Tincture of fly agaric on vodka: application, shelf life

Here he stands, handsome, in the middle of a clearing, and next to him a flock of his brothers gathered. But do not rush to go to him, this mushroom does not diversify the menu, although it looks really attractive - a bright red hat in white peas, a white skirt and a flirtatious leg. Amanita is the representative of the most poisonous fungi on earth. However, due to the large number of chemicals and compounds found, it has a number of medicinal properties. tincture of fly agaric on vodka

Tincture of fly agarics on vodka, use of

Various mints and ointments are prepared from fly agaric. They are used to treat cancerous tumors, rheumatoid arthritis, osteochondrosis, muscle pains, skin diseases, purulent wounds, thyroid gland diseases. Also used for various diseases of the nervous system, including: sclerosis, epilepsy, convulsions and paralysis, senile diseases. Often tincture of mushroom is used to treat gynecological diseases: fibroids, fibromas, menopause in a severe stage, etc.

How to prepare tincture of fly agaric

There are several recipes for preparing tinctures.

1. 50% tincture is prepared from fresh mushrooms, use only hats, legs are thrown out or dried, then you can make an ointment. Fly agarics are left for one day indoors, give them a little dry. Then clean the dirt, do not wash, cut into small pieces. The received raw materials are weighed on scales. Place in a suitable container and pour good vodka in a ratio of one to one, not by volume, but by weight. Cover the lid with a lid and put it in a dark cool place, for example, in a cellar, for one month and ten days. In the process, the vodka turns red. After tincture filter, and mushrooms themselves squeeze. The product is poured over small containers and stored in a cool place. Squeezes are not thrown away, but left in a jar, they are then used for compresses. tincture of fly agaric on vodka

This tincture of fly agaric on vodka( use with extreme caution!) Is diluted with vodka to achieve the desired concentration. So, to get a 25 percent tincture, one part of the alcohol is added to one part of the drug.

2. You can make the tincture according to another recipe. Collect 3-4 mushrooms, take off their caps, shake off debris and leaves. We grind it a little, place it in a half-liter jar and fill it with vodka. The mixture is taken to a cellar or other dark and cool place for one month. After filtering, pour on small jars. Squeezes, as in the first recipe, are not thrown away. However, this method has one minus - an unknown percentage. Although this tincture of fly agaric on vodka has been used for all sorts of flours and compresses and can be used to treat wounds, but it is better not to use it in cancer therapy.

3. If the product is needed in the winter, then it can be prepared from dried mushrooms. To do this, take three tablespoons of dry raw materials( hats, legs), put in a jar of dark glass and pour a bottle of vodka. Leave for three weeks. Tincture of fly agaric on vodka application was received as an antidepressant and for raising the tone. Begin with 1-2 drops to check if there are allergic reactions. Then go to 10 drops, and after - 20 drops on a glass of water in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. The course of treatment is conducted no more often than once a year. One bottle is enough for the whole course.

Ancient ways of preparation of tincture

There is a very interesting way of making tincture of fly agaric on vodka. Take fresh mushrooms, clean them from the ground and leaves, finely chop, densely stuffed in a bottle and covered with a lid. It is buryed for a month in the earth to a depth of 0.5-1 meters. After the resulting liquid is decanted into a separate container and diluted with vodka, alcohol or moonshine in a ratio of one to one. It is worth noting that this potion has a very sharp and specific smell. tincture of fly agaric on vodka application externally

In some cases tincture of fly agaric on vodka is cooked just like in the previous recipe, only bury it not in the ground, but in manure. Keep it there from 9 days to 2 months, then diluted with vodka in a ratio of one to one.

For joints

Tincture of fly agaric on vodka has been used for joints since ancient times. From arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism, osteochondrosis will help compress with vodka infusion. A clean piece of cloth is dampened in it and applied to a sore spot. Over cover with polyethylene or special paper, wrapped in a warm kerchief or scarf. tincture of fly agaric on vodka application for joints

If arthritis or arthrosis affects the joints of the hands, then in the tincture moisten the cotton gloves and put them on their hands. Then they are pulled on plastic bags or gloves, and on top of mittens. Leave in the first and second cases of a compress at night.

With increased pressure, menopause, when the compresses are contraindicated, the sore spots are simply lubricated with a tincture without heating. In such cases, tincture of mushroom in vodka is applied in the morning and in the evening. External application is unacceptable, if the surface of the skin is damaged, there are scratches or burns. In these cases it is better to use the pure juice of fly agarics.

In inflammatory processes in the joints it is recommended to use the tincture not only externally, but also inside. Begin with one drop and gradually bring the dose to 20 every day, adding one drop at a time.10 days drink 20, and then gradually reduce to one drop per reception. Use vodka infusion three times a day for 10-15 minutes before meals. Are treated so about one month.

Vaginal mushroom tincture: application for mastopathy

For the treatment of mastopathy, 50 percent tincture of mushroom is used. Her reception begins with 1-3 drops, gradually increasing the dose by one drop. Driving up to 20 drops at a time, then begin to reduce, removing one drop. Before using this method it is better to consult your doctor. tincture of fly agaric on vodka application in mastopathy

Tincture of amanita in asthma

Some healers advise to use a 25 percent tincture for asthma. Do this with caution, start with one drop on a piece of sugar and under the tongue to check the reaction of the body. It takes 3-5 drops under the tongue twice a day tincture of mushroom on vodka. Application for asthma occurs according to the scheme proposed above. However, before using this remedy, it is better to consult a doctor.

Tincture of amanita in cancer diseases

Cancerous tumors also use vodka tincture of mushroom. Scientifically, the benefits of its use have not been proven, but no one has denied this.

After consuming tincture, there is a rush of strength, physical and mental activity increases, pain recedes. At the last stage, the patient needs to feel improvement, and the fly agaric allows it. To use it start with one drop and bring to 20, and then reduce the dose, each time reducing by one drop. They take a break for seven days and resume treatment. Conduct three courses.

This treatment can be combined with taking mummies or tinctures of propolis in the morning on an empty stomach in a glass of water for 20-30 drops. tincture of fly agaric on vodka

To the ulcerated places and tumors, squeezes of mushrooms are applied, which remained after the tincture. Wrap them in cheesecloth and place on a sore spot, leave for a couple of hours. You can apply bandages soaked in tincture, leaving on the affected area until completely dry.

Some patients with cancer, which doctors have not given up hope, begin taking tincture of mushroom from half a teaspoon twice a day and bring this amount to a tablespoon. Use the drug for about a month, then take a break in 10-15 days and continue treatment.

When treating cancer with tincture of mushroom, no one will give a guarantee that a complete cure will occur. However, it will improve overall health, give vigor and strength for further struggle with this terrible disease.

Tincture of mushroom in the

cyst In this case, also used tincture of fly agaric on vodka. Application for the ovarian cyst of any type occurs according to one scheme. It is taken by the pokapelno, starting with one drop, diluted in a glass of warm water. Daily increase the dose by one drop, bringing it to 20 drops per day. If suddenly one of the doses becomes bad, for example, when taking 11-12 drops, then reduce by one drop and drink the medicine in this amount until the condition is normalized. Then the dose is again started to increase in the same order as before. After reaching a dose of 20 drops, the amount of tincture is gradually reduced to 1 drop. After they take a break for 10-15 days and resume treatment. With this method tincture of mushroom on vodka( application inside once a day) is used at night.

Shelf life

Everyone understands that it should be used with caution and accurately according to the scheme of tincture of fly agaric on vodka. The use, shelf life of it depends on the disease. So, with cancer, it is desirable to use a fresh medicine that has stood in the refrigerator for no more than six months. But for external use the product can be stored in a cool place for slightly more than three years. tincture of fly agaric on vodka application shelf life

Homemade tinctures must necessarily be marked, putting on the bottles the date of manufacture. Keep the medicine away from prying eyes, also it must stick an intimidating sticker with the inscription "POISON".It is not recommended to leave a medicine that has stood on the shelf for more than seven years, since it practically does not have any healing properties. Although the remaining alcohol can be used to make a new batch of tinctures.