast majority of people use alcohol. In addition, no holiday can not do without alcohol.

Therefore, in this case, the choice remains to be made only to the patient himself, because this is his personal right. But it should be understood that the use of alcohol with "Mildronate" is at least incorrect. Thus, the patient simply neutralizes the entire course of treatment with the drug.

Treatment of alcoholism

It is important to understand that the drug is aimed at alleviating the symptoms of withdrawal symptoms in the treatment of alcoholism. The first stage of such therapy is to remove the patient from the state of drinking-bout. Even in this case, the minimum dose of the drug is already prescribed, but only if all the alcohol has been removed from the body. Dosage is increased with time depending on the effect of the initial treatment. The therapeutic course lasts about two weeks.

Adverse reactions of combination of the drug with alcohol

Although the interaction of the drug and ethanol is considered neutral, but patient feedback very often shows the opposite.

Combination of a drug with a drink can lead to the following side reactions:

  • Slight increase in the heart rate.
  • Manifestations of severe allergy in the form of swelling, itching and redness of the skin.
  • Long-term sharp changes in blood pressure.
  • Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract in the form of diarrhea and / or constipation.

compatible with mildronate with alcohol

"Mildronate" and alcohol: feedback from

According to patients' feedback, in order for the drug to act at full strength, it is necessary to monitor that during a certain time interval before and after the therapeutic course in the body there was no alcohol. After consuming any alcohol( regardless of strength and quantity), it is recommended to wait at least 36 hours and only after this time to begin treatment.

"Mildronate" can be rapidly excreted from the human body regardless of the form of release( injection, capsule, tablet).And yet people recommend at least one day after the end of the therapeutic course to refrain from alcohol. Is it possible that Mildronate interacts with alcohol? Only if you are indifferent to the result of drug therapy and there is no desire to extract all the benefits from the drug. In other cases, it is strongly recommended that you stop using any alcoholic beverages for the duration of treatment.