Laparoscopy of Fallopian tubes

Today, many married couples face the problem of infertility. One of the common causes is the obstruction of the pipes. This leads to surgery, inflammation and endometriosis. A modern method of accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of this pathology is laparoscopy of the fallopian tubes.

Today, endoscopic operations have become widespread due to low traumatism. The period of rehabilitation is significantly shortened, and painful feelings decrease.

Checking the patency of pipes is an important stage in the infertility examination. First, hysterosalpingography is used for this. However, this method does not always give reliable results, is characterized by pain and has a radiation effect on the pelvic organs.

Then, if questionable results or obstruction is prescribed laparoscopy. Its task is to confirm or deny the diagnosis, as well as carry out a correction if necessary.

Laparoscopy of the fallopian tubes is prescribed in the following cases:

  • endometriosis;
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  • female infertility;
  • tube obstruction;
  • sterilization;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • adhesions of the fallopian tubes.

Upon detection of foci of endometriosis, they are removed, the adhesions dissect. The permeability of the pipes is checked by passing the colored solution through them. In this case, a false result due to spasm is excluded, since the patient is anesthetized.

Spikes can be located either outside or inside pipes. The less pronounced the pathological process, the better the prognosis. If the pipes are badly damaged inside, then the mechanical restoration of their patency does not make sense. Since in this case they still will not function normally, but only the probability of ectopic pregnancy will increase.

In the operation of pipes, it is very important that they are properly cut and the condition of the mucosa with the cilia. It is these mechanisms that help to move the fertilized egg to the uterus, since it itself can not move, unlike spermatozoa.

Laparoscopy of the fallopian tubes is the only hope to preserve them in ectopic pregnancy. However, this is only possible with the timely detection of pathology, when the wall is not yet severely damaged. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct an early ultrasound to determine the location of embryo attachment.

If an ectopic pregnancy is detected late, the tube is usually not preserved. Because this will only increase the risk of this pathology once again.

Also necessarily removes hydrosalpinx. It is a pipe that has an outer hole sealed and liquid is accumulating in it. It is the breeding ground for bacteria, it can become inflamed, twisted, worsens the endometrium, and hinders pregnancy.

Patients assigned to this manipulation are usually interested in how laparoscopy is done. When preparing for it, you need to take tests. In addition, it can not be carried out with inflammation in the body. The operation is under anesthesia, its duration depends on the complexity. So, with a moderate adhesion process or endometriosis, it lasts about an hour.

During the manipulation, several small incisions are made to insert tools, including a laparoscope. The doctor monitors the progress of the operation on the monitor.

Usually, the patient does not experience any special pain after her. In a few hours, she can already get up and move, it's only welcomed. The woman is in the hospital for several days, the seams are removed after a week.

After laparoscopy for a month, it is necessary to refrain from sex and physical exertion. Time, through which you can begin to attempt to conceive a child, depends on the underlying disease. If this is an endometriosis, then, most likely, they will prescribe hormone therapy for six months, and only then it will be possible to become pregnant. If the spikes are simply dissected and the doctor does not plan any additional treatment, then attempts can begin in a month.

So, laparoscopy of the fallopian tubes is mainly used to check and restore their patency. Today it is the most effective and popular method. With ectopic pregnancy, this manipulation allows( in case of timely detection) to keep the tube. With a strong organ damage, they do not restore patency, but they strongly recommend IVF.